first love

My first love…!

We usually do came across confessions that always do end’s up in question marks,looking out for a better answer..
But on my part,it was a memorable experience,being the happiest phase of my life & before we had our ways,we convinced our selves with the better answers…
It was a long distance relationship which begins it’s wonderful journey,months ago in April.
The day we started having our talks,we were like too much compatible & passionate for each other..
Day by day,we are having our glitters & finally a blissful day came in to our life when we do fell for each other..
To cope up with the distance,we used to greet each other with many surprises for every day..
we do greet each other with collages,love letters,art works,tattoos,sketches,videos which do scripted our lives..
I am a Punjabi & she was a Brahmin pursuing linguistics..
I used to write love letters for her in portugese & she do writes me in Punjabi..
we used to make each other feel special anyhow..
But every relationship do went through a bad phase too,after months a period came when she stopped talking to me for a week,i used to write her all the time but she hardly do respond back..& what happens next was pretty bad,i loose my patience,temper as i was too much possessive for her & did something that do left her hurt..
With in a day,i realize my mistake when tears make a way through,that time i felt of myself as the one who needs all the sympathy not from the entire universe but only & only from her…
She didn’t responded back..
This wasn’t enough,i complicated the situation even more,i left a message for her mom that i do love her daughter too much & can’t imagine the rest of my life with out her…
Very next day,she burst on me with her words which i thoroughly deserve,i didn’t make anything to happen to hurt her but i was over possessive for her which cost me badly..
while we were having our talks i asked her “Why she stopped talking to me before i commit this mistake”?..
She answered “That time my parents started looking for a groom for me of our own caste & i wasn’t able to have that enough to do tell you about this,so i take mush time but before i do say anything,you left me stunned with your irresponsible actions..
But even after all the things,she do say “Don’t worry,i still do trust you & wants you to do something for our future together,but do remember one thing,while doing anything you need to take care of my happiness & respect of my parents”…
I had a word with my mom & asked my mom to do visit her parents to have a word regarding our future..
My mom had a word with her mom but her mom clearly states one thing “That they are looking out for a groom of their own caste for their loving daughter & they aren’t going to accept me as their son in law anyhow…
Days passed by,many things happened,we both started accepting the truth,i started pretending & do avoid her so that things won’t be too much complicated for her & she could forget me one day but while doing so she was well aware of my actions & do say “Kamine,nautanki band kar,achi tarah janti hun tu aj bhi mujhi se pyar karta hain aur meri bhalai ke liye ye sab kuch kar raha hain”..i was with out my words..
Finally the worst day of our life do came when she let me know that her parents fixed her engagement with a guy on 3 aug,we both were in tears that day…
she got engaged & than after we start getting more practical &accept the truth being more wise & all these actions do help her to get committed to guy with whom she has to spend the rest of her life happily..
At last,on 29 aug,she let me know “Stupid,do u believe if i am going to say that i am finally in love with the guy of my parent’s choice?..i was left with only one thing that i had to be happy because she is happy,i had to smile because after a long time she finally had her smile…
they are getting married in Dec & 40 days ago i got her wedding invitation with a tagline inside it “Sardar agar meri shadi par na aya to ghar par hi tujhe bhnagra karva dungi,mar dungi tujeh agar na aya to“..
That stupid wants me to do attend every single function of her wedding,it will be tough but on her auspicious day of wedding,i will have my bhangra like that she isn’t going to put off her smile even for a single moment & make her realize that i am too much happy for her…
I talked to her guy twice,he is a real men,she will be the most happiest girl in this universe by being with him..
But i will surely keep the memories till the last,will do miss our words “Jaan,sardar,babu,guglu,coconut,cocoa,cindrella,sardarni..
she always used to insist me to come out at the earliest & do meet her & do say “Jis din tu mujhse milne ayega na,ham dono ek dusre ki handy pakad ke poora din gappe marange”…
Stupid,idiot,you will always be in my heart,have a good life ahead & be ready to get surprised on your auspicious day of wedding…
At last one thing,if we never do have a happy ending then that doesn’t mean we have to make the things harsh,it’s better to keep the memories in your heart till your last breath..
I will surely miss u guglu..