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Letting You Know…

Please post this! PLEASE!

This is the id of the person I am writing this compliment for. PLEASE TAG HER SOMEHOW OR LET HER KNOW ABOUT IT WHEN YOU POST IT- (She is not on this page and she won’t know about it. Please, somehow, let her know about it)

(This is going to be a bit long so please bear with me)

Dear Anubhuti,

I am pretty sure that by this point you must be thinking that this is a prank. Believe me, it’s not.

Again, I am pretty sure that you don’t know who I am. I have never come up to you to strike a conversation. I don’t even know if you know I exist. I am not from Delhi, I just know you. I have observed you a lot. Stalked you over facebook (sorry, but not in any negative way.. I just love reading your posts). I have read your poems on your blog (Moments and more) and I… I wish I had the courage to come up to you and say these things in person.

Before you read any further, let me tell you something, I am not a guy. I am a girl. I wish I was a guy! May be then, just may be, I could gather up the courage to talk to you because I have no idea if you have any interest in girls (your fb preference reads ‘interested in men’ so.. i guess not)

I have always been an extremely introvert person. You had the reputation of being brutally honest, which I admire, may be that’s the reason I never came up to you, because of the fear that you might laugh about it. Which is totally ok but I guess I am just not ready to handle it.

Anubhuti, I don’t know you personally, I don’t know you as good as your close ones. But! But! I have fallen for you. I don’t say that I am in love with you, that’s a very heavy word. May be a little less than love. I love reading, just as you do, I love writing, just as you do, I love travelling, just as you do, I love food! Just as you do, I love Harry Potter, just as you do, I love Friends, Just as you do, I love GOT, just as you do, I love life, just as you do, I love sleeping, Just as you do. It’s not love. Just a little less than that.

I wish I could just hold your hand and take long walks, talking about random stuffs, funny stuffs, serious stuffs, stuffs that matters to you. I wish I could ride with you on your bike. I don’t care where we’d go. Just a long drive. I wish we could explore new places to eat (since I am a terrible cook). I wish we could watch the whole harry potter series together.

So many wishes….. That wouldn’t come true. But I am not sad. I am just glad I was able to let you know how I feel. 🙂

Take Care of yourself. Smile often!

Cute love Story

Heya .. !
I am 19 And i want to Confess here ..that I fall for a girl when i was in my Ist Semester , my semester was about to complete i gota request on my fb account .. i didn’t accept for 5 days .. however i accepted And started some conversation and i came to know that the girl is from the same college, class but she has a different streem And she knew all about me because she was one of the best frends of my cousin. days went we begain to chat like frends … And reached to the level what people call besties.. best friends. we used talk upto 3 am some times 4 am . we used to tell each other every secret of ours .we both were happy .. i dont know how, why , and when did i fall for her and i decided to tell her on her birth day … before her birth day . I couldn’t control and i told her .. when she said who i am urs i said u r my evry thing she said why .. my tong sliped and i said Bcz i Luv u … she didnt talkd for 5 minutes .. and aftr 5 minutes she said .. i hate such jokes …. i said nope i am serious and i seriously cant live without u .. she said .. this is not luv this is only attraction … we are friends nope Besties fo eva .. some How after six months during second sem. she accepted life was full of joy .. i felt like i was flying above the clouds.. we both were very happy she used to tell me “No matter to luv me so called very much But i luv u double than u luv me” .. if i will marry’ ….. u will b my groom… No 1 else … A boy who earlier had proposed her .. got to know about us .. he created some misunderstanding b/w both of us .. but i never believed him because i trusted her. few months before . she used to tell me i dont want to be in relation … i said i can’t live with out u .. i seriously cried after some time we again started a happy life… few days back we got some misunderstanding and had some argues .. But evry time i used to say sorry not because i was wrong or i had a habit of saying sorry .. its was like i was every time worried not to lose her .. bcz i madly luv her.. i Got a message from her ” (i got lot of luv happiness from u .. what i gave u jux only tears ..know i decided to remain away from u . dont think its over between us .. now what ever God has written for us will come to ever way .. i seriously want to marry u .. hope u people will first come to us for marriage proposal… bye Buddhu .. ???? ) ”
this was her .. last message i didn’t replied back … i seriously am missing her .. i dnt know what to do mm plz suggest me Something ????

