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I see a lot of my juniors confessing about love , sex , make outs awe sum college life .i want to confess something else .

1.I joined heritage in its initial batches .i was very introvert and was a ragged a hell lot . A belt was tied around neck i was made to roam around the college in my first day .When i complained to my dad he thrashed me saying that i was a loser and wasting his hard earned money .( he hoped that i was in IIT).I felt liked being raped that day .not by my college seniors but by my dad.

2.i got a very low grade in my first semester because i was pressurized by my dad to appear for IIT again . i Got a severe thrashing from him again .my mom somehow rescued me.

3. In second semester i mustered up enough courage to propose to my best friend but she rejected me because in her words “”she didn’t wanted to be ridiculed by her friends “”. she stopped talking to me after that .i was heart broken as she and my mom were the only people i shared everything with.

4.during the 4th semester break , while i was returning home after teaching a student . i got a phone call informing me that my mom had expired . my world came crashing that day . I cried for for days on end and somehow picked myself up as i had no other alternative

5. My attendance fell very low that semester and i was summoned by the principal . when i told him about my mothers death he replied “” i hear this lie everyday .please bring me the death certificate if u have one .”” Then while i was leaving he told me “” no need to bring death certificate , useless guys like u can even fake that .call your dad “”

6. my frnds always ridiculed me because i was loser .i dint laugh at their jokes .to mix with them i started drinking .i dint like the taste but liked the high . i often used to act drunk to appear more cool .i learned to call girls “”magi “” but never knew its real meaning . that helped me survive college was the campussing day , i got rejected that day again .hoped to make it to the next company .but was unsucessfull till the and of campussing . i had tried a lot . attended English speaking classes (my English was horrible) , brought new pair of shirt . when my dad heard this he told me not to call again and this time i didnt feel remorse or regret for him . for the ntire night i contemplated suicide but couldn’t as i had promised my mom that i will shine one day .

8 . i started doing private tutiions and preparing for CAT.i gave my everything . I got 99.87 percentile but couldnt make it again to a big IIM because of my low grades .What had i done now to deserve this ? i felt . I finally got admitted into decent college and a helpful bank manger arranged for loan .

9.After passing out i got into volvo eicher as a junior manager . i dint last for 3 months because i couldnt lick my boss s boot properly .My service was terminated because of being inefficient .

10. i started making i phone apps in my leisure time while i was applying to a few companies .Slowly i took it up as a more serious start up . got hold of 2 more friends like me who were from cs background and were unable to find a job .

11 in 2011 i made a small office .by the end of 2011 i had a small group of 8 engineers working with me . In 2012 we bagged several contracts from companies like mobiquity , exxon mobile and the workforce increased to 80 developers .in march 2013 i will be applying for turnover of over 5 crores .

i dont know how to thank god for his blessings . i thank that senior who ragged me in my first day at college, that girl who dumped me , my professors who ridiculed me , the numerous friend who though i was a loser . it is you who gave me the courage , the fire , the anger to succeed against all odds . seriously no hard feelings guys , u made me what i am . i dont stay with my dad but i send him enough so that he can lead a comfortable life . My advise to all juniors .shine in life .When a loser like me can why cant u?.never let people say u cant do it . many people might have faced similar or more lows in college life but NEVER EVER give up . Let not a broken relationship , failed grade ,lost job opportunity or “”status”” among friends define you . And never lose faith in humanity in goodness .there a few bad people but there are a lot more good people around here . I met a lot of good people,professors in my college .and believe me heritage taught me a lot

Lastly MA, hope u could read this . i love u a lot.


(Male)I was in relationship for 2yrs with a girl.
She was caring n loving and i had no issue with her at all but the problem is another girl got my attention as she is more beautiful .Even i too loved my gf till within a day i fall for that girl and now im in relation with her.
But previous one is forcing me to be with her. She is emotional blackmailing me i tried my best but i failed in all possible ways to get rid of her.she always cries. She said i cheated her hmm whatever just tell me how to buzz of her from my life.
Why dont she just fit in her mind if i left her, just deal with it rather than cursing me.
Whats wrong if i left her.A person can fall in love with another person anytime irrespective if he already has a partner.
I am so frustrated either i would kill her or myself.

