Ignore the ignorant

Plzz post this admin M in relationshp frm 1 yr nd i love him vry mch. he also loves me he use to tell this. as i m his gf i shld b his priority & importance both.. bt he is nt doing the either things.. neither giving me importance nor giving me priority.. frm last 1 yr there wldnt have been any day when his call is nt busy.. he is busy all d day.. nd on asking with whom he was busy nt giving propr ans.. everyday i have to b in waiting even 4 telling ‘good morning’ & ‘good night’.. this makes me feel so insecure & even if i m having full trust on him, this force me to doubt.. i think he is no more interested in me as he always keeps on ignoring me.. wht shld i do now?? thnxx 4 giving ur time to read..