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A Sweet Love Letter By A Tenth Grader!

Hi, there, you don’t know me but i do…
from the first time you entered the class…
when, you answered a question on theory of relative mass…
I met you when you were reading in library and i wasn’t…
a magazine about future economics, which i had no clue about….
is she smart?, is she a nerd?., i din’t know, beautiful no doubt…
I tried to talk to you, when you parked your scooter,…
and i was well there, plucking leaves, waiting for the hooter…
I know you are getting a faint picture of who i am…
yes, the same person who lent you his compass in class…
and stood outside enjoying my abuse in place..
I know you’ve seen me in these three years….
at times as a faint shadow, or an unknown friend……..
your pale blue eyes remembering every detail…
your every touch, every action turning to be a heart stringer…
I know this is tacky, childish even and a bit stale…
but i am not gifted with an artist’s touch and mind…
to paint you in every color, neither am i a singer…
to croon a tune describing your every mood…
nor am i given courage, to flirt with risky denial….
I am but gifted with words to write, so i play with them much…
I can go on and on writing an odyssey about you…
poems for your every dream and desires too….
but all the essence of it would be, I Love You….


Invisible Tears

It had been days and months i know him.. But at first i never tried to speak with him nor i never tried to know about him. But fate will never leave you with choice of yours completely. Suddenly my life take a very big up. I don’t know.. That day i will definitely know that up will lead you to down.
It started with a simple message one day. I never thought that…replying to that will change the course of my life. I just replied and unknowingly we got closer to each other.when you are happy everything runs so fast!!! Its seems. Time flew past us so fast that,each and every day we moved so many steps together. We used to love, fight, kiss, hug, argue, sad sometimes ,happy sometimes,Romantic a lot. Even now this are making me blush all the way when i am writing this.
But never did i thought that,ups will be over and you will eventually fall down. But the day came!!! When step by step of my life started moving back ward..exactly the same steps.. I never missed walking back. And all i had left with is loneliness again.
But this time tears didn’t ran down my cheeks.They just started falling from my heart and covering up my soul so bad that i am drenched in those tears and started moving down. And the feelings which are mixed up in my tears started killing me like that they are avenging me because all i did was being so sensitive and making up grow them more and more.
But something is different with these kind of tears and the one who created this.
I learned from you is a beautiful fake laugh that hides the pain killing inside. Yes,really with the laugh on my face learn from you and the invisible tears caused by you which are covering up my soul ,i am improving the strongest personality ever i had and i am becoming a strong women as you titled me.
What the strange part is,even in this deepest sorrow we and you are the things all i can think of!……


brave confession

“A few years ago, when I was with my ex, we had gone for a drive. We reached a lonely stretch of the road and started making out. Soon I was on his lap and our tops were off. Suddenly, we saw people walking towards our car. We panicked; my boyfriend literally threw me onto the passenger seat, with me clutching my top to avoid embarrassment and my topless boyfriend hitting the accelerator.”

“I am 19 and have been sexually active for a few years, much more so than my friends. I have seen a lot of penises, but last month I saw my first uncircumcised one, and seeing it was so weird and unexpected that I just started laughing and I couldn’t stop. The guy drove me home without talking to me and I doubt he’ll call again. But that’s okay because those things look so eww.”


 “I once had sex with my boyfriend while my parents were just one floor above us. And with the thin wooden floors, they would’ve heard what was happening, so we had to be very careful. But the worst part was that my room didn’t have a lock. I can’t imagine what would have happened if they’d entered the room while we were doing it. Someone in that room would’ve definitely had a heart attack.”

“I had just broken up with my boyfriend and needed to have sex. So I went to a nightclub and before I knew, I was drunk. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up have a threesome with a guy I met and his girlfriend. I didn’t remember much of it the next day, but I know that I enjoyed it. And I learnt that I should never say never.”

“I was a virgin when I got married. And even after several months of trying, we couldn’t have intercourse because it was too painful. So I knew I had to do something drastic. Once, when my husband wasn’t home, I got really drunk and tried to insert a cucumber into my vagina. It took a couple of hours to get it right, but I finally succeeded. After that, sex became so easy.”

“My husband and I tried anal sex a few years ago. It was a little difficult initially. But I started enjoying it so much after a little while that I was soon unable to enjoy vaginal intercourse. Obviously, that wasn’t a good thing and I had to approach a sexologist for help.”

“I’m a 28-year-old woman, and I masturbate when I’m angry or stressed. I only use certain porn sites that make me angry because I feel like it helps me release tension. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how I’ve always been.”

Typical love story

I’m 19(Male) under-graduate.I want to confess that when I was in 11th class,I started liking a girl.We were classmates.It was love at first sight for me,if it exists.But I wasn’t able to maintain even good friendship because I was an introvert.She also ignored me many times.My feelings were hidden from her.In 12th,We became good friends.But after 12th,she vanished.I tried to contact her many times but she always ignores me.Finally I told her that she was my crush.But she doesn’t care.I really miss her.

sweet love story

Just like everything else, love conquered and before I knew I was already far more deeply in love with you than I thought A***m Vi**al, 3rd year, VIT.

When I look back, I see you I see me, I see us growing together and the sun that smiled and even grinned sometimes back then . The memories are still afresh, those giggles and laughter, that slowly and gradually, bonded us deeper. We have known each other, like we were always together.

Now after 9 long years, I want to confess how much I love you and will, forever. I love the way you smile. I love the way, your eyes say things that you want to hide.I love the fact that no matter where you are, you help people with all your heart. I love you for being the person that you are. From my soul, bottom of my heart.This feeling that I have forayed into, is undoubtedly, the best feeling in the world. And the two of us make our own world of beautiful memories, unsaid words, laughter, happiness, understanding and of love.


