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Love in Friendship


Hey All,
2years back everything was good, i completed my 12th nd joined college, i met 2guys, let them named as X nd Y, we became good friends, slowly i got to know that X has a crush on me, nd Y started to help him to make me his gf, i was a girl who was not interested in relationships, i wanted to make friends, so i did. i made everything clear to X that i am not interested, but his affection soon turns into love, nd he didnt want to step back, even he said he will wait for me nd wants to marry me in future, i always took it in a funny way nd reacted like “chal na yr bakwas mt kr” “main marriage material nhi hoon” “mujhey nhi karni shadi or na relationship chahiye” “we are friends nd usse age meri side se kbhi kuch hoga bhi nahi”. Because of his affection towards me i was not too comfortable nd close to him as i was with Y. He(Y) was always way too better friend, caring, helpful, nd always there for me, he tried his best too to help his friend(X) nd tried to convince me, but i really didnt want to be in a relatnshp, time goes by nd our(mine nd Y’s) relation became even more deeper nd closer. Now, few days back my friend Y told me that he loves me, i didnt know how to react, i am very concerned about him, because he is a very honest person nd he is veryyyy depressed over the fact that he loves a girl whom his best friend(X) loves too. I saw many marks on his hands(tht shows he tried to harm himself) nd he almst cried in front of me, it was a weak moment for both of us nd we kissed. it was the very first time someone touched me that way, it happened all of the sudden. i didnt know how to react but later i text him regarding that moment. he too was guilty. i dont know how to handle this situation. At one side there is X who wants to marry me nd he is very serious about it, for me he is just a friend nd on the other hnd Y whom i am too close, he dont want any relation with me, he just want me with no title along by my side, bcz accrdng to him relatnships are ol abt sex, he thinks i deserve better than him, nd even now he asks me to say yes to X. i dont know what to do. please help.

i love him

i dont know what is going on with my relationship. from past few months i am not able to handle this1.5 year relation. i broke up several time many girls like his pictures and comment i dont like it i fight with him that its doesnt happens on my id then why yours. he says i am very doubtful and has doubts on him. he never told me about his past and when i come to know that his ex gf or someone has liked his pic i get angry and fight with him a lot .
recently i broke up saying we dont have a future a we are from different castes and we aare not happy together. but then he adds unknown girls on his id and used to reply late to my texts. i fe agitated. and recently i just got furious and abused him and just said him to get lost . he just blocked me but i have always been there and helped him always. we are in a long distance relationship i dont know what to do i love him we got physical too. i do love him a lot but should i go back to him or should i move on ?
i have my exams going on i am crying like hell and cannot study i dont know what i should do.
please help me .

teacher crush

I m 19 years old..mai lucknow ke ek clg me padhti hu..2 saal phle school me mere school teacher pe mera crush tha..i used to like him very much..avi kuch din phle wo mujhe fb pe mile..hum roj chats krne lage..baato hi baato mein maine kab unse pyar ho gya pata nahi chala.unko ye bat maine jatane ki kosis ki to pata chala wo v mujhe like karne lage h.unka job kahi dusre
.sehar me ho chuka hai par unka hometown wahi h jaha mai rhti hu.ab hum dono ek dusre ko chahte h.par dar lagta h commitment se qki wo mere se 10 saal bade h.hamari dunia alag h.dar lagta h dunia kya kehegi.mai unse mil v ni skti.mai hamesha unke sath rehna chahti hu par ye impossible h.mujhe dar lagta h k mai unko kho na du.dono hi halat muskil h.mai kya karu plz tel me smjh ni aa raha


M such an introvert that m unable to express myself most of the times, especially negative feelings. I cant express reasons behind my sadness, my love or care for someone, my insecurities, my problems, even to people who are close to me and whom i trust…….it creates a lot of difficulties for me. Actually i dont want to present myself as ‘bechari’. I know dis is wrong. But i just cant help it. Whenever i am in a problem, something keeps killing me from inside since m unable to share it with anyone. Also i lost my love in an accident some years ago, dis made me losing faith in god too. I really need some counseling…
Female, 22 yrs

finding her

Hi all…

Mujhe ek suggetion chahiye specially Girls se
17 june ko mai park me baitha tha akela
i saw a Girl. Vry innocent wo apne chote bhai or behn k sath waha ayi thi ghumne
mere dil ki ghanti bj gai yar usi time
wo kuch 30-40 min wha the tbtk mere mind me bs yehi chl rha tha ki qa mai kbi usko kbi baat bhi kr paunga ?
Pher jb wo jane lge to mai uske piche gya
she notice me that tym
n uske baad se aj 8 sep. Tak daily bs usko ek baar dekhne uski gali me jrur jata hu
usko bi shayd pta lg gya hai ki i am mad 4 her
bt ye smjh ni araha usko btau qaise yar quki kbi bi wo bahar ni milti hai hartym ghr me dikhti hai
qa meri story yehi pe atki rahegi yar



