Hi admin,
please its urgent
m24 pune
i was in relationship 4m last 2 years.i had 2 relations before bt i liked her qualities so at time i did breakup with others and loved her.somehow c was preparing 4 competitive exams so there was time problems bt c should have manage i found it irritating i told her plzz do something i am not feeling good…c was so caring sometimes irritate but as c comes to know c knows how to make me smile…so after 6 months c told me no to come on valentines day as c was in delhi and had some PSU exam i got irritated i break up with her..that day c left everything came to meet me requsted me to give her one more chance i asked why were u nt present wen i need then c told i m done with my classes now i will take care of i lost my interest in her so i told c went back i blocked her 4m m employed working in good MNC c is unemployed.m having new frnds living life at the fullest..someone told me c is not able to cope up.c cut her wrist when i blocked her c got injured bt i told her m not interested in u whether u die or c created new fb accounts where c posted pics of letter by blood and recently cut her both hands with many cuts..c went unconcious while giving some questions is nt this blackmailing c used to tell that c cant live without me..i m good luking i have a lot of match 4 me..cutting hands and posting videos where c used to beg me crying to comeback..this is blackmailing yaar whenever i tell this c just tell please dont hate me..i feel 4 u m nt a blackmailer..c used to notice every small thing about me which made me smile c used to tell this in videos to make me feel 4 her….c used to tell m waiting 4 u please feel 4 me…has c gone mad i dont feel 4 her i have no. Of options.suggest me isn’t this balckmailing even my frnds tell me c has gone mad.