Suggest me

21 F, pathankot
I met a guy on facebook , who is currently staying in Georgia , United States. we became friends after talking on a page for half an hour.
I find him cute and texting me always like baby Im doing this and that. So these kinda things had made me fall for him. But i think that he have
few gf’s there too cause i keep watching his profile after 2-3 days and I had noticed so many girls dancing with him , drinking with him. He use to tell
me sometimes Love u Babe and I can do anything for u.So i believed him and then we started talking to him on skype and we use to stare each others for hours on skype.
But the problem is , he is not talking to me on skype nor texting on whatsapp. I miss him alot. plss suggest me that should i wait for him or i should move on cause a
guy had proposed me .