A Sweet Love Letter By A Tenth Grader!

Hi, there, you don’t know me but i do…
from the first time you entered the class…
when, you answered a question on theory of relative mass…
I met you when you were reading in library and i wasn’t…
a magazine about future economics, which i had no clue about….
is she smart?, is she a nerd?., i din’t know, beautiful no doubt…
I tried to talk to you, when you parked your scooter,…
and i was well there, plucking leaves, waiting for the hooter…
I know you are getting a faint picture of who i am…
yes, the same person who lent you his compass in class…
and stood outside enjoying my abuse in place..
I know you’ve seen me in these three years….
at times as a faint shadow, or an unknown friend……..
your pale blue eyes remembering every detail…
your every touch, every action turning to be a heart stringer…
I know this is tacky, childish even and a bit stale…
but i am not gifted with an artist’s touch and mind…
to paint you in every color, neither am i a singer…
to croon a tune describing your every mood…
nor am i given courage, to flirt with risky denial….
I am but gifted with words to write, so i play with them much…
I can go on and on writing an odyssey about you…
poems for your every dream and desires too….
but all the essence of it would be, I Love You….


brave confession

“A few years ago, when I was with my ex, we had gone for a drive. We reached a lonely stretch of the road and started making out. Soon I was on his lap and our tops were off. Suddenly, we saw people walking towards our car. We panicked; my boyfriend literally threw me onto the passenger seat, with me clutching my top to avoid embarrassment and my topless boyfriend hitting the accelerator.”

“I am 19 and have been sexually active for a few years, much more so than my friends. I have seen a lot of penises, but last month I saw my first uncircumcised one, and seeing it was so weird and unexpected that I just started laughing and I couldn’t stop. The guy drove me home without talking to me and I doubt he’ll call again. But that’s okay because those things look so eww.”


 “I once had sex with my boyfriend while my parents were just one floor above us. And with the thin wooden floors, they would’ve heard what was happening, so we had to be very careful. But the worst part was that my room didn’t have a lock. I can’t imagine what would have happened if they’d entered the room while we were doing it. Someone in that room would’ve definitely had a heart attack.”

“I had just broken up with my boyfriend and needed to have sex. So I went to a nightclub and before I knew, I was drunk. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up have a threesome with a guy I met and his girlfriend. I didn’t remember much of it the next day, but I know that I enjoyed it. And I learnt that I should never say never.”

“I was a virgin when I got married. And even after several months of trying, we couldn’t have intercourse because it was too painful. So I knew I had to do something drastic. Once, when my husband wasn’t home, I got really drunk and tried to insert a cucumber into my vagina. It took a couple of hours to get it right, but I finally succeeded. After that, sex became so easy.”

“My husband and I tried anal sex a few years ago. It was a little difficult initially. But I started enjoying it so much after a little while that I was soon unable to enjoy vaginal intercourse. Obviously, that wasn’t a good thing and I had to approach a sexologist for help.”

“I’m a 28-year-old woman, and I masturbate when I’m angry or stressed. I only use certain porn sites that make me angry because I feel like it helps me release tension. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how I’ve always been.”

Typical love story

I’m 19(Male) under-graduate.I want to confess that when I was in 11th class,I started liking a girl.We were classmates.It was love at first sight for me,if it exists.But I wasn’t able to maintain even good friendship because I was an introvert.She also ignored me many times.My feelings were hidden from her.In 12th,We became good friends.But after 12th,she vanished.I tried to contact her many times but she always ignores me.Finally I told her that she was my crush.But she doesn’t care.I really miss her.

sweet love story

Just like everything else, love conquered and before I knew I was already far more deeply in love with you than I thought A***m Vi**al, 3rd year, VIT.

When I look back, I see you I see me, I see us growing together and the sun that smiled and even grinned sometimes back then . The memories are still afresh, those giggles and laughter, that slowly and gradually, bonded us deeper. We have known each other, like we were always together.

