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Need help!

Hello everyone!
I am 26 years old girl (single).

I am going to share something personal. I have never been into any relationship. I never kissed anyone. I am a simple girl and shy too. Living a simple lifestyle.
My problem is sometimes I don’t know what happens to me and I can’t stop my urge to watch porn. -_-
There are days when I feel completely okay and then there are times when I just can’t stop my feelings. I watch porn and every time I watch porn videos I masturbate. And after this I always feel guilty and regret and decide not to do this again. but then again after some days I feel like this. 🙁
I just want to know If there is something wrong with me. 🙁
My questions are-
1) Am I the only one feeling like this?
2) Is it okay to masturbate to calm myself down? (I am scared if there is any side effect of this)
3) The last one is..every time I masturbate I feel li’l pain down there inside. and weakness in my legs too. Is it normal?

I am really scared. I try to divert my mind too but there are times when I am just helpless. :'(
Please suggest me what should I do?
Thank you in advance!

About friendship

Hi friends i m shanaya frm rajasthan 17 yrs old..mera ek ldke s contact hua fb p by my frnds..dhire dhire hmari bat hui fb p n we were close frnds vo har bt share krne lga n me milte b the jb hmara frnd circle kuch plan krty thy dhire dhire jin logo ki wjhse usse cntct hua un sbse hmari frndship khtm ho gy ab only vo he hmara frnd h…uska nam h varun ..mri ek close frnd h ankita varun ne use sis bnaya hua h…ab bat y h ki varun mujhse pyar krta h bt i dnt luv him mne use hmesha kha ki ache frnds h apn to usne kha ki vsa wala pyar he hota h ky mujhe dosto wala pyar h…tb mne b keh diya ha mujhe b pyar h bcz pyar only gf bf m nh hota h har rishte m hota h…ek din use mujhse milna th vo mre gar aya th bt sudeenly he strted to cuddle wid me m us tym behosh ho gy thy n ek do bar or aya th milne he strted to kiss me everywhwre except lower parts..ek din abhi mre bday p mre ek best buddy h usne mri dp lgai thy to usne usse ldai krli kaha use mar dga vo kisi b ldke s m bt kru vo bardash nh kr skta h..itna he nh one day usne mujhe abhse wrds use kre bhut gusse m th ma***** bhen**** sb kuch tb mri cousin ne usse ldai kri thy tbse vo mri cousin ko psnd nh krta h n agr uski kuch bt niklti h to use gali dta h or jo mra buddy h kehta h usse b dur rhna vrna uski lyf khrab kr dunga jiski responsible only m hougi..jbhi b use gussa ata b vo gali dna shuru ho jata h…bt khta h vo mujhse pyar krta h isly itna possesive h…ek din usne mujhse mre pics mange the tb mne usse puch liya ki usko mujhse pyar h ya mri body s bole tumse h bt man kr rha h..jbhi b hm milte h nrmly frnds k sath to alag le jata h bate krta h n ptani mre uper parts ko touch krta h usse pyar krta h m bhuy rokti hu thapad b mara th use mne bt usne kha ki y pyar hna dosti m itna nh kr skte kya ap mre liye tb m kuch nh khti bt ek din had ho gayi vo mre gar milne aya usse phle usne mujhse kuch manga n mmy papa ki kasm d di ki m vo pura kru n kasam k liye mujhe vo krna pada usne kha th m only bikini phnu n uper s towel usme dkhna h usko mujhe..mne vo b kiya usne prpmise kiya th vo kuch nh krega only kiss krega face p usne letaya mujhe or uper sab jgh kiss kiya bt at that tym usne mra towel fek diya n mre kamr k yha s piche s underwear m hath dalke sehlane laga bs aage ja he rha th mne use thapad mar diya or usse pucha ki usne promise kyu toda usne kha ptani chala raha nh gaya esa sb..m abhi itni mature nh hu pls gys mri help kro ky kru me mujhpe shak krta h kehta h fb k passwrd do khta h jb mujhse bt kro tb kisi s bat kt kro watsup mt chalao tb yr m usk hisab s q jiyuu jb m usse luv b nh krti bs frndship m itna diya usko mne bt vo kuch b bt hoti h to pic bhjo na m hmesha tal dti hu bt mra dil y khta h ki vo mujhe kbhi buri nazar s nh dkhta h pyar krta h isly uska man hua nw wat can i do.. Ky jwab du jb vo mujhe ese traet krta h mri cousin s bt krne k lye mana krta h m uski naukar thdi hu…help m plss…sory itni lmba tym lne k liye…i need u ol….

