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(Male)I was in relationship for 2yrs with a girl.
She was caring n loving and i had no issue with her at all but the problem is another girl got my attention as she is more beautiful .Even i too loved my gf till within a day i fall for that girl and now im in relation with her.
But previous one is forcing me to be with her. She is emotional blackmailing me i tried my best but i failed in all possible ways to get rid of her.she always cries. She said i cheated her hmm whatever just tell me how to buzz of her from my life.
Why dont she just fit in her mind if i left her, just deal with it rather than cursing me.
Whats wrong if i left her.A person can fall in love with another person anytime irrespective if he already has a partner.
I am so frustrated either i would kill her or myself.

What to do?

Female 21
I m in a relationship fr d last 6 years… my bf loves me a lot… bt nw i dont feel anythng fr him….mai b use pyar krti ti bt pta nhi kyu ab mai kuch feel nhi krti uske lye….usko mere ek frnd se bht jda probs ti or is wjh se humre reltion mai bht sari probs ayi…or hum bht ladte the…usne mjhe bht torture kra tha…physcly b mujhe hurt kra tha…jb mai use chodne ko bolti ti to wo mjhe chodne nhi deta tha use lgta tha ki mjhe mera frnd pasnd h islye mai use chod rhi hu… dhire dhire us frnd se maine bat krna bnd kr dya or fir humre bich sab normal hone lga…fir mera ek or new frnd bna or mere bf ko use b prob hone lgi h….ab mai mere frnd k lye shyd feel krne lgi hu mjhe use bat krna uske sth time spnd krna acha lgta h…use bat nhi hoti to kuch b acha nhi lgta h…mjhe nhi pta ye sab kya h…or kyu ho rha h…haan mai mere bf se brkup krna chahti hu bt usko hurt nhi krna chti i knw wo nhi reh pyga mere bina…bt mai uske sath b nhi reh skti ab….plz tell me ki mai kya kru mjhe kuch samjh nhi arha h…plz help me

-An Indian confession

Need an help hand.

I’m soon going to be in a long distance relationship which might go out like one/two year mostly one…

What to do !!
Things which you people must know is she lives in her Aunts(Mo’c ji) home now. She is far away cousin of mine. We are in relationship since more than a year now. Even one knows about us mom,dad,sis…new every family member close to us…and even her mom & dad. I’m trying my best to make everything good in her. Soon we will done with our bachelors and he has to go her home which is in U.P & I’m from hyd. Lover her a lot…..

Kindly help me with it :).

-An indian confession

Twist in relationship with colleague.

I met this girl 5 months back in my office. She was working with us on a project from vendors side. At first she seemed really nice, hard working and motivated.
We became friends. One day she said that she is very sad and wanted to have a drink. We went for the drink together. We went out 3-4 time after that.
Suddenly she called one night at 11:30. She was crying. We were on the call for 30 min. Then she asked if I can come over to her place.
Although I didn’t liked the idea, still I went to her home. We talked till she fall asleep.
After it whenever she is sad she called me to come over. I tried to ask her why is she sad? But she never gave a proper answer.
One night after she fall asleep I was in no condition to sleep at the couch so I tried to go home. But somehow she woke up and asked me to sleep beside her.
Everything changed that night, I never thought something could happen like that.
After it our make out session became too frequent. She literally shifted to my house.

After the project got over she joined other company. But still we will meet everyday.

N then suddenly everything stopped. I tried to contact her, but seems like she already blocked my number.
After a month or so I saw her in food court, politely I said hi.
She introduced me to her husband who returned from Australia a month ago.

She said see you later before leaving. And there I was standing without a ground beneath my feet.
Left with anger, hatred.. I wanted to scream..
But all I could do was to say myself..

-An Indian Confession

Tit for tat or forgiveness?

I am 23,female. My bf or suppose ex bf of 6 years ,had a breakup last year when he was going abroad for further studies. I thought its because I did something insane which drove him away from me. we were in a deep intimate sexual relationship ,but he cared nothing and he went ahead for breakup and i went through a hell of depression and suicide attempts.Now the real reason for him to breakup with me was because he felt for a new girl. I got to know the whole event when that girl ditched him and he came back to me. so much that he came to india to see me and patch up .. but deep down he misses her and because he and his ex were very emotionally attached .they used to send nude pictures to each other . he does not want me to go also . says he loves me . but I am really confused should i move on or time heals everything ? those depression periods make me think why should i continue . I am really confused .

