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Indian Wife Confession

I apologize, this is a long confession, but there are lots of things to get

I love you, I really do. You do so many wonderful things for me and you can
be so thoughtful and sweet. I love how well you get along with my family,
and how good you are with my nephew. You and I have so much fun together;
sometimes you make me laugh harder than anybody. I love that you think I’m
beautiful and sexy and how affectionate you are. I love that you help
strangers and are so kind to children and the elderly.

But I don’t understand why things have to be so difficult. I understand
that your ex-wife did a number on you, and that you have a hard time
trusting. And after feeling like I was living with my parole officer for
the first year of our relationship, you are getting better about that. You
no longer treat me as guilty until proven innocent. But you still have
issues with what I can only guess is insecurity. I’ve done everything I can
think of to prove to you that you can trust me, and yet you still don’t.
You complain that I don’t give you access to my email and bank account, even
though you’ve given me the passwords to yours. Well you know what? I
didn’t WANT that access, and I don’t want you to have access to mine. Never
once have I logged on to your email account and read your emails. Never
once have I checked your bank balance. If there’s something in there that
you don’t want me to see, I don’t care. Because I TRUST YOU. If an
ex-boyfriend emailed me out of the blue and you found it, you would flip
out. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t initiate of invite it. I would have
to explain it to you, and I shouldn’t have to-you should trust me.

Along the same lines, you get so upset whenever I want to do something that
doesn’t involve you. When I want to watch a movie without you, you complain
I’m choosing it over you. Get a GRIP!! Sometimes I’m going to want to do
things by myself-I’m not giving up everything in my life that you don’t like
or want to do. It’s completely unfair to even ask that-and I DO NOT ask or
expect that from you. I don’t care if you go play golf or go hunting or
even just go out and eat wings with your buddies. I don’t need you to be
with me all the time, or to do everything with you, and I don’t feel at all
threatened by your desire to do things without me. Sometimes I’m just happy
you’re gone so I can do whatever I want!!

And everything always has to be the way that YOU want it to be or think it
should be. If you don’t like/agree with/understand it, it’s ridiculous.
And you tell me I shouldn’t feel bad when you disagree with me, that I
should be able to stand up for my opinions and desires-well, I get TIRED of
fighting for everything I want or like. Some things I just shouldn’t have
to defend! You call me lazy for wanting to sit and watch movies for a day
simply because you can’t stand to sit still. You’d rather drag me with you
while you go to Home Depot or go fishing so you don’t feel like you’ve
“wasted the day”. Well, maybe you should consider that I feel like my day
is “wasted” if I haven’t done the things that I wanted to do. And sometimes
I just want to RELAX! I’m the only one who ever does anything around our
house, and I get tired of it. And I LOVE to read-just because you don’t do
it doesn’t mean that it’s pointless and I shouldn’t do it.

I know it bothers you, but I’m going to join a band. Singing is what I was
built for, it’s what I love, and it’s getting to the point where I don’t
even care how you feel about it. I did without it for so long because you
didn’t want me to do it. You’re afraid it’s going to take up all my time,
and I think deep down you don’t want guys watching me and hitting on me, and
you’re afraid I’ll meet someone else and leave you. But the bottom line
is, music is important to me, almost more important than anything, and I
feel you need to just accept that and be supportive and enthusiastic. NOT
put me down for even wanting it and then listing all the reasons I shouldn’t
do it. I would NEVER do that to you. Again, you need to TRUST me-give me
the chance to screw up, at least, before you beat me up about it.

And don’t even get me started on the sex issue. You’ve been so much better
about that, but any time we go more than three days without you (yes, you,
not US) getting some action, you flip out about it all over again. So
here’s the deal: YES, I wanted sex more often in the beginning of our
relationship, but that’s because you were Prince Charming then. NO, I don’t
want to have sex every day-I might if I wasn’t so tired from fighting with
you and cleaning up after you. YES, you need to get me in the mood, and NO,
starting to jerk off while I’m in the bathroom getting ready for bed does
not count. YES, the sex is great, but frankly, you’re just too rough
sometimes. It seems like you need that to finish, but it makes me feel like
you don’t care if it hurts me or not-as if I’m just an object you’re using
and your pleasure is ultimately what matters. And then you want me to want
to have sex later that same day or the next day? You’ve got to be kidding.
And I don’t think it’s fair that if I’m not going to have sex with you, you
feel entitled to a blow job or a hand job. Every. Single. Day. You are
very generous to me in bed-you love to please me, and I know that, but I
feel like you don’t listen.

