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Another love Story

Hi…frnds…yr I luved a guy alot frm past 8 2012 i dared and told him abt my feelings…after dat we spent 6 beautiful months with each other day my parents came 2 knw abt our relation and he just broked up d relation ..i tried alot 2 convience him but he rejects..he says dat he always treated me as a gud frnd but i knw no one says LUV U to any gud frnd….he is not afraid of my family..even not hv any other crush…i knw he luvs me..but he nvr tells whts in his mind..guys i need him yr…wht shud i do..:(


shri balaji society,pune
Not new to pune but to the area dange chowk where the college is.
I express my heartiest gratitude to the student of your college from whom
i was helped by ,in IBPS-PO exam to reach the
examination hall.I reached the centre before the twenty minutes exam starts.
I was looking for seating arrangement but couldnt find ,as the sheet has to be removed
before half an hour exam could start.I was running here and there in the campus to search
the seating arrangement.I told this to a group of boys who were dressed in formals were
looking as exam coordinators.
Among them there was one of the guy who helped me in reaching the building,to board lift till fourth floor
and requesting authorities to allow me to give IBPS exam.
I dont remember whom i was helped by Someone beyond limits.
I am grateful and thankful to that guy.Nice college and Nice students.

why not a girl child?

28-male -Mumbai

If u can read then only read otherwise i don’t force u ………
This is my story … I m the 4th children of my parents i have 3 sisters
Before my birth my father was disappointed bcoz of 3girls my father literally ignored my sisters, on a name ceremony of my 3 rd sister my dad literally went to work and came on another day . i lost my father on 1st April 2000 after my fathers death my elder sister left her education bcoz i was only 10 years old. she earn for our family then when i turn 12-13 my 2nd elder sister left her education and start earning and when i turn 15 my 3rd sister start earning , all of them didn’t force me to do the same they always support me …..
Now i m 28 well educated , working in well known organisation but seriously till date my sisters always call me and ask me about myself or even help me in my needs …..maybe god sent some angels in my life ( i felt so)
When i was born a 1st person i had seen was my mom
When i was born the one most happy person was my grandma
When i need moral support my aunt (maasi) was always there
When i was facing financial need my aunt ( bua) support me she passed away last year but i realised i was the nominee of her all the bank accounts and deposits
When i was struggling with communication and writing skills my aunt ( kaki, chachi) was there ( i admire her in my whole life)
When i was in school a teacher who built me was ( manjerakar mam , anita mam , neeta mam, prema mam)
When i was running out of money my aunt ( mami) helped me
And top of that my sisters always there with me they had done a tremendous job in my life

Now tell me why people don’t want a girl child ? Or why a girl child is strictly prohibited in our society ?
It hurts me a lot when someone don’t respect a girl

I have two daughters ( my nieces) and i m proud of them
I whish” i muze pahali beti hi ho so mai unke laad kar saku”

Pls respect a women , bcoz “hum ladke kabhi maa baap ka naam roshan nahi karte wo ladkiya hi hoti hai jo maa baap ko sambhalti hai “

Fed up

i am 23f and recently got husband is 27 n we are happy together everything was good for someday’s den after i don’t understand why people can’t mind their own lives ,m kind of modern girl but still i respect my traditions and my mother-in-law will always create some nonsense m fed up with her typical indian telivision drama’s..slowly my husband started fighting with me by listening to her,and started shouting at me for lil things.i told my husband many times about this but as usual men are men he don’t trust me even no1 around me will trust me coz of her acting..i dont have any intension to break their relationship coz m basically from a joint family i know the value of people ,even i dont want to leave my husband coz he’s good n he loves me i cant punish him for others mistakes.m really fed up with this daily drama..literally m hating my life n my career is ruining away m not able to concentrate on anything ..m totally messed up with these stuff.. this is my sob story 🙁 can any1 suggest me what to do?


Mien 1 larki ko bhut chahta hun.. Mien use hr roj milta bhi hun.. Pr kbhi bat nhi ki.. Vo mujhe dekhti hai mien use dekhta hun.. Pta ni uske dil mien kya hoga kya ni.. But jaise vo mujhe dekhti hai positive signs jaisa feel hota hai..
Fir miene uske bare mien info li or uska name colg sb pta krvaya fb pe dhunda .. Jb bat ki to kehti hai ki i dnt talk to strangers .. Fir roj rat ko jhan hm 1 dusre ko dekhte hai kya vo kafi ni strangness dur krne ke liye .. Ab bat ni krti fb pe vese milti rehti hai dekhti bhi hai.. Ab mujhe yeh btao.. mujhe uske pas ja ke saf saf bat krni chaiye ja nai..


