struggling to forget

last year i met a guy on fb group as both are preparing for competitive exam.iam 21 yrs old and he is 26 yrs old.soon we became close by chatting daily.he proposed me ,first i didnt accepted ,later after some months we broke up i blocked all his contacts in fb,watspp etc.later this year in july as my exams are over i have sometime..he again called me one day ,said sorry to each other and again became day we both planned and met and just roamed on bike for 4 hrs.he proposed me again and after meeting i started loving him a lot.he is very good boy but he flirts with gals,did the same to year he is going to marry,but i love him a lot,i tried all the ways to forget him but none of them worked.recently as i was serious in love he stopped talking to him,100’s of messages,lot of calls i did but he didnt replied to anyone.iam unable to live without him,i madly love him even though i know i cant own him…
please real bad comments

-An Indian Confession

Best thing that has happened to me

“carefree heartless bitch” those words were perfect to describe me ,5 years back. Or maybe those words were just to hide the person i really was. I was so obsessed with being cool. For me, being cool meant to have crushes and yet be single. People came, people went, it hardly mattered to me. What mattered to me was me and who i thought i was portraying myself to be..but then 4 years from then i meet this guy, a lil shy ,totally opposite of me..there was something about him that made me wanna know him like dig into the person he really was..n eventually he began to know me too . in fact i began to know the real me..its 4 years now and there is a drastic change in me and the weird part is i dint put in any effort to bring these good changes in me it just happened..
it happened coz of his presence around me that makes me feel so special n never made me wanna pretend or to be someone else..
its been 963 days n my heart nly beats for him..the best thing that ever happend to bestfriend, my love all wrapped in 1 with a ribbon on it.(panda) jdsk

-An Indian Confession

Need an help hand.

I’m soon going to be in a long distance relationship which might go out like one/two year mostly one…

What to do !!
Things which you people must know is she lives in her Aunts(Mo’c ji) home now. She is far away cousin of mine. We are in relationship since more than a year now. Even one knows about us mom,dad,sis…new every family member close to us…and even her mom & dad. I’m trying my best to make everything good in her. Soon we will done with our bachelors and he has to go her home which is in U.P & I’m from hyd. Lover her a lot…..

Kindly help me with it :).

-An indian confession

Should we help unknowns?

Aj mene nd mere frd ne beer pine ka plan banaya and tekke pe gaye, wai pass mae bait ke pee he rahe the ki ek aurat aiya most probably hamari mom li umar ki akee pas mae baitke peete hue laet gayi side mae. At first we thought ki yaha sae kat lete hae bt my fuking heart said no, she might get into some problems and delhi mae rape cases ki kami nai hai, tho i went to her asked her address and unhone bola ki she lives in xyz place. People around us were drunk and most of them looked like they would rape her if they get a chance so I asked her if I could drop her somewhere and after rejecting for some time i told her I will call police as i can’t leave her there, then she agreed to come with me, took my friends bike took her to the said spot and she was like not here some jmps ahead, took her there and she said kiss me, I constantly said no then she was kind of going to make scene so I kissed her forehead, then she asked me to suck her boobs to which I replied after we reach your place, took her somewhere as she guided and she got off, there was a couple standing there asked them about her and they were like she is a prostitute and when she heard that went on her way, worst experience, now thinking should I help other like this in future cuz most tend to be a headache??
Sorry for long confession and forgive if there are any grammatical errors, I am from kerala and don’t know much hindi.

-An Indian Confession

do only boys have the right to confess their feelings?

hiii…i m grl (20yrs old).. its my confession and also want to know ur opinion…in cls 12th I proposed a guy who came in my tution on d last day of tution..we never had a proper convo but I felt that he also lyk I only told him that I lyk him…but he talk to me very rudely nd said that-barvy(12th) krle pehele..den I sent him frnd rqst on fb aftr cmpltng 12th n we strted chatting..but sometyms he talk normally n other tymes very rudely to I unfrnd whenever he see me stares at me in a very bad way n its lyk he is making fun of me wid his frnds my ques is that do boys only have d right to confess their feelings???

-An Indian Confession

My first love

Hey guys,
M a guy from Lucknow, I have met wid a girl during my graduation in bareilly.she was very nice to me, we both spend much time wid each Oder
after like 4 to 5months me proposed her on d day of Sunday outing she said I’ll give my answer later me said k.after few days she said yes to me.our relation was going on smoothly no problems were dere. I have completed all her wishes like movies dresses long drives, since m son of a businessman so no money problem was dere. I was on deep love with her for my love she made physical relation wid me many times but after being graduated i had asked to her dat comeon lets get marry but she said no we have to MBA den we will marry. I got agree upon it. Before going home i have taken her to mall for getting lots of gift for her. After getting lots of gifts she gone home. In home she talk to me very well. We both joined MBA she joined clg in lko only but i have joined amity noida. But one day she switched off her cell she blocked me from fb n watsapp everywhere. After two days she made call and said forget me and I’m engaged with a guy. I have asked wat d hell u have done wid me. I was like my life was over. She said my parents wants me to marry wid a gud guy nd my parents R agree on my all wishes. I asked did u told to ur parents abt me d answer was shocking she said wat d hell u have done for me, y should i tell to my parents abt u.
I don’t know wat to do, my life is became hell, my love was TRUE to her.
Should i move on or wait for her?