It’s a running theme with you, I think. We’ve talked about all of these
things, but they are still problems. You do realize them, I think, and you
say you’re going to try to be better (and you have, in so many ways). I
really hope you do, because if things don’t improve, I will leave you. I
spent too long learning who I am and how to love myself to let you slowly
wear me down and erode me. I love you dear, but your issues could kill this
relationship. I’m so torn, because I really do love you, but the thought of
marrying you and spending the rest of my life this way absolutely terrifies

-An Indian wife confession

Confession of an indian women

I’m a 17 year old girl. When I was in mid of my 10th class I started falling for a guy. He lives nearby my house. I started founding me so attractive. Then one day I sent him friend request. After 2 days he accepted and his 3rd message to me was he loves me. I was very young and for me all that was just like a fairy tale. After some days I accepted his love for me. Initially I thought that he must had so many girlfriends because he was so good looking and I was an average looking girl that time. Then he started playing his tricks and started making me realize that he is a good guy and he trapped me. I became blind for him. Then one day we kissed. For me that was first time. After some time my parents got informed of my relationship so I broke up and slowly I realized his true face. I was right, he wasn’t a good guy. After 2 years of this I don’t know what happened to me I again started falling for him. He tried several times to talk to me after our breakup but I ignored. Then one day I was missing him so much so I sent him friend request again . we talked and he said he missed me so much. Now at this time I know I deserve someone better than him but I don’t know why I just cant leave him. I’m dating him again. He is using me for his physical pleasures. I want to get out of all this mess. I don’t know what to do. I think I don’t like him but I got so much close to him physically that leaving him now will make me characterless. I’m so tensed. I wanna get out of this but not getting anyway.

Love never dies

“I miss my Girlfriend alot. we spent years together in school.
But today she in no more in this world.
She died 7 months ago in an accident while returning from her friend’s home.
From that day I’ve never been able to even think about any other girl.
I spend all my time crying, in her memories. I am not able to concentrate on my studies.
My life has become HELL.
Don&t know what to do with my life. Just feel like there’s nothing left in this world to live for, but then, thw thought of my family stops me from doing anything that would give them the pain i’m suffering from. They don’t know anything about this.
I never believed in love, until the day i frst saw her. The day i frst spoke to her, i decided to live rest of my life with her. The day i proposed her, and she agreed, was indeed the best day of my life. I felt like…like…aisa laga jaise mujhe jannat mil gayi ho.
She gave me butterflies in my stomach. I just couldn’t stop smiling whenever i heard her name or saw her. I just loved to see and just see her when she used to speak. She taught me, what true love actually was. I just dreamt about our future lives..our wedding…about our kids..the way we lived with each other through our old age until our death. Yes! She was my first love and indeed, my first girlfriend. I just can’t even imagine my life with any other girl. I rarely go out or talk to anyone since that miserable day of my life. I have my parents worried about me, my life and curious about my behaviour.
I can fool the world with my fake smile but not them. Everytime they ask me-about the matter, i just change the topic. I don’t have any explanation for that.

She died, I cried
World takes my smile as the sign of my happy goin life, but i know. Inside i am dieing

It ws my mistake, she died just because of me. She called me up askin me to pick her up. But my lazy ass…i ws sleeping, so just asked her to take a cab. Now, i regret my life.

I have money, but now I realized why people say money cannot buy happiness.

Our memories of our time spent together makes me smile and her loss makes me cry at the same time.

I just pray to God, that just once, if i could get her back again, i’d never ever let her go.
I just pray to God, that i’d die in her place, but i wan’t her alive back again, just to hug her tight and never leave, i just wan’t to see her smile, i just wan’t to kiss her once again.
I still daydream about her coming back to life and us living like before. once again. Just once. I’d never leave her, i’d never let her even walk 100 metres without me.

