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Funny BSNL conversation

I’m watching my favorite show (Koffee With Karan ;)) on TV, when the phone rings.

There’s a agitated lady on the phone.

Lady: “Hello? BSNL? My phone has not been working for….”
Me (interrupting) : “I think you have the wrong number”
Lady: “Oh! I’m sorry…”

and I hang up the phone. 3 seconds later, it rings again. It’s the same lady.

Lady: “Hello? BSNL? My phone is not working…”
Me: “Ma’am, the number you are dialing is the wrong number!”, and hang up the phone.

I return to the TV show. It’s a juicy episode with Rakhee Savant, and she’s bitching about Kareena. And the phone rings again.

Lady:  “Hello? BSNL? Listen, don’t play games with me, OK? I know this is the  right number. Don’t try to avoid me. Do you know who I am?”

I realized that this lady was not going to let me watch the show unless someone listened to her complaint.

Me: “Welcome to BSNL’s automated fault booking service. To continue in English, press one.”


The lady had actually pressed the ‘1’ on her dial pad. Interesting. I thought I’d have some fun.

Me: “To register a complaint, please press the last 5 digits of your Driving License number after the beep. BEEP”

I can hear the lady furiously rummaging through her bag looking for her Driving License. After a while


She had actually found it pretty fast.

Me:  “Because of all the SPAM we have been receiving, we will now perform a  check to see if you are human. Please enter the result of 35 multiplied  by 4 divided by 12”

I can hear the lady shouting out to someone in the background.

Lady: “Prakash, quick! What is 35 times 4 by 12?”
Prakash: “What? Why do you need that?”
Lady: “I’m registering a complaint for our dead phone”
Prakash (sounding somewhat confused): “But why would you need…”
Prakash: “’s…aaaa…elevent point….errr…”


The lady actually enters 1-1 on the dial pad.

Me: “Your complaint has been registered. Thank you for calling BSNL”

The lady sounds pleased. I can hear her speaking to “Prakash”

Lady:  “I like BSNL. They have such a high tech system. They didn’t even have  to ask me for the number of our landline that is dead. Cool!

-An Indian Confession

RIP English

I’m m and love with a girl from past two and half years. I love her lot and not live without her she also love me and not live without me we was good in our relationship each. she care me lot if any tym I hv problem she get me solutions same I do it with her now a big problem came in our relationship her family get her marry to her cousin next month and she not want over her family. she not wasn’t go opposite to her family. but I love her lot she also we both going maid I not sleep from that day when I hear that bad news so admin wt I do she not also want leave her parents also tell me good suggested that will good for. I am loving her more than my self. plz post mgs


Escaping friendzone.

Have You been FRIENDZONED?
Stop being a “loser” and tell her this story:

A guy and a girl were having a conversation-
Guy: I love u!
Girl: I love u too but only as a friend, I’ve never thought of you in terms of a boyfriend. You are my best friend.
Guy: Thanks for the clarity, I think I should be leaving now as I can`t change my feelings for you.
Girl: What’s wrong with you? Don’t think over it too much. Nothing has changed.
Guy: Yeah, maybe! You know what my friend resigned from his job despite getting a good promotion.
Girl: That’s strange..But why did he quit?
Guy: Actually, he didn`t like the terms of the promotion.
Girl: What terms?
Guy: His boss offered him a great promotion, more responsibilities but the same salary without any increment.
Girl: Oh! He would have been stupid to have worked harder without any incentive. He did the right thing
Guy: Exactly! Hope you get the point 🙂 Goodbye and have a great life!

dont be a bitch. Exit like a boss 😛 😀