suggest sammy

Hey guys; its sammy, im 20 yrz old a clg student, i want to share smtg wid u all nd i need advice dts why im here! 5 months bk i started chatting wid a guy ova dr in fb….hez 24 nd that tym he was an “ISI” student …first tym i poke hm and we started talking tn we got to kw we r frm same place..nd many frnds of mine also kw abt hm…..aftr dt i fogot abt hm…it was been 8 days , he itself txt me, and we started chatting regularly aftr dt in fb…suddenly one day he ask me im dr in wtsapp or nt..i said yes..aftr dt we xchang our number..he told me to add hm in wtsapp we started chatting in wtsapp also….usually we chat at midnyt dt tym…..aftr 1 months he done his xams..and he went to delhi fr join his job…dt tym i txt hm i txt hm im gnna miss hm ..he said call me smtyms….and he cngd , i kew it he will b busy , we rarely chat nw days…bt dr was a tym when he usd to ck my status nd ask me abt it….i never use my own pic as a he told me to use clear dp….he cngd me and evn he cngd….i missing hm lyk hell…all my thoughts r related to hm..wt shuld i do? I cnt leave lyk dis nymr…i cnt c hm onlyn dr evryday…wt shuld i do plz suggest me….