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my reason of happiness gone

hi..i was in a superb relationship with my best friend he used to trust me a lot..we are in same office we spent our whole time with each other..before him i had a so called b.f from facebook with whom i went out for 2 days (first tym i dated someone) ..n my best frn proposed me after our outing with my so called bf.yesterday he asked everythng whtever happnd btwn me n my tht bf..n i told everythng to my bestie,..even no big things happened btwn me n my f.b- bf.but my bestie broke up with me as he never had a gf before me.he said i lied to him i didnt tell him these things..he asked me so many times but for sake of my relationship i used to tell him tht v went there as frns only nthng happnd btwn us like gf bf.however he jus hugged me n slept wd me on same bed but v didnt do anythng wrong.nothng big happnd not even a single bestie got upset tht my fb bf put his hand around my waist on bed whn v wr talking lying on besties said how can i trust a fb guy like this n allow him to do all these thngs but its my past y he is being tht much serious whn m true wd him in future n shud i get my bf back..need solution,,..


21M Nagpur hello everyone i have a friend she is gorgeous but having negative attitude she usually talk sometimes but she is just doing a formality I know that now she has so many boys in her life and she is in relationship with a Gym Instructor Its ok and doesnt matter Now story begins from here When i came to know that She was divorcee and having a girl 3 year old girl when i came to know about reason of Divorce i was totally shocked the reason was she left her husband because she was in relationship with Gym Instructor and after divorce she is secretly married to tht a**hole pervert gym instructor he is now spoiling her life but still as u know all LOVE IS BLIND she still love him .And the biggest shocking thing i came to know that she is 27 years old 12th pass and now she is working as an Escort .I feel initially very bad about divorce but when i came know the reason of divorcé i was confused although when we met we used to enjoy she is nice friend guys please tell should i continue friendship or i leave her .Some of u will abuse me but please suggest me P.S-I m not in love with her and dont have crush we r just only friends

About friendship

Hi friends i m shanaya frm rajasthan 17 yrs old..mera ek ldke s contact hua fb p by my frnds..dhire dhire hmari bat hui fb p n we were close frnds vo har bt share krne lga n me milte b the jb hmara frnd circle kuch plan krty thy dhire dhire jin logo ki wjhse usse cntct hua un sbse hmari frndship khtm ho gy ab only vo he hmara frnd h…uska nam h varun ..mri ek close frnd h ankita varun ne use sis bnaya hua h…ab bat y h ki varun mujhse pyar krta h bt i dnt luv him mne use hmesha kha ki ache frnds h apn to usne kha ki vsa wala pyar he hota h ky mujhe dosto wala pyar h…tb mne b keh diya ha mujhe b pyar h bcz pyar only gf bf m nh hota h har rishte m hota h…ek din use mujhse milna th vo mre gar aya th bt sudeenly he strted to cuddle wid me m us tym behosh ho gy thy n ek do bar or aya th milne he strted to kiss me everywhwre except lower parts..ek din abhi mre bday p mre ek best buddy h usne mri dp lgai thy to usne usse ldai krli kaha use mar dga vo kisi b ldke s m bt kru vo bardash nh kr skta h..itna he nh one day usne mujhe abhse wrds use kre bhut gusse m th ma***** bhen**** sb kuch tb mri cousin ne usse ldai kri thy tbse vo mri cousin ko psnd nh krta h n agr uski kuch bt niklti h to use gali dta h or jo mra buddy h kehta h usse b dur rhna vrna uski lyf khrab kr dunga jiski responsible only m hougi..jbhi b use gussa ata b vo gali dna shuru ho jata h…bt khta h vo mujhse pyar krta h isly itna possesive h…ek din usne mujhse mre pics mange the tb mne usse puch liya ki usko mujhse pyar h ya mri body s bole tumse h bt man kr rha h..jbhi b hm milte h nrmly frnds k sath to alag le jata h bate krta h n ptani mre uper parts ko touch krta h usse pyar krta h m bhuy rokti hu thapad b mara th use mne bt usne kha ki y pyar hna dosti m itna nh kr skte kya ap mre liye tb m kuch nh khti bt ek din had ho gayi vo mre gar milne aya usse phle usne mujhse kuch manga n mmy papa ki kasm d di ki m vo pura kru n kasam k liye mujhe vo krna pada usne kha th m only bikini phnu n uper s towel usme dkhna h usko mujhe..mne vo b kiya usne prpmise kiya th vo kuch nh krega only kiss krega face p usne letaya mujhe or uper sab jgh kiss kiya bt at that tym usne mra towel fek diya n mre kamr k yha s piche s underwear m hath dalke sehlane laga bs aage ja he rha th mne use thapad mar diya or usse pucha ki usne promise kyu toda usne kha ptani chala raha nh gaya esa sb..m abhi itni mature nh hu pls gys mri help kro ky kru me mujhpe shak krta h kehta h fb k passwrd do khta h jb mujhse bt kro tb kisi s bat kt kro watsup mt chalao tb yr m usk hisab s q jiyuu jb m usse luv b nh krti bs frndship m itna diya usko mne bt vo kuch b bt hoti h to pic bhjo na m hmesha tal dti hu bt mra dil y khta h ki vo mujhe kbhi buri nazar s nh dkhta h pyar krta h isly uska man hua nw wat can i do.. Ky jwab du jb vo mujhe ese traet krta h mri cousin s bt krne k lye mana krta h m uski naukar thdi hu…help m plss…sory itni lmba tym lne k liye…i need u ol….