-An Indian confession

How will it end?


Lets start at the beginning. As luck would have it i would not have met her if i hadnt decided to drop a year preparing for medical entrance exams. I cant reveal as to where and in what exact situation we met but i can tell you seeing her face for the first time i realized that she is different from others. A quiet soul like me who didnt believe in love until i fell into it. Our first conversation highlighted the similarities in our thinking and choices. We were both so happy…we both thought how nice it was to find someone similar. One thing led to another and lets just say love was inevitable between us. She was everything to me..and i was everything to her i could tell. But lets not bore you all much guys and girls..let me get to the crux, she is a muslim, i a hindu by birth but frankly not much of a believer. I am on the road to be a doctor. It will take time, patience, hardwork, and she says with a smile that she will be matter where i go..whichever college i go to. One part of me is grateful for that..another says..she will spend all her life waiting..while you wont be able to give her much time. Does she really deserve a man like you ? I think her family will never accept matter how sucessful i become. I do hope there will be a way, no, rather i pray to god there is a way for us. And let it be known to god that i dont ask him for anything else..just her. Its 3:23 am in the morning. I know many people will slander this post. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions after all. I just had to get this out..vent this out.
An Indian Confession.

please must reply’s all about my life ♡♥♡♥

admin plzzzzzzzz postt it…its very urgent n imp…. ..
friends iam in luv with a girl,she is the most beautiful girl in the world..actuly she is my best best best friend..we flirt with each other everyday..we talk to each other everyday . sometimes till 1am of night. ….i am sure she also luves me…so this 25 oct. im going to meet her at a restaurant in jaipur…and i want to purpose her…..please help how to purpose a girl? this is my first time…i truely luves her n i dont wanna loose her …..plzzzz help guys n gals ..plz explain in breif…i’ll definetly give treat to that person whose idea will work haha :p
plz help ..its all about my life !! ♡♥♡♥

-An indian confession

Twist in relationship with colleague.

I met this girl 5 months back in my office. She was working with us on a project from vendors side. At first she seemed really nice, hard working and motivated.
We became friends. One day she said that she is very sad and wanted to have a drink. We went for the drink together. We went out 3-4 time after that.
Suddenly she called one night at 11:30. She was crying. We were on the call for 30 min. Then she asked if I can come over to her place.
Although I didn’t liked the idea, still I went to her home. We talked till she fall asleep.
After it whenever she is sad she called me to come over. I tried to ask her why is she sad? But she never gave a proper answer.
One night after she fall asleep I was in no condition to sleep at the couch so I tried to go home. But somehow she woke up and asked me to sleep beside her.
Everything changed that night, I never thought something could happen like that.
After it our make out session became too frequent. She literally shifted to my house.

After the project got over she joined other company. But still we will meet everyday.

N then suddenly everything stopped. I tried to contact her, but seems like she already blocked my number.
After a month or so I saw her in food court, politely I said hi.
She introduced me to her husband who returned from Australia a month ago.

She said see you later before leaving. And there I was standing without a ground beneath my feet.
Left with anger, hatred.. I wanted to scream..
But all I could do was to say myself..

-An Indian Confession

I want you back

Piya,One thing truely I want to say that I was sent down to earth on a mission, a mission to find someone that would complete me. I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment that I met you. That’s when I finally found the perfection that I had been seeking all my life. At that very moment, I didn’t believe my eyes as the girl that I had thought only existed in a fairytale was now standing in front of me. Each night, as I stood staring at the moon, I saw your gentle smile, the smile that gave me the strength to make the impossible possible. Every heart have their own law they can’t stop for everyone.My heart stops every time I feel you near.Its not the fact that I dont feel anything for you, it’s the fact You wish to stop. You may need to convince yourself that I no longer need you to make happy.These tears that I cry may not mean nothing to anyone anymore but I still manage to over come all those sad sorrows that lay beneath my skin.When It’s clear that you don’t feel the same way for me. The problem is that as much as I can’t force you to love me, I can’t force myself to stop loving you.I know I have given the worst feeling ever to you but we both know that we need each other.I promise not to hurt you again.Please come back..
My love for you grows each and every day. I am totally addicted to you, and you are the only drug that keeps me functioning now. When I look into your eyes, I see the real me, a person that lives for a goal and a purpose now..SNOWY is waiting for you.Come Back plz.


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