Whenever my friend ask me to forget her and move on-but I with tears in my eyes, just smile walk away.
While writing this, i had her in my mind. I can go on for days and even months talking about her and her qualities.
Every night i go to bed crying and wake up crying since last 7 months.
This post is not to gain sympathy but to tell everyone that either to care for the one you love so much that they never leave you or never love anyone soo much that their loss makes you hard to survive.

May your soul rest in peace yashika.
I love you very much and my love for u, will keep on increasing, until i die.”


Emotional Dude

I was in a project and my location was on the second floor of Deccan Park. One day I saw her sitting at the bench and since that day I have seen her every night in my dreams. She was a fresher and her beauty was as fresh as the morning roses in the Mughal Gardens. However, blame it on my shy nature, I could never take a step forward. I followed her every where I could, to the canteen, to the bench, in the TCS lawn every where. She also followed me- in my dreams. A couple of time we made eye contacts and who knows if I had the guts to approach her, things might have been different.

Soon I left the IT industry without even knowing her name. A couple of days later and after a lot of net searching, I saw her profile on Facebook and sent her a friend request. However, she did not accept.


It has been close to three years that I left TCS( exact date was 24th August, 2012) and moved to government sector. However, I still see her with my eyes closed and when I open my eyes, I see her every where and in every body. As per the latest information, she has gone to a foreign country for her higher studies. All I can do is wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

Invisible Tears

It had been days and months i know him.. But at first i never tried to speak with him nor i never tried to know about him. But fate will never leave you with choice of yours completely. Suddenly my life take a very big up. I don’t know.. That day i will definitely know that up will lead you to down.
It started with a simple message one day. I never thought that…replying to that will change the course of my life. I just replied and unknowingly we got closer to each other.when you are happy everything runs so fast!!! Its seems. Time flew past us so fast that,each and every day we moved so many steps together. We used to love, fight, kiss, hug, argue, sad sometimes ,happy sometimes,Romantic a lot. Even now this are making me blush all the way when i am writing this.
But never did i thought that,ups will be over and you will eventually fall down. But the day came!!! When step by step of my life started moving back ward..exactly the same steps.. I never missed walking back. And all i had left with is loneliness again.
But this time tears didn’t ran down my cheeks.They just started falling from my heart and covering up my soul so bad that i am drenched in those tears and started moving down. And the feelings which are mixed up in my tears started killing me like that they are avenging me because all i did was being so sensitive and making up grow them more and more.
But something is different with these kind of tears and the one who created this.
I learned from you is a beautiful fake laugh that hides the pain killing inside. Yes,really with the laugh on my face learn from you and the invisible tears caused by you which are covering up my soul ,i am improving the strongest personality ever i had and i am becoming a strong women as you titled me.
What the strange part is,even in this deepest sorrow we and you are the things all i can think of!……


fear of failing

I live in a very mall town of west Bengal with very conservative type family but my world is far more different from them all…m 18..and i have a dream like every students to get admission in a nit college but due to some reasons i failed in maths in 12th…for that i didn’t get admission in any govt college and my parents are not capable of getting me to an pvt college so they asked me to take a drop…i was not prepared for this…when i see every 1 in good colleges i feel ashamed of myself and feel like dying because 1 yr is not a short time…still 4 months r remaining and i haven’t even started my preparations for next year…i daily make myself determined to start preparing and i do as just for 2 or e days after that again i feel the fear of failing again…what will happen if i didn’t get this time too?…what will happen if my rank is not good enough? This fear of failing is killing me from inside….

afraid of failure

i don’t know what to do…my parents r getting fed of me…m the only support for them in future if i didn’t get a good college how will i survive…i didn’t know how to start my preparation for exam..and don’t know how much effort i have to put to get a good govt college…..this fear of failing i keeping me back…i tried a lot to get rid of this…but the saying r just for virtual world…in real world u cant get rid of what u have experienced once…everybody says that study hard and u will get a govt college ..and m trying to…but every night i remember my failure in 12th i got that fear again and start worrying about the results….this thing is killing me…i didn’t have a luxurious dream..just a normal life with normal needs….once i had so many friends but after this all my friends r in college but me still stuck here…they started ignoring me now i feel like all alone…i didn’t have a girl friend because i didn’t believe in love… there is no one to say or share my feelings to that why m taking this means to share it to all of u! Thanks for the admin of this page…and thank you all! That’s it…

-An Indian Confession

What to do?

