Friend brokedown

Hi all,

This is regarding my frnd.

My frnd was in deep love with one girl..he really loved her, her frnds and me warned him not to love anyone blindly..but khete ki pyaar andha hothi hay. he never listened to us..To test his love, I said my male frnds to serve him his fav drink, he lost consciousness but still he took her name, I said him that she is bi**h /slut, but in that situation. also he took her side and said that my life belong to her..we were amazed by this sort of love, now adays no one will this much..he is busy person but always takes time for her though he is meeting or calls..suddenly one boy came to her life and he proposed her, and in no time she accepted his frnd was broken, he was lost his consciousness .it was biggest jatka fr him. he tried to commit suicide but lucky my frnd saved him.. he released from hospital but not taking to anyone, or I just feel like I lost my smily waala frnd..he always makes my days SPL…if he wanted to take revenge on them he can but he won’t coz he only know how to love a person but not uske jagah rehti toh I swear I would ruin their lives..I want my frnd back like how he was previously.. I’m trying my level best to bring him back..but failure shakes hand of mine.if he be sad I’ll get crying and while day I won’t get sleep and I’m not at all interested to eat food..I want back as normal talktive and smily as he always be my enitre frnds trying alot..but not succeeding.

I understand what’s going on in his mind and heart.
I was in a concall with him when all this happening..he was nt even in a position go speak.

I can’t see my frnd in this situation.
I have all the call recording and data of their conversation ..he doesnt want to take any action on them still he want her to be happy with the person whom she love..but my mind is opposite to him..I feel like to send all the recordings and data to her brothers and her that her life becomes miserable..the exact way what she had done to my loving frnd..

My blood boils whenever I see him in this situation..but at the same time I feel like he is right in saying let her live happily.he still loves her.

But my mind say to teach her lession.

Should I take revenge or let her go?