Mental Torture By Psycho Boyfriend

I dont know from where to start, I have been totally trapped by my pshyco lover or so called boyfriend. It all started before 3 years ,,wo mujhe propose kiya n wo mere bhaiya ka frnd v tha to i knew start i rejected his proposal but later on uska effort dekhke i said yes
padhai me ek dm duffer tha. I was good in studies. Wo IIT k prep k liye kanpur went n I was in kolkata…ek long distance typ relatn me the uske sath..but kv v uske liye
ek true wala pyar ka feeling hua ni mujhe.still mere pass chorne ka reason nhi tha so i kept contuining. esi bich we got close.sayad mai yha pe galat thi jo uske close gyi..n he kissed me touched me in park.. uske kuch time baad mere ipcc k clases start ho gye. wha mujhe kisiko
dekhke first time feel hua kisi k liye.. I know relatn me rhke kisi dusre k bare me sochna bht galat h.. but maine kosis kri n mujhse nahi ho paya. I told my bf abt dis
at first he was shocked but wo mujhe kisi kimat pe khona nhi chahta tha so bola ki he can forgv me. but mai us ladke k liye affection km hi ni kr payi..wo koi attraction nhi tha
na hi koi lust. usse muujhe pyar ho gya tha..uske baad my bf contacted him n told him everything regarding my relatn. n after that us ladke ne mujhse kv baat ni kri
mai bure tarike se hurt hui so i dcd to leave d relatn but mera bf mujhe ksi kimat pe chorna nhi chahta tha so he started blackmailing me ki aa ja relatn me warna sab tere
bhai ko jake bta dunga.. mujhe lga dra rha maine halke me liye.. but uske baad he mshd to my bro uske baad mai bure taike sse darr gyi n maine ghr me ye juth bol diya
ki he is harrssing me..phr bhaiya n uska kya baat hua ki usne mujhe contact krna chor diya.. now after 2 yr bad mai es guilt me jeeti rhi ki maine kisi ko dhokha diya
so mai apne ex ko sorry bolne gye.. ye meri jindagi ki dusri sabse bdi galti thi. us time he told ki he still loves me.. please back aa jao..I denied ki I love someone else
tb jaake he used his weapon ki last yr maine tere bhai ko kuch btaya hi ni baar agr tm gyi to i will tell seriously..i got totally scared. daily msg kr krke drata
rha mujhe.. i dont know kis tarah ka pyar h uska??? kya pyar ka matlb srf pana hta h? khair uske baad uske blackmailing se pareshan hoke told ki ok I will be in relatn.
but things kv ab sahi hua hi ni…har jhgre me mujhe CHARACTERLESS BOLNA, WHORE BOLNA was common.. ki mai ladko se attract hote phirti hu. kisi se v baat kya kr lu to bolta
pasand h kya wo tumhe sex k liye? pta ni kis nark me jee rhi uske sath. uska career puri tarike se duba hua h..bekar h.. n bolta h IAS kregaa tb tk mai uke sath rhu..esi
bich mujhe blackmail krke phyically use v kr chuka h..uske pass pics h mera … ab es baar jab wo pass ni hua to i dcd to break d relatn n now all drama strarted…wo AGAIN
Blacmail kr rha bar wo ssari limit crosss kr chuka..usne mere pure frnd circle me ye baat faila diya ki how CHARACTERLESS i m.. n now ghr walo ko btane ki dhamki de
rha h… bol rha h ki back aao in relatn with pure heart n apni maa ka kasam v khao ki u vl b faithful .. n now i m totally shattered..he is saying ki tm mujhe ditch krke
ni jaa skti n gyi to tumhe hm aisa sabak sikhaenge ki jindagi bhr yaad krti rhogi hme… fridy ko wo disclose krne ki dhamki de chuka h..n mere sath koi v nahi h.
family ko btaya to mera carrer khatm ho jaega coz i m ca & cs final student.. n uske sath relatn me gyi to baat aur bigad jayegii,, n wo mujhe physically aur use kregaa… hm puri tarah brbad ho chuke h

I m so confused what to do

We met 3 years ago became besties and afer being in a vry beutiful 1.5 year best friend we started liking each other and developed a relation of love between us and became couple and spended beatiful 1.5 year together and suddenly 3 months ago she said that there is no one has been in relation in her family and she also doest wanna be in relation anymore but will be with me as best friend forever I agreed with it coz she has her own freedom and decision making…but whenever she meets me she use to be as my gf I am vry much confused that what she wants I really love her and she says she also does but dont wanna show it plzz some one suggest me what should I do and what she want any guess plzz help !!!

Fed up

i am 23f and recently got husband is 27 n we are happy together everything was good for someday’s den after i don’t understand why people can’t mind their own lives ,m kind of modern girl but still i respect my traditions and my mother-in-law will always create some nonsense m fed up with her typical indian telivision drama’s..slowly my husband started fighting with me by listening to her,and started shouting at me for lil things.i told my husband many times about this but as usual men are men he don’t trust me even no1 around me will trust me coz of her acting..i dont have any intension to break their relationship coz m basically from a joint family i know the value of people ,even i dont want to leave my husband coz he’s good n he loves me i cant punish him for others mistakes.m really fed up with this daily drama..literally m hating my life n my career is ruining away m not able to concentrate on anything ..m totally messed up with these stuff.. this is my sob story 🙁 can any1 suggest me what to do?