Hi frnds…i m 20 yr old n m y confess krna chahti hu dat mra ek frnd h jisse mri frndship 2 sal phle hui thy n vo mujhse luv krta h bt m nhi as a frnd i like him bt use lgta h m b use luv krti hu as mne use as a frnd like u kaha tha bt i dnt understand y kesa luv h he abuses me verbally…ek br nh 5-6 bar jb gusse m hota h to galiya deta h muh p itna he nhi mri best frnd ko b gali di mre samne as vo mri frnd ko psnd nh krta h mre mummy papa ko b..mne use bhut kha y sb kt bol n kafi dino tak bt b nhi ki bt jb vps strt hui to yhi sb bolta h gusse m m mre bap ka b nh wat should i do gys pls help


Plz post kar do yr…. . . Friends plz help me…. I met with a girl in fb. And We were friends she added me in her whatsapp and their she introduced me with her friends … And I saw a girl…. Uski friend…. And I asked her to introduce me with her…. Thn her friend her self messaged me in whatsapp, she do not use anything else…. We use talk from 3 weeks…. She always fights with me…. We like each other but always gets angry wo hamesha chali jati…. Ofcourse mere pass bhi time nhi ho pata tha work load ki wagh se… Yesterday night we brokeup and she left…. Next morning I got so many calls of her I didn’t picked up… I was still angry… And her friends and teachers from her college called me and told that she cuts her hand…. What the hell yr… We were just whatsapp friends and its nearly about 1month we know each other… She’s fine I think but y this happens? What should I do now….

Friend brokedown

Hi all,

This is regarding my frnd.

My frnd was in deep love with one girl..he really loved her, her frnds and me warned him not to love anyone blindly..but khete ki pyaar andha hothi hay. he never listened to us..To test his love, I said my male frnds to serve him his fav drink, he lost consciousness but still he took her name, I said him that she is bi**h /slut, but in that situation. also he took her side and said that my life belong to her..we were amazed by this sort of love, now adays no one will this much..he is busy person but always takes time for her though he is meeting or calls..suddenly one boy came to her life and he proposed her, and in no time she accepted his frnd was broken, he was lost his consciousness .it was biggest jatka fr him. he tried to commit suicide but lucky my frnd saved him.. he released from hospital but not taking to anyone, or I just feel like I lost my smily waala frnd..he always makes my days SPL…if he wanted to take revenge on them he can but he won’t coz he only know how to love a person but not uske jagah rehti toh I swear I would ruin their lives..I want my frnd back like how he was previously.. I’m trying my level best to bring him back..but failure shakes hand of mine.if he be sad I’ll get crying and while day I won’t get sleep and I’m not at all interested to eat food..I want back as normal talktive and smily as he always be my enitre frnds trying alot..but not succeeding.

I understand what’s going on in his mind and heart.
I was in a concall with him when all this happening..he was nt even in a position go speak.

I can’t see my frnd in this situation.
I have all the call recording and data of their conversation ..he doesnt want to take any action on them still he want her to be happy with the person whom she love..but my mind is opposite to him..I feel like to send all the recordings and data to her brothers and her that her life becomes miserable..the exact way what she had done to my loving frnd..

My blood boils whenever I see him in this situation..but at the same time I feel like he is right in saying let her live happily.he still loves her.

But my mind say to teach her lession.

Should I take revenge or let her go?

Oh My Friend

bhai plzzzz post this..This is for my best friend who is really important in my lyf..we became frnds 3 years back nd soon became best frnds..

As the days passed we came closer to eachother..She always supported me when i needed her the most..she is lyk a world to me nd everyone knows that friendship is the best relation on earth which is endless..I always used to get afraid of losing her as i really do care for her nd can’t loose a bstfrnd lyk her..she is the sweetest girl i met..She is lyk a part of my family..If she is reading this than dear..i really dun wanna loose u..plzzz always be with me my bsty..U r my lyf u r my world..i really lobe u nd specially when u call me cutu..U will always be my besty gun..just miss u alot my besty..<3<3..