I know you have suffered a lot from your past. I know your past, with you, even, I have cried a lot. Somebody gave you dreams only to snatch them away, it almost shattered you like broken pieces of glass.I understand you will never get out of it, at-least in this life. I have accepted you with your past.

I love you 🙂


fear of failing

I live in a very mall town of west Bengal with very conservative type family but my world is far more different from them all…m 18..and i have a dream like every students to get admission in a nit college but due to some reasons i failed in maths in 12th…for that i didn’t get admission in any govt college and my parents are not capable of getting me to an pvt college so they asked me to take a drop…i was not prepared for this…when i see every 1 in good colleges i feel ashamed of myself and feel like dying because 1 yr is not a short time…still 4 months r remaining and i haven’t even started my preparations for next year…i daily make myself determined to start preparing and i do as just for 2 or e days after that again i feel the fear of failing again…what will happen if i didn’t get this time too?…what will happen if my rank is not good enough? This fear of failing is killing me from inside….

afraid of failure

i don’t know what to do…my parents r getting fed of me…m the only support for them in future if i didn’t get a good college how will i survive…i didn’t know how to start my preparation for exam..and don’t know how much effort i have to put to get a good govt college…..this fear of failing i keeping me back…i tried a lot to get rid of this…but the saying r just for virtual world…in real world u cant get rid of what u have experienced once…everybody says that study hard and u will get a govt college ..and m trying to…but every night i remember my failure in 12th i got that fear again and start worrying about the results….this thing is killing me…i didn’t have a luxurious dream..just a normal life with normal needs….once i had so many friends but after this all my friends r in college but me still stuck here…they started ignoring me now i feel like all alone…i didn’t have a girl friend because i didn’t believe in love… there is no one to say or share my feelings to that why m taking this means to share it to all of u! Thanks for the admin of this page…and thank you all! That’s it…

-An Indian Confession

Don’t want to loose her

Male 18

I have been dating a girl for past 2 years , we are dying on each other, we love each other so much. We infact promised each other that we never cheat on each other .. The problem is she has been studying in girls school , Now she insists on getting admitted in co-education where both boys and girls study each other,, but I don’t want her to go there, because I’m pretty insecure about her and I never wanna loose her.. Moreover I’m scared as hell that she may talk to boys there….
I’m freaking upset,,,, Plz let me know what i should do…

-An indian confession

What to do?

Female 21
I m in a relationship fr d last 6 years… my bf loves me a lot… bt nw i dont feel anythng fr him….mai b use pyar krti ti bt pta nhi kyu ab mai kuch feel nhi krti uske lye….usko mere ek frnd se bht jda probs ti or is wjh se humre reltion mai bht sari probs ayi…or hum bht ladte the…usne mjhe bht torture kra tha…physcly b mujhe hurt kra tha…jb mai use chodne ko bolti ti to wo mjhe chodne nhi deta tha use lgta tha ki mjhe mera frnd pasnd h islye mai use chod rhi hu… dhire dhire us frnd se maine bat krna bnd kr dya or fir humre bich sab normal hone lga…fir mera ek or new frnd bna or mere bf ko use b prob hone lgi h….ab mai mere frnd k lye shyd feel krne lgi hu mjhe use bat krna uske sth time spnd krna acha lgta h…use bat nhi hoti to kuch b acha nhi lgta h…mjhe nhi pta ye sab kya h…or kyu ho rha h…haan mai mere bf se brkup krna chahti hu bt usko hurt nhi krna chti i knw wo nhi reh pyga mere bina…bt mai uske sath b nhi reh skti ab….plz tell me ki mai kya kru mjhe kuch samjh nhi arha h…plz help me

-An Indian confession

I wanna wait

Today my gf and me we had last talk..i don’t want it to end but i donno if i hurt her bad or she outgrew me…this break up process has been happening since 15 days nearly…ii was a egoistic handsome prick who used to have fun and said no to serious relationships…i donno how i fell for her…she isnt a beauty or hot bomb…but when i look into her eyes….oh god she levels me down…my ego my pride all go away……when she used to sleep on my chest…i lose myself....all my dreams and goals were built with her in picture in my all i do is hopes, dreams, aims, reasons to fight and struggle, everything are invisible now.i love teasing her..i love when she cuddles up to me….she was everything….i never dreamt of having kids with anyone except with her…i cleared my engineering for her…i got a job…now i feel blank…i wannna wait… if she comes back or not…..i iggnored her bcz she was talking to her ex then she started feeling sad and wanted to break up….i trust her..but not him….i donno how my life is spinning… will take a lot of time for me to move on….she says she wants space…i wanna give her that but i m impatient when it comes to her….i donno wat i m typing my fingers are shivering….i want to wait..
i dont want to move on.she was my bunny now she tallks harsh she doesn’t laugh to my jokes …i love u baby.

-An Indian confession

Stay positive

This is not a confession, but something i would love to share with you all.. Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from their past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish and they dream and they hope. They wish things will get better, and life starts going the way they want it. They look out the window whenever they’re in the car or on a bus or a train and they watch the people on the streets and wonder what they’ve been through. They wonder if there are people out there like them. They’re like you, and you could tell them everything and they would understand. 🙂
And right now, they’re sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore. You’re not alone, the problems and disappointments you’ve gone through or facing now someone somewhere across the world understands. Whatever you’re facing right now, whatever negative things are happening in your life i stand in faith that things will get better for you. Don’t worry about the future, don’t be depressed about your past and just focus on today. And if today’s not going so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. Much love from myself..

-An Indian Confession