Now after 9 long years, I want to confess how much I love you and will, forever. I love the way you smile. I love the way, your eyes say things that you want to hide.I love the fact that no matter where you are, you help people with all your heart. I love you for being the person that you are. From my soul, bottom of my heart.This feeling that I have forayed into, is undoubtedly, the best feeling in the world. And the two of us make our own world of beautiful memories, unsaid words, laughter, happiness, understanding and of love.


I know you have suffered a lot from your past. I know your past, with you, even, I have cried a lot. Somebody gave you dreams only to snatch them away, it almost shattered you like broken pieces of glass.I understand you will never get out of it, at-least in this life. I have accepted you with your past.

I love you 🙂


Don’t want to loose her

Male 18

I have been dating a girl for past 2 years , we are dying on each other, we love each other so much. We infact promised each other that we never cheat on each other .. The problem is she has been studying in girls school , Now she insists on getting admitted in co-education where both boys and girls study each other,, but I don’t want her to go there, because I’m pretty insecure about her and I never wanna loose her.. Moreover I’m scared as hell that she may talk to boys there….
I’m freaking upset,,,, Plz let me know what i should do…

-An indian confession

I wanna wait

Today my gf and me we had last talk..i don’t want it to end but i donno if i hurt her bad or she outgrew me…this break up process has been happening since 15 days nearly…ii was a egoistic handsome prick who used to have fun and said no to serious relationships…i donno how i fell for her…she isnt a beauty or hot bomb…but when i look into her eyes….oh god she levels me down…my ego my pride all go away……when she used to sleep on my chest…i lose myself....all my dreams and goals were built with her in picture in my all i do is hopes, dreams, aims, reasons to fight and struggle, everything are invisible now.i love teasing her..i love when she cuddles up to me….she was everything….i never dreamt of having kids with anyone except with her…i cleared my engineering for her…i got a job…now i feel blank…i wannna wait… if she comes back or not…..i iggnored her bcz she was talking to her ex then she started feeling sad and wanted to break up….i trust her..but not him….i donno how my life is spinning… will take a lot of time for me to move on….she says she wants space…i wanna give her that but i m impatient when it comes to her….i donno wat i m typing my fingers are shivering….i want to wait..
i dont want to move on.she was my bunny now she tallks harsh she doesn’t laugh to my jokes …i love u baby.

-An Indian confession

struggling to forget

last year i met a guy on fb group as both are preparing for competitive exam.iam 21 yrs old and he is 26 yrs old.soon we became close by chatting daily.he proposed me ,first i didnt accepted ,later after some months we broke up i blocked all his contacts in fb,watspp etc.later this year in july as my exams are over i have sometime..he again called me one day ,said sorry to each other and again became day we both planned and met and just roamed on bike for 4 hrs.he proposed me again and after meeting i started loving him a lot.he is very good boy but he flirts with gals,did the same to year he is going to marry,but i love him a lot,i tried all the ways to forget him but none of them worked.recently as i was serious in love he stopped talking to him,100’s of messages,lot of calls i did but he didnt replied to anyone.iam unable to live without him,i madly love him even though i know i cant own him…
please real bad comments

-An Indian Confession

Best thing that has happened to me

“carefree heartless bitch” those words were perfect to describe me ,5 years back. Or maybe those words were just to hide the person i really was. I was so obsessed with being cool. For me, being cool meant to have crushes and yet be single. People came, people went, it hardly mattered to me. What mattered to me was me and who i thought i was portraying myself to be..but then 4 years from then i meet this guy, a lil shy ,totally opposite of me..there was something about him that made me wanna know him like dig into the person he really was..n eventually he began to know me too . in fact i began to know the real me..its 4 years now and there is a drastic change in me and the weird part is i dint put in any effort to bring these good changes in me it just happened..
it happened coz of his presence around me that makes me feel so special n never made me wanna pretend or to be someone else..
its been 963 days n my heart nly beats for him..the best thing that ever happend to bestfriend, my love all wrapped in 1 with a ribbon on it.(panda) jdsk

-An Indian Confession