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Confession of an indian women

I’m a 17 year old girl. When I was in mid of my 10th class I started falling for a guy. He lives nearby my house. I started founding me so attractive. Then one day I sent him friend request. After 2 days he accepted and his 3rd message to me was he loves me. I was very young and for me all that was just like a fairy tale. After some days I accepted his love for me. Initially I thought that he must had so many girlfriends because he was so good looking and I was an average looking girl that time. Then he started playing his tricks and started making me realize that he is a good guy and he trapped me. I became blind for him. Then one day we kissed. For me that was first time. After some time my parents got informed of my relationship so I broke up and slowly I realized his true face. I was right, he wasn’t a good guy. After 2 years of this I don’t know what happened to me I again started falling for him. He tried several times to talk to me after our breakup but I ignored. Then one day I was missing him so much so I sent him friend request again . we talked and he said he missed me so much. Now at this time I know I deserve someone better than him but I don’t know why I just cant leave him. I’m dating him again. He is using me for his physical pleasures. I want to get out of all this mess. I don’t know what to do. I think I don’t like him but I got so much close to him physically that leaving him now will make me characterless. I’m so tensed. I wanna get out of this but not getting anyway.

Stay positive

This is not a confession, but something i would love to share with you all.. Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from their past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish and they dream and they hope. They wish things will get better, and life starts going the way they want it. They look out the window whenever they’re in the car or on a bus or a train and they watch the people on the streets and wonder what they’ve been through. They wonder if there are people out there like them. They’re like you, and you could tell them everything and they would understand. 🙂
And right now, they’re sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore. You’re not alone, the problems and disappointments you’ve gone through or facing now someone somewhere across the world understands. Whatever you’re facing right now, whatever negative things are happening in your life i stand in faith that things will get better for you. Don’t worry about the future, don’t be depressed about your past and just focus on today. And if today’s not going so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. Much love from myself..

-An Indian Confession

do only boys have the right to confess their feelings?

hiii…i m grl (20yrs old).. its my confession and also want to know ur opinion…in cls 12th I proposed a guy who came in my tution on d last day of tution..we never had a proper convo but I felt that he also lyk I only told him that I lyk him…but he talk to me very rudely nd said that-barvy(12th) krle pehele..den I sent him frnd rqst on fb aftr cmpltng 12th n we strted chatting..but sometyms he talk normally n other tymes very rudely to I unfrnd whenever he see me stares at me in a very bad way n its lyk he is making fun of me wid his frnds my ques is that do boys only have d right to confess their feelings???

-An Indian Confession

My first love

Hey guys,
M a guy from Lucknow, I have met wid a girl during my graduation in bareilly.she was very nice to me, we both spend much time wid each Oder
after like 4 to 5months me proposed her on d day of Sunday outing she said I’ll give my answer later me said k.after few days she said yes to me.our relation was going on smoothly no problems were dere. I have completed all her wishes like movies dresses long drives, since m son of a businessman so no money problem was dere. I was on deep love with her for my love she made physical relation wid me many times but after being graduated i had asked to her dat comeon lets get marry but she said no we have to MBA den we will marry. I got agree upon it. Before going home i have taken her to mall for getting lots of gift for her. After getting lots of gifts she gone home. In home she talk to me very well. We both joined MBA she joined clg in lko only but i have joined amity noida. But one day she switched off her cell she blocked me from fb n watsapp everywhere. After two days she made call and said forget me and I’m engaged with a guy. I have asked wat d hell u have done wid me. I was like my life was over. She said my parents wants me to marry wid a gud guy nd my parents R agree on my all wishes. I asked did u told to ur parents abt me d answer was shocking she said wat d hell u have done for me, y should i tell to my parents abt u.
I don’t know wat to do, my life is became hell, my love was TRUE to her.
Should i move on or wait for her?

-An Indian confession

my reason of happiness gone

hi..i was in a superb relationship with my best friend he used to trust me a lot..we are in same office we spent our whole time with each other..before him i had a so called b.f from facebook with whom i went out for 2 days (first tym i dated someone) ..n my best frn proposed me after our outing with my so called bf.yesterday he asked everythng whtever happnd btwn me n my tht bf..n i told everythng to my bestie,..even no big things happened btwn me n my f.b- bf.but my bestie broke up with me as he never had a gf before me.he said i lied to him i didnt tell him these things..he asked me so many times but for sake of my relationship i used to tell him tht v went there as frns only nthng happnd btwn us like gf bf.however he jus hugged me n slept wd me on same bed but v didnt do anythng wrong.nothng big happnd not even a single bestie got upset tht my fb bf put his hand around my waist on bed whn v wr talking lying on besties said how can i trust a fb guy like this n allow him to do all these thngs but its my past y he is being tht much serious whn m true wd him in future n shud i get my bf back..need solution,,..