Hi friends.. I am a marine engineer and I want to confess somthing that will not take ur much time to read but I am disclosing that I m a mariner as the girl whom I love is also on this page and she too can read the confession.
I signed off from my ship few months before and started talking to one of the girl. We were in good touch nd used to talk a lot. After few days I was in lov wid her.. I was fallen for her. I proposed her but as she is still studying so she rejected.. but still we were in good touch like before.. I knew one day she vl definitely accept me.. she accepted my proposal nd but I don’t no what happened she said I need to think I need time. But after that she treated like we dunno each other. Now I m fed up from my life nd thinking to kill myself..I don’t no what to do what not to bt to b frank I can’t sleep properly. Always use to think of her but she is fuck bothered about me.. I m just loosing my mind nd can’t understand what to do.. may b till the time she reads my post I vl b no more. nd yup ppl will think what a mad guy he is but yes I m mad for that girl. Some will say what rubbish as I m saying I vl die. But that vl happen coz I am unable to control my mind nd emotions. Thanks for reading

Love..Oh really!

Long confession! Isn’t it? Sorry…
Which moment of your life you wish it would never end?
Which is the best time in your life?
Which moment you will love to live again if you get a chance?
Well in my case, i have a single answer for all these questions:
“The moment i had spent with her”
The day was 13 August, 2013. It was a shiny morning of Friday but it was going to be a special day for me. I was going to meet her for the first time after 2 months of relationship (And 7 months of talking!). Yes, we were in a long distance relationship so it couldn’t possible for us to meet every now and then. (I went to her place which is about 600 kms away from mine)
It was a 10 O’clock in the morning. I reached at the place at where we decided to meet and was waiting for her to come. Every second was passing like a year. I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face. Some depressing thoughts were hovering through my mind that she would like me or not…Do I look enough better for her…and too many. The thought of imagining her beautiful face and little nervousness due to this fear were splitting in my mind simultaneously.
And I saw her coming. I could see her beautiful smiling face from a far distance. She was riding on her activa and finally stopped at me. Oh God! How one could be this much beautiful? She was with beautiful smile on her, which some months before made me fall in love with her. She was wearing a pink top which I loved her the most. My eyes were continuously starring her. I was unable to move my eyes off from her pretty face, cute smile and bright-beautiful eyes. She has the most beautiful smile on this universe, I can bet! That’s the reason why I always feared that someone else might fall for her smile like I did. She was looking more attractive as she was blushing. I just wanted to fall for her again and again.
‘sorry nishu, thoda jyada wait karwaya!’ her words broke my starring towards her.
‘Tum ek ghante baad aati to bhi main yahi milta’ I said.
‘Accha!’ And she laughed.
I couldn’t stop myself as she came near me. I held her with my arms. We did a tight hug as I imagined before. It was decided that whenever we would meet for the first time we would hug eachother for a while.
You know, some moments are not easy to describe in words. You just feel them. Live them and store them in one deep corner of heart as eternal memories. And believe me all the time we spent was all about such moments together. She was simple, free minded and soul-mate type girl. She used to share everything with me, so do I. We talked, we cared, we laughed, we cried, we fought, all together. Don’t know why, I felt everything was going to be alright and my life was becoming perfect. You know this was my first relationship and I always feel that I should have someone with me all the time and there she was! When I am with her I feel it is so easy to be happy.
It’s not that we never fought. Like others, We used to fight every now and then and sometimes she used to break up, too but then we usually started talking by the time of hour or two (Yes, that’s what we called ‘break up’ !) Actually the thing was that we couldn’t resist ourselves by talking with each other and I think that was the best thing in our relationship. She used to take care of me like a child. I always felt that it’s ok to be careless because i was having her with me all the time.
Life was going great but I didn’t know that one fight was going to change my life. We started fighting almost every day with no reason. One day, I received a call after a fight saying that she wanted a break up and she needed some time. My heart skipped a beat for a while. Later I agreed with her knowing that it was just going to be a matter of some hours. (That’s my mistake) But I was wrong this time. She got fed up and started ignoring me. From that day everything started changing. It was a day of 27th june of this year. I thought everything would be fine after some time but It didn’t. She got a job and started enjoying with her new colleagues/friends and here she moved on. Someone special turned out to a known stranger unexpectedly. Ok let’s stop…I don’t want to make you feel bored with this sad part.
Guys, I just wanted to tell you that True Love is a hardest thing to find. Not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have it and those who have, sometimes don’t value it as much as they should. They take it for granted. And we did that too. That’s the reason we fought a lot most of the times over the things that didn’t really matter. We wasted a lot of the time arguing over the things which none of us really care about. We didn’t know that we have limited time with each other. Otherwise we would have said sorry and resolved our issues much more quickly than we used to. We would have spent more quality time together, would have created more beautiful memories. If we would have valued time, we would have enjoyed every small thing much more than we did but we chose to do otherwise, like many other couples in this world. And one day they regret it like I am regretting it now.
Its funny how we thank everyone in this world for every small favor that they do for us but we never thank our partner for all that they do. I just wanted to thanks her. Thanks for coming in my life. Thanks for making me special, Thanks for taking care of me like a child and lastly Thanks for loving me.
Isn’t It funny that how we don’t realize the value of Love unless it’s gone? Today I have so many things to tell but it’s now worthless because i don’t have her. Sometimes I scroll through contact list and just stop at her name but silently put the phone away knowing that I lose a right over her. Still I wonder if somewhere far away, she does the same? 🙂


