Need Advice

f 22hi…i jst want suggestion.. i hd been in reltn since 3 yr…but aftr 1 year it ws long distance relationship…. n it ws always complicated…we hd grt tym togethr…bt also on other side of story…i hv trust issues abt him..somtimes i caught him flrting with other girls…on fb watsapp…wen i ask him he said….it ws just a joke..nothing serious..but whenever i told him to show his phone or fb msgs bt .he always hide that.. he avoid to show our relatn on fb or publicly anywhere…bcz he said he lyk flirtng… and gilrs will not give him attention..if he will show up in comitted relation..i felt bad about it…n his flirtng nature…i can’t tolerate…bcoz sometimes wen i read his messages it’s more than normal fun flirting.n told him to stop these things.we hd too much fight…then he said it ws mistake..nw he dont hv problm in showing up publicly…n he will not do these thing again and he is changed i knw that he doesnt have any othr gf …n he introduce me to his family also..n his family accepted me..he always used to say me tat he wana meet my family… want marrige soon… still he hide his inbox…. . and his friends used to tease him with othr girls names ….abt them he said these girls are jst friend…his frnds were jst havin fun by teasing him…n aftr long tym wen i met him.. n i checkd his phone again he was hvng some nonveg flirtng msg with his frnd..n he said it ws last tym he will not repeat this.. n we hd fight.. .again….n due to frustation i used to fight wid him oftenly…i said i can’t trust him bcz he does it gain n again…..and nw we hd brkup..becoz he said now he is changed but i fight too much and i always doubt him so he can’t be with me…i said ok…but now m confused that really he is changed? n jst flirts in fun way…n I overeacted…????should i patch up again..n we r in long distance so i can’t check him oftenly…. plzz give me suggestion .and dont abuse plz…thanx