Life of a Stammerer

Hi frndz M20
S***t K***le from mumbai
this confession is not on love this confession is on my life
I am stutterer. when i was 6 yrs old i developed this problem and still it is with me its very difficult to live with this problem
ur under constant strees n depression and ur anxiety level is always parents didn’t not supported me they use to beat me
bcoz i wasn’t able to say mummy papa. society dosen’t supports u they laugh at us 🙁 somehow i did my schooling
but when i came in clg in 12th i had a gf i helped her to overcome her depression n loneliness and when she overcomed
she left me and went for another guy i was loyal n honest to her but in return left me depressed ;( i always lived a lonely life
and many a times i turned down opportunities which came in front of me just bcoz of this problem.
But eventually i somehow managed to come up on own now m working on stammering problem taking speech therapy and practicing
and m also connected with TISA (The Indian Stammering Association). and i hope after 5-6 yrs i will overcome this problem
now the question is why i revealed my identity
i revealed it bcoz till date i was hiding from everyone but now i don’t want to live my life in loneliness n in depress state
thank you my lovely frndz for reading 🙂 sharing ur problem helps ur heart feel better