22 M New Delhi
I don’t know why but sometimes I really feel alone. There are moments when I have a lot to talk but no one to talk to & it kinds of make me feel a bit low. 🙁 I had a girl in my lyf; c was not my gf..we were friends but I loved her and c didn’t feel that way for me..gradually dis disturbed our friendship and now we r not even in touch. On d last day jb hmari baat hui c said 1 thing to me on WhatsApp dat “u don’t exist for me.” This was d gal for whom I had always been thr, helping her,caring for her. That day I was really hurt n I never msgd or called her after dat. That day I also realised one thing, no matter how much u love smone, no matter how much u care for them, people just don’t understand,they don’t even care. It’s a selfish world…my experiences with friendship hv been no different. But now I hv matured alot ,learnt a lot , I expect nothing from ppl but even after cmng to terms with d reality, I do feel lonely…afterall m a human..

girlfriend convinces her boyfriend to kill himself

A 18 year old girl who encouraged her boyfriend to take his own life has been charged by police.

Michelle Carter is now accused of involuntary manslaughter, and on Monday, appeared in court in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Hundred’s of texts between her and her boyfriend Conrad Roy were spread out, and in them, she is actively convincing him that suicide is the only option.



In one of the most inhumane texts, she says: ‘You said you were gonna do it. I don’t get like why you aren’t’.

Michelle Carter was on the phone to Roy while he died, and reportedly told a friend to listen to his cries of pain.






Her defence team point to the fact that this was not the first time Roy had tried to commit suicide, and that he had a history of depression.

Since the texts were made public, the hashtag #JusticeForConrad has gone viral, with plenty of people taking to Twitter to express their horror and disgust at the messages.


wanna save a life.

M24 gwalior (M.P)
hi friends i am the same confessor of confession no. 529

this time it is not about luv so plz read it and give valuable suggestions as soon as possible …

मैं अपने एक पार्टनर के साथ एक digital coaching classes चलता हूँ ।
वह पर दो twins sisters भी आती है जो की below poverty line family से belong करती है तो दोनों में से बस एक की fee charge करी है

मैंने जैसा last confession में बताया मैं 7 दिन हॉस्पिटल में था और करीं 15 से 20 दिन से institute नहीं जा रहा था …..आज जब मैं अपने business partner सर मिला तो उसने बताया की उन twins में से एक को सेट कर लिया है पैसा एंड all चीजो को रॉब dhika के ….. और वो उसको 5 septmbr को उसके साथ सब कुछ (सेक्स) करने के लिए ready कर लिया है और लड़की भी राजी है और मुझे भी बोला की जब तक 8 hour me uske sath rahuga tab tak tu uski class lena or ho jaye to tu bhi set kr lena ….. tera bhi kam.ho jayega ….me sun ke shock tha kuch bol bhi nahi paya ….mera dimag kam nahi kar raha h ghin aa rahi aisa sochte huye bhi ….

1st thing wo nechari bacchiyan h only of 15 or 14 yrs ..pita ji hai nahi to maa galat lipt hai aisa mere partner ne bataya …or unko bade bade sapme dhika diye h usne ..mera partner shaadi suda hai n expecting a baby in nov fir v aisa kyu krna cah raha h mene kabhi apne partner ki wife ko dekha tak nahi to us se contact kr nhi sakta or partner k maa baap eklota ladka hone k karan kisi ki nahi sunte even wo bolta h ki wife hone k bad bhi meri maa ne mujhe permit kr rkha h bhar muh marne n gf banane n all k liye

…..kyuki hum dono partner hai dono ne institute khada kiya h to agar me uska bhanda fodta hu to mera istitute barbad ho jayega mera bhi naam karab ho sakta hai ya kaho wo mujhe bhi fasa de …. but mene bhaut kuch life me khone ke bad ye sab khud kada kiya h barbad hote nahi dekh sakta …. or me jo wo kar raha h use hone bhi nahi dena cahata …even wo mujhe v insist kr rha h … he is trying to brain wash me …. … aap hi log plz suggestions do ki me kya karu ki mere or mere istitute par anch na aaye or wo bechari bacchiyon ko use v na kar paye ….

aaj jab se ye sab suna uske muh se mujhe ghin aa rahi h us se or khud se bhi …. ki mera business partner aisa hai …. need suggestions as soon as possible … agar me nahi rok paya to kabhi khud ko maaf nahi kr pauga ….

lamba karne k liye sry