is this incest?

#M24 i fall in luv with a girl of same cast same religion same village and she lives just next 2 my house so according 2 jaat customs we r brother and sister and on 25th may 2011 her parents came 2 knw dat we were in a relationship so her mom told her dat if she continues relationship with me den her mother will be dead so she endup the 422 days relationship on 26th may 2011 but she some times call me but on 14th dec 2011 i last tym listen her voice on ph she quit talking 2 me and the vry nxt month she find some one else i also be in a relationship 2,3 times but every girl left me and 4 the last 2 yrs i m single and i missed her a lot and want 2 met her again but in my last conversation i promised her dat i never gonna cal her till she calls me back…nd i m waiting 4 her call frm the last 4 yrs..but she nevr call back and now she’s in gurgaon working in a soft cmpny and her last name is godara same as mine.