Letting You Know…

Please post this! PLEASE!

This is the id of the person I am writing this compliment for. PLEASE TAG HER SOMEHOW OR LET HER KNOW ABOUT IT WHEN YOU POST IT- (She is not on this page and she won’t know about it. Please, somehow, let her know about it)

(This is going to be a bit long so please bear with me)

Dear Anubhuti,

I am pretty sure that by this point you must be thinking that this is a prank. Believe me, it’s not.

Again, I am pretty sure that you don’t know who I am. I have never come up to you to strike a conversation. I don’t even know if you know I exist. I am not from Delhi, I just know you. I have observed you a lot. Stalked you over facebook (sorry, but not in any negative way.. I just love reading your posts). I have read your poems on your blog (Moments and more) and I… I wish I had the courage to come up to you and say these things in person.

Before you read any further, let me tell you something, I am not a guy. I am a girl. I wish I was a guy! May be then, just may be, I could gather up the courage to talk to you because I have no idea if you have any interest in girls (your fb preference reads ‘interested in men’ so.. i guess not)

I have always been an extremely introvert person. You had the reputation of being brutally honest, which I admire, may be that’s the reason I never came up to you, because of the fear that you might laugh about it. Which is totally ok but I guess I am just not ready to handle it.

Anubhuti, I don’t know you personally, I don’t know you as good as your close ones. But! But! I have fallen for you. I don’t say that I am in love with you, that’s a very heavy word. May be a little less than love. I love reading, just as you do, I love writing, just as you do, I love travelling, just as you do, I love food! Just as you do, I love Harry Potter, just as you do, I love Friends, Just as you do, I love GOT, just as you do, I love life, just as you do, I love sleeping, Just as you do. It’s not love. Just a little less than that.

I wish I could just hold your hand and take long walks, talking about random stuffs, funny stuffs, serious stuffs, stuffs that matters to you. I wish I could ride with you on your bike. I don’t care where we’d go. Just a long drive. I wish we could explore new places to eat (since I am a terrible cook). I wish we could watch the whole harry potter series together.

So many wishes….. That wouldn’t come true. But I am not sad. I am just glad I was able to let you know how I feel. 🙂

Take Care of yourself. Smile often!

Cute love Story

Heya .. !
I am 19 And i want to Confess here ..that I fall for a girl when i was in my Ist Semester , my semester was about to complete i gota request on my fb account .. i didn’t accept for 5 days .. however i accepted And started some conversation and i came to know that the girl is from the same college, class but she has a different streem And she knew all about me because she was one of the best frends of my cousin. days went we begain to chat like frends … And reached to the level what people call besties.. best friends. we used talk upto 3 am some times 4 am . we used to tell each other every secret of ours .we both were happy .. i dont know how, why , and when did i fall for her and i decided to tell her on her birth day … before her birth day . I couldn’t control and i told her .. when she said who i am urs i said u r my evry thing she said why .. my tong sliped and i said Bcz i Luv u … she didnt talkd for 5 minutes .. and aftr 5 minutes she said .. i hate such jokes …. i said nope i am serious and i seriously cant live without u .. she said .. this is not luv this is only attraction … we are friends nope Besties fo eva .. some How after six months during second sem. she accepted life was full of joy .. i felt like i was flying above the clouds.. we both were very happy she used to tell me “No matter to luv me so called very much But i luv u double than u luv me” .. if i will marry’ ….. u will b my groom… No 1 else … A boy who earlier had proposed her .. got to know about us .. he created some misunderstanding b/w both of us .. but i never believed him because i trusted her. few months before . she used to tell me i dont want to be in relation … i said i can’t live with out u .. i seriously cried after some time we again started a happy life… few days back we got some misunderstanding and had some argues .. But evry time i used to say sorry not because i was wrong or i had a habit of saying sorry .. its was like i was every time worried not to lose her .. bcz i madly luv her.. i Got a message from her ” (i got lot of luv happiness from u .. what i gave u jux only tears ..know i decided to remain away from u . dont think its over between us .. now what ever God has written for us will come to ever way .. i seriously want to marry u .. hope u people will first come to us for marriage proposal… bye Buddhu .. ???? ) ”
this was her .. last message i didn’t replied back … i seriously am missing her .. i dnt know what to do mm plz suggest me Something ????

