Searching a True sister

Hye guys, i am a single child of my parents and yeah i was seeking for love of a sister or brother. In facebook, one girl asked me to be her brother and i happily said yes. Thus we became bro and sis.. She was 5 years younger than me. I loved her alot.. But something happend and she was made believe that i love her as a gf. I consoled her but that was it. She said goodbye.. She left fb.. I was sad cz i couldnt be a gud brother.. Maybe after one year i found her from a friend’s id and i messeged her.. She replied i don’t know you which was shocking! Then I didnt bother her again.. Even after 4 years, i still think about sumtimes. I wana wish u happy rakhya bandhan 🙂 hope you are good and studying well.. I will love you always #niky