We did our under graduation together. We got into relationship when we were in college. Her parents were in kolkata. She used to stay in hostel for studies. All looked fine because we used to spend the whole day together. I used to drop her to hostel at 6 in evening. 2 years into relationship. I had a emergency situation in my family where i had to take care of our family business which we had leased out after my dad’s death. Now i was taking care of 3 restaurants. I had just taken over the business. I had to understand people , customers ,business. I was 20 then. I had told her that i m taking ovee the business n may not b able to attend some of classes. She infact told she would b supportive. She would call in peak hour business. I would cut the call saying i wil cl back. She used to b angry wen i said that. 2 months down the lane, she was so angry that i wasnt giving time. We used to talk over the phone for hours in night. My business place to her hostel distance was max 30 kms. But even then she mentioned that u r nt giving time. One day u wil loose me. I was now very careful and hired managers for restaurant. Infact started attending classes n giving time. Things looked fine for 2 months. She was happy that now i was giving her time. This was last semester and now everyone was deciding on career. All i thought was about my life. I had introduced my gal to my mom. She was happy too. We had business problem now that one manager had been injured at the night in restaurant and cash of 2 lakh rupees which i had given to him to b kept in locker being stolen. Cctv showed all were being captured. Cops till date dont update. This blow was a big one. I had to run around for police stationand manager in hospital. His family being staying here. Landlord concern in another restaurant. I was suddenly in need everywhere. I told her that. She said u r making up stories. And stopped talking to me. She cut my calls. I tried convincing her. Never succeeded. then trying to reach in college where she said u dont know pain of a gal staying alone in hostel. I tried to explain her. But she never understood. She told were done and parted ways. She never spoke to me after that. Even after million attempts. All i knew was i was blocked in Fb by her. Now my mom decided to sell all restaurants given good price which can stand as gud deposit for my sister marriage. We sold our business. My friend called me and told me ur gf is with some other guy in mall. I assumed it to b her bro and said same to him. But i called his bro and asked where r u.. He said kolkata. I reached her hostel and waited there. She came with one more classmate of ours. I said hi to both. And he left, i asked where had u been. She told me he is my new bf. I have moved on. I called him over the phone, and asked him what was happening. He told dont disturb us. We r in relationship . i cried. I wept. Which had no value for her. Then i started working for one top companies paying me gud salary. After 6 months she called and asked to meet. She told i wanted to meet as friends. I met her. She told me she broke up with him. I dint speak anythimg abt her past. I only ordered food and then dropped her back to her room. While leaving i asked her where is she now ?? She told me i m with friend. I left. She changed her number. Never shared with me. 2 years later. I.e now she called me and says she wants to be friends with me. I never got into relationship after her. Now my career is set, i still love her. I got a call 2 days back saying she wants to b friends with me. She also confessed she was in a living relationship and now infact she is looking for coming back to me. I Still love her. But i m nt able to accept. May b bec now i know she only wants time and cant support in difficult times or may b she has been in living relationship for 2 years and broke up.

Love..Oh really!

Long confession! Isn’t it? Sorry…
Which moment of your life you wish it would never end?
Which is the best time in your life?
Which moment you will love to live again if you get a chance?
Well in my case, i have a single answer for all these questions:
“The moment i had spent with her”
The day was 13 August, 2013. It was a shiny morning of Friday but it was going to be a special day for me. I was going to meet her for the first time after 2 months of relationship (And 7 months of talking!). Yes, we were in a long distance relationship so it couldn’t possible for us to meet every now and then. (I went to her place which is about 600 kms away from mine)
It was a 10 O’clock in the morning. I reached at the place at where we decided to meet and was waiting for her to come. Every second was passing like a year. I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face. Some depressing thoughts were hovering through my mind that she would like me or not…Do I look enough better for her…and too many. The thought of imagining her beautiful face and little nervousness due to this fear were splitting in my mind simultaneously.
And I saw her coming. I could see her beautiful smiling face from a far distance. She was riding on her activa and finally stopped at me. Oh God! How one could be this much beautiful? She was with beautiful smile on her, which some months before made me fall in love with her. She was wearing a pink top which I loved her the most. My eyes were continuously starring her. I was unable to move my eyes off from her pretty face, cute smile and bright-beautiful eyes. She has the most beautiful smile on this universe, I can bet! That’s the reason why I always feared that someone else might fall for her smile like I did. She was looking more attractive as she was blushing. I just wanted to fall for her again and again.
‘sorry nishu, thoda jyada wait karwaya!’ her words broke my starring towards her.
‘Tum ek ghante baad aati to bhi main yahi milta’ I said.
‘Accha!’ And she laughed.
I couldn’t stop myself as she came near me. I held her with my arms. We did a tight hug as I imagined before. It was decided that whenever we would meet for the first time we would hug eachother for a while.
You know, some moments are not easy to describe in words. You just feel them. Live them and store them in one deep corner of heart as eternal memories. And believe me all the time we spent was all about such moments together. She was simple, free minded and soul-mate type girl. She used to share everything with me, so do I. We talked, we cared, we laughed, we cried, we fought, all together. Don’t know why, I felt everything was going to be alright and my life was becoming perfect. You know this was my first relationship and I always feel that I should have someone with me all the time and there she was! When I am with her I feel it is so easy to be happy.
It’s not that we never fought. Like others, We used to fight every now and then and sometimes she used to break up, too but then we usually started talking by the time of hour or two (Yes, that’s what we called ‘break up’ !) Actually the thing was that we couldn’t resist ourselves by talking with each other and I think that was the best thing in our relationship. She used to take care of me like a child. I always felt that it’s ok to be careless because i was having her with me all the time.
Life was going great but I didn’t know that one fight was going to change my life. We started fighting almost every day with no reason. One day, I received a call after a fight saying that she wanted a break up and she needed some time. My heart skipped a beat for a while. Later I agreed with her knowing that it was just going to be a matter of some hours. (That’s my mistake) But I was wrong this time. She got fed up and started ignoring me. From that day everything started changing. It was a day of 27th june of this year. I thought everything would be fine after some time but It didn’t. She got a job and started enjoying with her new colleagues/friends and here she moved on. Someone special turned out to a known stranger unexpectedly. Ok let’s stop…I don’t want to make you feel bored with this sad part.
Guys, I just wanted to tell you that True Love is a hardest thing to find. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have it and those who have, sometimes don’t value it as much as they should. They take it for granted. And we did that too. That’s the reason we fought a lot most of the times over the things that didn’t really matter. We wasted a lot of the time arguing over the things which none of us really care about. We didn’t know that we have limited time with each other. Otherwise we would have said sorry and resolved our issues much more quickly than we used to. We would have spent more quality time together, would have created more beautiful memories. If we would have valued time, we would have enjoyed every small thing much more than we did but we chose to do otherwise, like many other couples in this world. And one day they regret it like I am regretting it now.
Its funny how we thank everyone in this world for every small favor that they do for us but we never thank our partner for all that they do. I just wanted to thanks her. Thanks for coming in my life. Thanks for making me special, Thanks for taking care of me like a child and lastly Thanks for loving me.
Isn’t It funny that how we don’t realize the value of Love unless it’s gone? Today I have so many things to tell but it’s now worthless because i don’t have her. Sometimes I scroll through contact list and just stop at her name but silently put the phone away knowing that I lose a right over her. Still I wonder if somewhere far away, she does the same? 🙂