Indian Wife Confession

I apologize, this is a long confession, but there are lots of things to get

I love you, I really do. You do so many wonderful things for me and you can
be so thoughtful and sweet. I love how well you get along with my family,
and how good you are with my nephew. You and I have so much fun together;
sometimes you make me laugh harder than anybody. I love that you think I’m
beautiful and sexy and how affectionate you are. I love that you help
strangers and are so kind to children and the elderly.

But I don’t understand why things have to be so difficult. I understand
that your ex-wife did a number on you, and that you have a hard time
trusting. And after feeling like I was living with my parole officer for
the first year of our relationship, you are getting better about that. You
no longer treat me as guilty until proven innocent. But you still have
issues with what I can only guess is insecurity. I’ve done everything I can
think of to prove to you that you can trust me, and yet you still don’t.
You complain that I don’t give you access to my email and bank account, even
though you’ve given me the passwords to yours. Well you know what? I
didn’t WANT that access, and I don’t want you to have access to mine. Never
once have I logged on to your email account and read your emails. Never
once have I checked your bank balance. If there’s something in there that
you don’t want me to see, I don’t care. Because I TRUST YOU. If an
ex-boyfriend emailed me out of the blue and you found it, you would flip
out. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t initiate of invite it. I would have
to explain it to you, and I shouldn’t have to-you should trust me.

Along the same lines, you get so upset whenever I want to do something that
doesn’t involve you. When I want to watch a movie without you, you complain
I’m choosing it over you. Get a GRIP!! Sometimes I’m going to want to do
things by myself-I’m not giving up everything in my life that you don’t like
or want to do. It’s completely unfair to even ask that-and I DO NOT ask or
expect that from you. I don’t care if you go play golf or go hunting or
even just go out and eat wings with your buddies. I don’t need you to be
with me all the time, or to do everything with you, and I don’t feel at all
threatened by your desire to do things without me. Sometimes I’m just happy
you’re gone so I can do whatever I want!!

And everything always has to be the way that YOU want it to be or think it
should be. If you don’t like/agree with/understand it, it’s ridiculous.
And you tell me I shouldn’t feel bad when you disagree with me, that I
should be able to stand up for my opinions and desires-well, I get TIRED of
fighting for everything I want or like. Some things I just shouldn’t have
to defend! You call me lazy for wanting to sit and watch movies for a day
simply because you can’t stand to sit still. You’d rather drag me with you
while you go to Home Depot or go fishing so you don’t feel like you’ve
“wasted the day”. Well, maybe you should consider that I feel like my day
is “wasted” if I haven’t done the things that I wanted to do. And sometimes
I just want to RELAX! I’m the only one who ever does anything around our
house, and I get tired of it. And I LOVE to read-just because you don’t do
it doesn’t mean that it’s pointless and I shouldn’t do it.

I know it bothers you, but I’m going to join a band. Singing is what I was
built for, it’s what I love, and it’s getting to the point where I don’t
even care how you feel about it. I did without it for so long because you
didn’t want me to do it. You’re afraid it’s going to take up all my time,
and I think deep down you don’t want guys watching me and hitting on me, and
you’re afraid I’ll meet someone else and leave you. But the bottom line
is, music is important to me, almost more important than anything, and I
feel you need to just accept that and be supportive and enthusiastic. NOT
put me down for even wanting it and then listing all the reasons I shouldn’t
do it. I would NEVER do that to you. Again, you need to TRUST me-give me
the chance to screw up, at least, before you beat me up about it.

And don’t even get me started on the sex issue. You’ve been so much better
about that, but any time we go more than three days without you (yes, you,
not US) getting some action, you flip out about it all over again. So
here’s the deal: YES, I wanted sex more often in the beginning of our
relationship, but that’s because you were Prince Charming then. NO, I don’t
want to have sex every day-I might if I wasn’t so tired from fighting with
you and cleaning up after you. YES, you need to get me in the mood, and NO,
starting to jerk off while I’m in the bathroom getting ready for bed does
not count. YES, the sex is great, but frankly, you’re just too rough
sometimes. It seems like you need that to finish, but it makes me feel like
you don’t care if it hurts me or not-as if I’m just an object you’re using
and your pleasure is ultimately what matters. And then you want me to want
to have sex later that same day or the next day? You’ve got to be kidding.
And I don’t think it’s fair that if I’m not going to have sex with you, you
feel entitled to a blow job or a hand job. Every. Single. Day. You are
very generous to me in bed-you love to please me, and I know that, but I
feel like you don’t listen.

