Love is shit

I am 20 I am a fashion designer (female) ..I just want to say something regarding my experience in life..this is not a confession but my opinion !
When I was in 9th grade I lost my brother, he had committed suicide, after that incidence I was alone and to get over with it,.I was more into making boyfriends or partying with friends, in short I was in wrong terms ignoring the fact that these things will ruin my life one day. U know when u r in teenagers you like when someone calls u baby, and pampers you like u r special, u don’t think about the future, u just enjoy the present moment with your guy who cares for you, who brings u chocolates and roses nd bla bla. After that phrase when I changed my city for higher education, I was over excited and over confident about meeting new people, experiencing new place etc , I had alcohol with my colleagues and that stupid and foolish act of mine had made a great dirty mark on my life, I was passed out very badly nd they used me, that was the big biggest turn in my life when I have realised that life is not that easy, u cannot trust a person so blindly that you will end up getting nothing but a banner of foolishness. People do mistakes but difference makes when u learn from it, nd don’t let that happen again, I have seen people getting depressed because they don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend, they feel alone may be because of past life or friends in ur circles who always talks bhai aj meri wali ka birthday h..usko teddy karid k dunga, bhai aj apni wali ne toh kamal kr diya, kal ki Rath toh aseen thi, all this shit doesn’t matters because at the end of the day bande kitna Bhi ladki ghuma le, kitna B item log ko gf bna le, shadi toh ghar ki murgi Hi se Hi karenge 😛
Don’t let Urself effected by ur surroundings, don’t give a shit about what other’s do in life, how many number of gfs or bfs they have it doesn’t matter
Be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, itna akad rakho ki samne wala Jale tumse ki sali insaan h kya robot 😛
Always think twice when u meet a new person no matter how awesome he looks or how good he talks.
And always give ur first priority to your parents and then career.!!