girlfriend convinces her boyfriend to kill himself

A 18 year old girl who encouraged her boyfriend to take his own life has been charged by police.

Michelle Carter is now accused of involuntary manslaughter, and on Monday, appeared in court in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Hundred’s of texts between her and her boyfriend Conrad Roy were spread out, and in them, she is actively convincing him that suicide is the only option.



In one of the most inhumane texts, she says: ‘You said you were gonna do it. I don’t get like why you aren’t’.

Michelle Carter was on the phone to Roy while he died, and reportedly told a friend to listen to his cries of pain.






Her defence team point to the fact that this was not the first time Roy had tried to commit suicide, and that he had a history of depression.

Since the texts were made public, the hashtag #JusticeForConrad has gone viral, with plenty of people taking to Twitter to express their horror and disgust at the messages.