It’s a running theme with you, I think. We’ve talked about all of these
things, but they are still problems. You do realize them, I think, and you
say you’re going to try to be better (and you have, in so many ways). I
really hope you do, because if things don’t improve, I will leave you. I
spent too long learning who I am and how to love myself to let you slowly
wear me down and erode me. I love you dear, but your issues could kill this
relationship. I’m so torn, because I really do love you, but the thought of
marrying you and spending the rest of my life this way absolutely terrifies

-An Indian wife confession

Funny BSNL conversation

I’m watching my favorite show (Koffee With Karan ;)) on TV, when the phone rings.

There’s a agitated lady on the phone.

Lady: “Hello? BSNL? My phone has not been working for….”
Me (interrupting) : “I think you have the wrong number”
Lady: “Oh! I’m sorry…”

and I hang up the phone. 3 seconds later, it rings again. It’s the same lady.

Lady: “Hello? BSNL? My phone is not working…”
Me: “Ma’am, the number you are dialing is the wrong number!”, and hang up the phone.

I return to the TV show. It’s a juicy episode with Rakhee Savant, and she’s bitching about Kareena. And the phone rings again.

Lady:  “Hello? BSNL? Listen, don’t play games with me, OK? I know this is the  right number. Don’t try to avoid me. Do you know who I am?”

I realized that this lady was not going to let me watch the show unless someone listened to her complaint.

Me: “Welcome to BSNL’s automated fault booking service. To continue in English, press one.”


The lady had actually pressed the ‘1’ on her dial pad. Interesting. I thought I’d have some fun.

Me: “To register a complaint, please press the last 5 digits of your Driving License number after the beep. BEEP”

I can hear the lady furiously rummaging through her bag looking for her Driving License. After a while


She had actually found it pretty fast.

Me:  “Because of all the SPAM we have been receiving, we will now perform a  check to see if you are human. Please enter the result of 35 multiplied  by 4 divided by 12”

I can hear the lady shouting out to someone in the background.

Lady: “Prakash, quick! What is 35 times 4 by 12?”
Prakash: “What? Why do you need that?”
Lady: “I’m registering a complaint for our dead phone”
Prakash (sounding somewhat confused): “But why would you need…”
Prakash: “’s…aaaa…elevent point….errr…”


The lady actually enters 1-1 on the dial pad.

Me: “Your complaint has been registered. Thank you for calling BSNL”

The lady sounds pleased. I can hear her speaking to “Prakash”

Lady:  “I like BSNL. They have such a high tech system. They didn’t even have  to ask me for the number of our landline that is dead. Cool!

-An Indian Confession

Confession of an indian women

I’m a 17 year old girl. When I was in mid of my 10th class I started falling for a guy. He lives nearby my house. I started founding me so attractive. Then one day I sent him friend request. After 2 days he accepted and his 3rd message to me was he loves me. I was very young and for me all that was just like a fairy tale. After some days I accepted his love for me. Initially I thought that he must had so many girlfriends because he was so good looking and I was an average looking girl that time. Then he started playing his tricks and started making me realize that he is a good guy and he trapped me. I became blind for him. Then one day we kissed. For me that was first time. After some time my parents got informed of my relationship so I broke up and slowly I realized his true face. I was right, he wasn’t a good guy. After 2 years of this I don’t know what happened to me I again started falling for him. He tried several times to talk to me after our breakup but I ignored. Then one day I was missing him so much so I sent him friend request again . we talked and he said he missed me so much. Now at this time I know I deserve someone better than him but I don’t know why I just cant leave him. I’m dating him again. He is using me for his physical pleasures. I want to get out of all this mess. I don’t know what to do. I think I don’t like him but I got so much close to him physically that leaving him now will make me characterless. I’m so tensed. I wanna get out of this but not getting anyway.

