Fed up

i am 23f and recently got married..my husband is 27 n we are happy together everything was good for someday’s den after i don’t understand why people can’t mind their own lives ,m kind of modern girl but still i respect my traditions and my in-laws..my mother-in-law will always create some nonsense m fed up with her typical indian telivision drama’s..slowly my husband started fighting with me by listening to her,and started shouting at me for lil things.i told my husband many times about this but as usual men are men he don’t trust me even no1 around me will trust me coz of her acting..i dont have any intension to break their relationship coz m basically from a joint family i know the value of people ,even i dont want to leave my husband coz he’s good n he loves me i cant punish him for others mistakes.m really fed up with this daily drama..literally m hating my life n my career is ruining away m not able to concentrate on anything ..m totally messed up with these stuff.. this is my sob story 🙁 can any1 suggest me what to do?