Hi friends.. I am a marine engineer and I want to confess somthing that will not take ur much time to read but I am disclosing that I m a mariner as the girl whom I love is also on this page and she too can read the confession.
I signed off from my ship few months before and started talking to one of the girl. We were in good touch nd used to talk a lot. After few days I was in lov wid her.. I was fallen for her. I proposed her but as she is still studying so she rejected.. but still we were in good touch like before.. I knew one day she vl definitely accept me.. she accepted my proposal nd but I don’t no what happened she said I need to think I need time. But after that she treated like we dunno each other. Now I m fed up from my life nd thinking to kill myself..I don’t no what to do what not to bt to b frank I can’t sleep properly. Always use to think of her but she is fuck bothered about me.. I m just loosing my mind nd can’t understand what to do.. may b till the time she reads my post I vl b no more. nd yup ppl will think what a mad guy he is but yes I m mad for that girl. Some will say what rubbish as I m saying I vl die. But that vl happen coz I am unable to control my mind nd emotions. Thanks for reading


Its about a truth behind an innocent face of a BOY who use to tell everyone about his Long distance relationship with a girl ,
whom he have first seen in a marriage and started liking from day.
Soon they became frnds on FB ,
he use to write poems for her,daily wishing Gud morning BEAUTIFUL nd GOOD NT BEAUTIFUL,
use to LIKE and COMMENT on her evry photo, Girl also started liking him
(they had a common relation in btwn their family,so their parents know eachother very well)

After few months BOY proposed GIRL and gave assurance of their marriage as their family knows each other, the GIRL however refused by saying that she only likes him
BOY said you will fall in love with me just talk to me,belive in me.
soon they started chatting long hours and with his sweet and melodious talks she felt in love with him. HE use to send her CUTE VIDEOS of making CARDS ,POEMS by himself for her.
He always gave her assurance of their marriage as HE has told his MOTHER about HER(that they like each other)
but GIRL said that neither SHE is allowed to do Love marriage nor she has guts to speak to her parents about these things,
BOY said ok we will see that thing later(JO hoga dekha jaega)
YOU dont need to do anything I will manage as I have told my mother about us.
BOY convince HER everytime.

They were in a long.distance relationship now, everything was going well both of them were studying in their Engineering College(Boy was a hostler and the girl studying in another city was day-scholar)
BOY wanted her to have a telephonic conversation daily, she agrees and started talking at her lunch time.
few days later boy told her, he wanted to talk her in night, she refused by saying she will nt be able to talk at her home,pls understand.
again BOY repeated same lines by saying these talks will help us in understanding each other, Again GIRL was caught in his emotions and WEB and started talking at night,
SHE realises that BOY use to ORDER her like; i want you talk to me at sharp 10;30 pm,
dont sleep before my call,
Take rest in evening becuse i want to talk to u at night.etc..
HE doubts on hr GF if she had ever chatted with any classmate,or any boy
GIRL took all these things as a concern , and she stopped talking to any boy as she was also in love with him. SHE was very POLITE and KIND in nature.

Few months later they started fighting with each other on every topic ,as The girl cant handle his rude behaviour any more ,HE was just ordering her and keeping an EYE on her every moment by regularly asking (OR BATAO, KYA KIA AAJ, KYA KAROGI AJ, KAHA HO, PHONE UTHAO, KISSE BAT KI, those Fuckng Questns)
she was frustated that time and wanted to end that relationship but BOY begs her,cries on call saying not to go from his life he will not repeat his mistakes n ol, HE cant survive..bla.bla
GIRL was very emotional she doesnt END anything as SHE was an emotional FOOL

,,they again started talking,,boy showed his REAL FACE again by BLACKMAILING her to talk to her otherwise he will tell the truth to her parents that you are talking to me frm past 1 yr,and because she was afraid to face that situation she talked him everytime he wanted (his mostly talks were OR BTAO n NON.VEG talks and if girl refuses he blackmail her)

IF GIRL doesn’t pick HIS CALL he use to call at her MOTHER’s phone by saying i am HIS CLASSMATE speaking Can i speak HER, then he says to GIRL DONT try to miss my call otherwise i will tell our relationshp truth to your mother.

GIRL never wanted to meet him personally because of his misbehaviour ,but BOY continuously ask her to come n meet, But she never met.

GIRL was caught in a web whr she cant tell truth because she was frightened of facing everything and that was her blunder mistake (if she had told anyone of hr family member she could have saved her that animal who was mentally Torturing HER)

3 yrs later her parents got to hear a RUMOUR that BOY* had tried to commit suicide last yr because of their daughter, After then Girl told the whole truth, that she was caught in a web whr she cant do anything because she was Frightened( GIRL was very happy and THANKED GOD)

Soon SHE got to see the REAL face when BOY betrayed her and said that SHE wanted me ,she wanted to talk to me everytime, and all false things. GIRL doesn’t expect that ever but that happened to her.
NOW HIS sister(EVIL) is spreading RUMOURS about that GIRL just because she wanted to keep his brother image INNOCENT.