Hi friends.. I am a marine engineer and I want to confess somthing that will not take ur much time to read but I am disclosing that I m a mariner as the girl whom I love is also on this page and she too can read the confession.
I signed off from my ship few months before and started talking to one of the girl. We were in good touch nd used to talk a lot. After few days I was in lov wid her.. I was fallen for her. I proposed her but as she is still studying so she rejected.. but still we were in good touch like before.. I knew one day she vl definitely accept me.. she accepted my proposal nd but I don’t no what happened she said I need to think I need time. But after that she treated like we dunno each other. Now I m fed up from my life nd thinking to kill myself..I don’t no what to do what not to bt to b frank I can’t sleep properly. Always use to think of her but she is fuck bothered about me.. I m just loosing my mind nd can’t understand what to do.. may b till the time she reads my post I vl b no more. nd yup ppl will think what a mad guy he is but yes I m mad for that girl. Some will say what rubbish as I m saying I vl die. But that vl happen coz I am unable to control my mind nd emotions. Thanks for reading