Female 21
I m in a relationship fr d last 6 years… my bf loves me a lot… bt nw i dont feel anythng fr him….mai b use pyar krti ti bt pta nhi kyu ab mai kuch feel nhi krti uske lye….usko mere ek frnd se bht jda probs ti or is wjh se humre reltion mai bht sari probs ayi…or hum bht ladte the…usne mjhe bht torture kra tha…physcly b mujhe hurt kra tha…jb mai use chodne ko bolti ti to wo mjhe chodne nhi deta tha use lgta tha ki mjhe mera frnd pasnd h islye mai use chod rhi hu… dhire dhire us frnd se maine bat krna bnd kr dya or fir humre bich sab normal hone lga…fir mera ek or new frnd bna or mere bf ko use b prob hone lgi h….ab mai mere frnd k lye shyd feel krne lgi hu mjhe use bat krna uske sth time spnd krna acha lgta h…use bat nhi hoti to kuch b acha nhi lgta h…mjhe nhi pta ye sab kya h…or kyu ho rha h…haan mai mere bf se brkup krna chahti hu bt usko hurt nhi krna chti i knw wo nhi reh pyga mere bina…bt mai uske sath b nhi reh skti ab….plz tell me ki mai kya kru mjhe kuch samjh nhi arha h…plz help me

-An Indian confession

I wanna wait

Today my gf and me we had last talk..i don’t want it to end but i donno if i hurt her bad or she outgrew me…this break up process has been happening since 15 days nearly…ii was a egoistic handsome prick who used to have fun and said no to serious relationships…i donno how i fell for her…she isnt a beauty or hot bomb…but when i look into her eyes….oh god she levels me down…my ego my pride all go away……when she used to sleep on my chest…i lose myself....all my dreams and goals were built with her in picture in my all i do is hopes, dreams, aims, reasons to fight and struggle, everything are invisible now.i love teasing her..i love when she cuddles up to me….she was everything….i never dreamt of having kids with anyone except with her…i cleared my engineering for her…i got a job…now i feel blank…i wannna wait… if she comes back or not…..i iggnored her bcz she was talking to her ex then she started feeling sad and wanted to break up….i trust her..but not him….i donno how my life is spinning… will take a lot of time for me to move on….she says she wants space…i wanna give her that but i m impatient when it comes to her….i donno wat i m typing my fingers are shivering….i want to wait..
i dont want to move on.she was my bunny now she tallks harsh she doesn’t laugh to my jokes …i love u baby.

-An Indian confession

Should we help unknowns?

Aj mene nd mere frd ne beer pine ka plan banaya and tekke pe gaye, wai pass mae bait ke pee he rahe the ki ek aurat aiya most probably hamari mom li umar ki akee pas mae baitke peete hue laet gayi side mae. At first we thought ki yaha sae kat lete hae bt my fuking heart said no, she might get into some problems and delhi mae rape cases ki kami nai hai, tho i went to her asked her address and unhone bola ki she lives in xyz place. People around us were drunk and most of them looked like they would rape her if they get a chance so I asked her if I could drop her somewhere and after rejecting for some time i told her I will call police as i can’t leave her there, then she agreed to come with me, took my friends bike took her to the said spot and she was like not here some jmps ahead, took her there and she said kiss me, I constantly said no then she was kind of going to make scene so I kissed her forehead, then she asked me to suck her boobs to which I replied after we reach your place, took her somewhere as she guided and she got off, there was a couple standing there asked them about her and they were like she is a prostitute and when she heard that went on her way, worst experience, now thinking should I help other like this in future cuz most tend to be a headache??
Sorry for long confession and forgive if there are any grammatical errors, I am from kerala and don’t know much hindi.

-An Indian Confession

My first love…!