What waz my fault???

I m 21yr girl.. I fall in love with a boy on fb.. I know him frm school time.. First time … We talked on fb.. And after 1 month .. He prps me.. And I ansd him yes… Nd he slowly started to do some non veg chatng… And I also shared some prsnl pic to him .. But he alwz used to share our secrets to his frndz… Nw what can I do? Plz help me. And nw my situtn is lyk that I can’t sleep properly.. I want to do something like sucide…


hey admin plz post dis.
Hey everyone one..
I’m 21 / f…
m frm delhi…
m a party like drink occasionally..
but ek baar mere senior k saath beer pi.. n meko
thoda attraction tha bs lekin pine k baad mene
purpose kiya… usne mna b nhi kiya lekin haa b nhi
kiya… thn usko lga ki mai upset hu n ol.. to ek din
meko smjhane k liye ofc me rok liya… fir clear kiya ki
jisko tum meri gf maanti ho vo meri gf nhi, usko mese
pyar h etc. n us din b pi thi… lekin over ho gai thi to
hum intimate ho gae the… n next mrng he said ki i
thnk i lv her.. to meko bhot bura to lga kyunki usne ek
din pehle sb clear kiya n sb hua b.. n nw pyar b ho gya
usse… thn i said chal thk h… tc n bye bolkr col cut kr
dia.. thn i started drinking on daily bases.. n ek baar
fir mene ovr pi li thi to usko bulaya.. n fir huam
intimate hue… to meko lga ki shayd 1st time kisi k
saath esa kiya tbi itna lv h shayd… thn mene decided
kiya ki jo meko lv krta h uske saath rahu.. n ab uske
saath do baar intimate hui usko bhulaane ko..
i knw bhot bekar sound kr rha h.. n meri glti b h…
ab koi meko bs ye bta do ki mai kya kru future me… i
mean jiske saath abi hua h continue kru?… bt vo b
aivai lgta h meko…
bs itna bta do ki kya kru future me n kese rahu?

ma mistake

Hey dis s jasmine pais 2day m goin 2 confez ma mistake..every guy must read dis..& want 2 ask apologize n two hert whm I hurted.I waz lovd a guy since 5 yr, we wz too much cloz each oder..his name s rexton..1day he left me I waz broken…after I gt he s fall 4 oder grl named RR Menezes ,som1 told she s f puttur.I want 2 take revenge on dat gil…want 2 spoil her life…she iz studying n spc puttur….she waz luv in boy f kundapur hiz name s P Dsouza..dat day I decide 2 break deir luv.I stole dat gl psswrd all & strt 2 txt her bf as very badly as h gt hrt…bt dat boy nt left her …after sometime I gt dat boy password in hr a/c…start 2 txt her badly n hs name…i wz obsrvng dem evry mv..dey r nt knew abut it…made dem as fight…hurted dem….after dey gt seperate…deir luv broked….I waz very happy 4 took revange…bult real truth after I got dat my bf not left bcz of dat girl…dat waz another girl f manglore….dat waz ma misunderstanding.. I simply seperate two luvin couples…dey r luvng lt I put msundrstng n dm..dey stil dont knw what they texted 2 each oder itz nt by only did it…bcz f misunderstanding…4 my mistake I lost ma family n a aczident…4 hurt two loving couplez I got punishment…I just wnt 2 tel in al guyz..don hurt any1…don take revenge..i knw no frgvnss ma mstke..srry guyz…if u did it gt my condition…:-(


male 19 I do wanna confess something.. well i am serious for a girl , its almost being 4 months! as we had a little fight a few days back.. so i was sharing my case with a girl i met on facebook only! she asked to meet n like discuss ! i went to met her today! she seduces me in cinemas by rubbing her cheeks on mine then like putting her lips on mine! n come on i am a man, i didn’t repel.. we went to a hotel then and 🙁 i am feeling very guilty right now! i love my lady so much! well she do the same 🙁 n this crap :'(