Love never dies

“I miss my Girlfriend alot. we spent years together in school.
But today she in no more in this world.
She died 7 months ago in an accident while returning from her friend’s home.
From that day I’ve never been able to even think about any other girl.
I spend all my time crying, in her memories. I am not able to concentrate on my studies.
My life has become HELL.
Don&t know what to do with my life. Just feel like there’s nothing left in this world to live for, but then, thw thought of my family stops me from doing anything that would give them the pain i’m suffering from. They don’t know anything about this.
I never believed in love, until the day i frst saw her. The day i frst spoke to her, i decided to live rest of my life with her. The day i proposed her, and she agreed, was indeed the best day of my life. I felt like…like…aisa laga jaise mujhe jannat mil gayi ho.
She gave me butterflies in my stomach. I just couldn’t stop smiling whenever i heard her name or saw her. I just loved to see and just see her when she used to speak. She taught me, what true love actually was. I just dreamt about our future lives..our wedding…about our kids..the way we lived with each other through our old age until our death. Yes! She was my first love and indeed, my first girlfriend. I just can’t even imagine my life with any other girl. I rarely go out or talk to anyone since that miserable day of my life. I have my parents worried about me, my life and curious about my behaviour.
I can fool the world with my fake smile but not them. Everytime they ask me-about the matter, i just change the topic. I don’t have any explanation for that.

She died, I cried
World takes my smile as the sign of my happy goin life, but i know. Inside i am dieing

It ws my mistake, she died just because of me. She called me up askin me to pick her up. But my lazy ass…i ws sleeping, so just asked her to take a cab. Now, i regret my life.

I have money, but now I realized why people say money cannot buy happiness.

Our memories of our time spent together makes me smile and her loss makes me cry at the same time.

I just pray to God, that just once, if i could get her back again, i’d never ever let her go.
I just pray to God, that i’d die in her place, but i wan’t her alive back again, just to hug her tight and never leave, i just wan’t to see her smile, i just wan’t to kiss her once again.
I still daydream about her coming back to life and us living like before. once again. Just once. I’d never leave her, i’d never let her even walk 100 metres without me.

Whenever my friend ask me to forget her and move on-but I with tears in my eyes, just smile walk away.
While writing this, i had her in my mind. I can go on for days and even months talking about her and her qualities.
Every night i go to bed crying and wake up crying since last 7 months.
This post is not to gain sympathy but to tell everyone that either to care for the one you love so much that they never leave you or never love anyone soo much that their loss makes you hard to survive.

May your soul rest in peace yashika.
I love you very much and my love for u, will keep on increasing, until i die.”


Crowded Cafeteria-Got the chance to share the table

‪#‎TCS‬ GG5 Crowded Cafeteria

I never thought I would ever write this but thank you TCS for making these cafeterias with limited seating..

Friday I went for lunch and a beautiful girl in blue with a sparkling smile came and shared table with me. I don’t know why I was so attracted towards her..It was first time I saw her but can’t avoid thinking and talking of her whole day.

I will like to confess I feel that I am falling for someone, might be just affectation but if this girl is reading this. Please let me know if you want to take this forward. Trust me I wont make you eat khichdi that my friend makes for lunch…

I think you got the clue who I am ????

Your’s Secret Admirer”


Emotional Dude

I was in a project and my location was on the second floor of Deccan Park. One day I saw her sitting at the bench and since that day I have seen her every night in my dreams. She was a fresher and her beauty was as fresh as the morning roses in the Mughal Gardens. However, blame it on my shy nature, I could never take a step forward. I followed her every where I could, to the canteen, to the bench, in the TCS lawn every where. She also followed me- in my dreams. A couple of time we made eye contacts and who knows if I had the guts to approach her, things might have been different.

Soon I left the IT industry without even knowing her name. A couple of days later and after a lot of net searching, I saw her profile on Facebook and sent her a friend request. However, she did not accept.


It has been close to three years that I left TCS( exact date was 24th August, 2012) and moved to government sector. However, I still see her with my eyes closed and when I open my eyes, I see her every where and in every body. As per the latest information, she has gone to a foreign country for her higher studies. All I can do is wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

Pour your heart