We usually do came across confessions that always do end’s up in question marks,looking out for a better answer..
But on my part,it was a memorable experience,being the happiest phase of my life & before we had our ways,we convinced our selves with the better answers…
It was a long distance relationship which begins it’s wonderful journey,months ago in April.
The day we started having our talks,we were like too much compatible & passionate for each other..
Day by day,we are having our glitters & finally a blissful day came in to our life when we do fell for each other..
To cope up with the distance,we used to greet each other with many surprises for every day..
we do greet each other with collages,love letters,art works,tattoos,sketches,videos which do scripted our lives..
I am a Punjabi & she was a Brahmin pursuing linguistics..
I used to write love letters for her in portugese & she do writes me in Punjabi..
we used to make each other feel special anyhow..
But every relationship do went through a bad phase too,after months a period came when she stopped talking to me for a week,i used to write her all the time but she hardly do respond back..& what happens next was pretty bad,i loose my patience,temper as i was too much possessive for her & did something that do left her hurt..
With in a day,i realize my mistake when tears make a way through,that time i felt of myself as the one who needs all the sympathy not from the entire universe but only & only from her…
She didn’t responded back..
This wasn’t enough,i complicated the situation even more,i left a message for her mom that i do love her daughter too much & can’t imagine the rest of my life with out her…
Very next day,she burst on me with her words which i thoroughly deserve,i didn’t make anything to happen to hurt her but i was over possessive for her which cost me badly..
while we were having our talks i asked her “Why she stopped talking to me before i commit this mistake”?..
She answered “That time my parents started looking for a groom for me of our own caste & i wasn’t able to have that enough to do tell you about this,so i take mush time but before i do say anything,you left me stunned with your irresponsible actions..
But even after all the things,she do say “Don’t worry,i still do trust you & wants you to do something for our future together,but do remember one thing,while doing anything you need to take care of my happiness & respect of my parents”…
I had a word with my mom & asked my mom to do visit her parents to have a word regarding our future..
My mom had a word with her mom but her mom clearly states one thing “That they are looking out for a groom of their own caste for their loving daughter & they aren’t going to accept me as their son in law anyhow…
Days passed by,many things happened,we both started accepting the truth,i started pretending & do avoid her so that things won’t be too much complicated for her & she could forget me one day but while doing so she was well aware of my actions & do say “Kamine,nautanki band kar,achi tarah janti hun tu aj bhi mujhi se pyar karta hain aur meri bhalai ke liye ye sab kuch kar raha hain”..i was with out my words..
Finally the worst day of our life do came when she let me know that her parents fixed her engagement with a guy on 3 aug,we both were in tears that day…
she got engaged & than after we start getting more practical &accept the truth being more wise & all these actions do help her to get committed to guy with whom she has to spend the rest of her life happily..
At last,on 29 aug,she let me know “Stupid,do u believe if i am going to say that i am finally in love with the guy of my parent’s choice?..i was left with only one thing that i had to be happy because she is happy,i had to smile because after a long time she finally had her smile…
they are getting married in Dec & 40 days ago i got her wedding invitation with a tagline inside it “Sardar agar meri shadi par na aya to ghar par hi tujhe bhnagra karva dungi,mar dungi tujeh agar na aya to“..
That stupid wants me to do attend every single function of her wedding,it will be tough but on her auspicious day of wedding,i will have my bhangra like that she isn’t going to put off her smile even for a single moment & make her realize that i am too much happy for her…
I talked to her guy twice,he is a real men,she will be the most happiest girl in this universe by being with him..
But i will surely keep the memories till the last,will do miss our words “Jaan,sardar,babu,guglu,coconut,cocoa,cindrella,sardarni..
she always used to insist me to come out at the earliest & do meet her & do say “Jis din tu mujhse milne ayega na,ham dono ek dusre ki handy pakad ke poora din gappe marange”…
Stupid,idiot,you will always be in my heart,have a good life ahead & be ready to get surprised on your auspicious day of wedding…
At last one thing,if we never do have a happy ending then that doesn’t mean we have to make the things harsh,it’s better to keep the memories in your heart till your last breath..
I will surely miss u guglu..