First time

Female 18-1 😉 Tody I had smooch wid my bf fr de frst tym in my lyf smile emoticon lil bit weird bt still happiee vry much 😉 #Admin yr post Kr dio tongue emoticon Filmy style se jab usne kal raat mujhe propose kiya Daayein na dekha, baayein na dekha Usko dil ka rose diya Huve charche chaar hazaar Photo chhap gayi in akhbaar Mujhko parwah nahi koi I’m with the star.. Mere saiyaan superstar O Mere saiyaan superstar Main fan hui unki O mere saiyaan superstar 😀 shyd ab tk to kfi log meko pehchn gye honge 😀 Wai songs wali 😀 Saat samundr paar me tere peche peche aaayyyiii :-*

The Lust

Okay…. I really need to get this off my chest. I’m new to reddit so please be kind and gentle. Right now I’m just frazzled and at a confused state because of what happened between my boss and I. Also, I apologize beforehand if I get a little too graphic here, since I haven’t told anybody what has happened. Alright.. For a little background info:

I’m 18 and I’ve been working for a tutor center for children for the past 7 months. I’m still in high school and I took the job to gain work experience and to get a little extra pay. It was my first job, so I was new to the whole “employed” experience. It wasn’t too difficult to tutor the children and aid them in basic arithmetic and reading, and I was enjoying it quite a bit. However, my boss (he’s 37) has been a huge distraction for me since the first month of working here. He’s incredibly attractive, fit and he has this intriguing flirty personality and caustic attitude about him. He’s also really funny and exudes this youthful and lustful air about him. Anyhow, I think he caught on to my attraction towards him by the way I was acting (I’d get nervous, look at his body whenever he was turned, etc) and he has been “flirting” with me since around October. He has a nickname for me and treats me like a friend. I honestly felt uncomfortable at times around him because he’d look down at my legs a lot, especially when he’d say, “See ya” to me. Other times he’d smile at me knowingly, making me melt on the inside and we’d be staring at each other for ten seconds. His flirtatiousness made my crush stronger but also made me a bit self conscious because he probably knew I liked him, since I’d smile and look down whenever he’d be “flirty.” He definitely has a “player personality.” Anyhow, since he’s my boss I never overstepped my boundaries or flirted back. Sometimes I would give him a little attitude whenever he’d tease me, but overall I was always obedient and did my best in tutoring the students.

Anyways, this whole situation has been building up until I was sure he liked something about me. Around a week ago after work, he asked me to stay overtime to talk with him about my “work hours.” We were alone in the small complex and he gave me that knowing smile again which made me shake and melt on the inside. He then started playing with my hair and saying, “—- you look nice.” I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him and kept looking down. He went closer to me and I could feel my heart beat extremely fast and my breath was getting heavier. It’s as if he knew he was making me feel this way. He started kissing me on my cheek and neck and I was frozen the whole entire time. He then started stripping me down and was kissing my whole entire body and I was just frozen and feeling incredibly aroused. I didn’t day anything because I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I’ve never been sexually touched or kissed like this. He was sucking on all parts of my body and I was moaning (embarrassingly) and he was saying things like, “Keep moaning..its so sexy.” I was really caught up in the moment. I was still standing there as he ate me out and kept saying, “— you have a beautiful body, — you’re so beautiful.” Basically to spare more details, he had sex with me.

I didn’t really know what to do at that moment. Inside in my deepest conscience it felt wrong, but physically and emotionally everything felt so good. It’s as if he awakened a new part of me, but I can’t help but to feel taken advantage of when I look back on it. I didn’t say anything the whole time except “Yes” when he asked me, “Does this feel good?” because I was slightly afraid but mostly aroused. Theres a part of me that wants to regret this, but I can’t, but now I’m in love with him because he was so intimate with me. I mean, he was gentle and he was kissing me the whole entire time, making sure it felt good. I believe he sensed my attraction from the beginning and he knew I was a bit innocent. I never had a boyfriend before nor did I ever want one because I was too focused on my schoolwork and extracurricular activities… And my first experience was with a man 20 years older.. Anyhow work has been awkward this past week, ever since that happened and I told him he took my virginity, and now he’s been distant but told me it was a mistake but that he has “fondness and affection towards me.” I apologize for my rambling, I had to confess this. I haven’t told anyone since he’s asked me not to