loneliness n all

22 m delhi
I don’t know why but sometimes I really feel alone. There are moments when I have a lot to talk but no one to talk to & it kinds of make me feel a bit low. 🙁 I had a girl in my lyf; c was not my gf..we were friends but I loved her and c didn’t feel that way for me..gradually dis disturbed our friendship and now we r not even in touch. On d last day jb hmari baat hui c said 1 thing to me on WhatsApp dat “u don’t exist for me.” This was d gal for whom I had always been thr, helping her,caring for her. That day I was really hurt n I never msgd or called her after dat. That day I also realised one thing, no matter how much u love smone, no matter how much u care for them, people just don’t understand,they don’t even care. It’s a selfish world…my experiences with friendship hv been no different. But now I hv matured alot ,learnt a lot , I expect nothing from ppl but even after cmng to terms with d reality, I do feel lonely…afterall m a human..

my luv

female 19
so here is my confession its been 3 months ago ma bf broke up wid me year ago..he proposed me .we r in the same clg.. jab usne propose kiya tha i said yes ..main short tempered hoon is wajah se hmari ladaiyan bahut hoti thi..nd he was very caring ,very luving.main jb bhi usse ladti thi kabi offend nai karta tha kabi kch nai kehta tha mujhe aur dheere uski ini sb adaton se mujhe bhi usse bhut par ho gaya..lekin shayad it was too late; he broke up by saying ki maine uske pyar ka mazak banaya .uske pyar ki kadar nai ki. han mujhe pata hai ki maine bahut sari galtiya ki h shayad use utna pyar nai diya lekin maine kabi uske pyar ka mazak nai banaya ..3 mahine se jab se breakup hua h main har din tadpi hoon ,har din royi hoon use ehsas dilane ke liye ki main usse kitna pyar karti hoon uske liye kch bi kar sakti hoon har saza bhugat sakti hoon use wapas pane ke liye chahe kitna bi intezar karna pade lekin 2 din pehle i come to know ki he is in a relatnshp wid her ex…i am shattered,tut gayi hoon main ..une us ladki ko 3 mahine me maaf kar diya jisne use ditch kiya tha kbi..cheat ki ya tha use..han maine use hurt kiya hai bahut bar lekin kabi use dhoke dene ke bare me socha tak nai maine sirf usse hi pyar kiya.. lekin mere ansu mere emotions aj kch bi maine nai rakhte uske liye..kya meri galti us ladki ki galti se zyada badi thi.main 3 mahine se is feeling me jee rai hoon ro rai hoon ki maine use hurt kiya h ,wo akela h muhe uska sath dena chahiye lekin main galat thi ..itni jaldi usne kisi aur ka hath tham liya ..hamesha kehta tha ki agar tm meri lyf me nai rahogi to koi aur bi nai rehega aur ab ye sab.wo sare moments wo sari yadein sare promises itni jaldi bhul gaya wo..dont know what to do.main nai reh sakti uske bina.bahut pyar karti hoon main usse