21M Nagpur hello everyone i have a friend she is gorgeous but having negative attitude she usually talk sometimes but she is just doing a formality I know that now she has so many boys in her life and she is in relationship with a Gym Instructor Its ok and doesnt matter Now story begins from here When i came to know that She was divorcee and having a girl 3 year old girl when i came to know about reason of Divorce i was totally shocked the reason was she left her husband because she was in relationship with Gym Instructor and after divorce she is secretly married to tht a**hole pervert gym instructor he is now spoiling her life but still as u know all LOVE IS BLIND she still love him .And the biggest shocking thing i came to know that she is 27 years old 12th pass and now she is working as an Escort .I feel initially very bad about divorce but when i came know the reason of divorcé i was confused although when we met we used to enjoy she is nice friend guys please tell should i continue friendship or i leave her .Some of u will abuse me but please suggest me P.S-I m not in love with her and dont have crush we r just only friends

Need help!

Hello everyone!
I am 26 years old girl (single).

I am going to share something personal. I have never been into any relationship. I never kissed anyone. I am a simple girl and shy too. Living a simple lifestyle.
My problem is sometimes I don’t know what happens to me and I can’t stop my urge to watch porn. -_-
There are days when I feel completely okay and then there are times when I just can’t stop my feelings. I watch porn and every time I watch porn videos I masturbate. And after this I always feel guilty and regret and decide not to do this again. but then again after some days I feel like this. 🙁
I just want to know If there is something wrong with me. 🙁
My questions are-
1) Am I the only one feeling like this?
2) Is it okay to masturbate to calm myself down? (I am scared if there is any side effect of this)
3) The last one is..every time I masturbate I feel li’l pain down there inside. and weakness in my legs too. Is it normal?

I am really scared. I try to divert my mind too but there are times when I am just helpless. :'(
Please suggest me what should I do?
Thank you in advance!

I can’t forget u

I really luv u more than the words could ever say..!
I met a guy on fb.. He texted me first.. I replied.. ! (My first mistake) .. We started talking.. We had shared secrets nd laughs , rainy nights nd sunny days..! I was in love..! We loved each other a lot.. ! We were so perfect together.. Until one fine day he wanted to break free.. ! He didn’t give me any explanation .. He just left.. ! And then.. I sat silently in daze for a moment..! Reality sank in nd i began to cry..!! He took away a part of me.. HIM.. ! I’m still confused whether he luvd me or not.. Whether i was just a time pass for him.. Or i had any special place in his heart.. ! He came into my life nd changed it forever…!!! He taught me everything.. About love , life , hope nd the long journey ahead.. ! He had always made me feel special in all that he had done.. Nd in all that he had said.. ! I will always miss him..! Boy.. I still love u with all my heart’s might.. Nd i’ll never forget u..!

Want serious advises

I am in a reltnship wid a guy since 5 yrs we were happy togthr we decided to marry he talked abt dis wid his famly 3 yrs bck bt his mom n sis was totally against me dueto intercaste so there were disputes among us bt ee continued our reltnship famly doesnt know abt it we tok to each other ,. He is not completely settle he needs some more time to bcum financially sound aftdat we hve decide to marry but know since 1 yr his behaviour has chnged he doest give me tym he is olways busy i hve tolked to him so many tyms dat y dont u give me time he says dat he want to concentrate in work to get settle so dat he can marry mee and live independently i hve fought wid him so many tyms to give tym n tok to me but he gives priority to work first and gym he blames me dat i dnt understand him i m imature.. I cry so much i just want u as u were ealrler but he is chnged he doesnt care i m crying or wat he is just busy in his whole world pls suggest mee wat shuld i do bcos i cant live without talking to him n we r in longdistance reltnship advise pls ??




I lmw u read ds page..dts y writing it here…. I left me… said dt u hate still i dnt knw y.. I LUV U .. i committed many mistakes… hurt u many tyms.. bt dt dt ws bcz f immaturity .. u left me alone… blocked me frm everywhere.. do u really think dt if i’ll nt c ur pic dn i’ll frget u ??? m sry.. bt luv doesnt need pix etc.. u live in my heart dear.. & no one cn erase u .. i tried to hate u bcz of how much u insulted me.. said to me.. bt i really cnt..i cnt.. cz i still luv u vry mch.. more dn anything…i still pray fr u… i knw one day u’ll cum to me.. & will say u luv me.. i decided not to marry any1 now.. its nt dt i dnt believe any1 or aything lyk dt… its jst .. dt d ryts i had given u… d luv i feel fr u.. i cnt give it to anybody else evr in my lyf… u knw.. if sum1 wud guarantee me dt i cn spend only one day wd u… n aftr dt i have to die… i wud choose dt fr sure… i upload many pix & status jst to hide my feelings n to show dt m absolutly fyn.. bt deep inside i knw.. m nt.. m totally broken …since last 7 months i cry vry nyt & pray to god to get u back…i dnt knw… whether dese things mattr fr u or nt evn..somtyms i evn think of committing suicide bt dn think.. if i’ll die.. dn how wud i get to marry u … how will i tell u how much i really luv u…while writing ds m still crying…bt evry drop of my tear believes ,,.. u’ll come 1 day defently & u’ll say… “I LUV U MISHTI ” .. till dt day…i’ll wait fr u baby… i really luv u…. miss u lyk hell :'( bt still luv u …