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my hero

At the age of 17 this guy joined Air-Force so as to support a family with 3 brothers and 3 sisters (This guy is the eldest brother). During Air-Force job he was posted at different places (Andaman islands at times). This guy was travelling sometimes with his family and sometimes alone to be in sync with his job.

In 1997 (After 15 years Air-force job), at the age of 32 he retired from Air-Force and came to Rajasthan and opened a small shop. The work was going good. He was able to get a good living. Also, All the brothers and sisters were married. Only responsibilities he had was a wife, a son and a daughter.

Due to personal issues, He was forced to leave that shop and shift to chandigarh where he again setup a small marble shop. After sometime when the work was stable, due to government policies the shop was demolished. A huge loss was done. But this guy has the stamina to stand up again and used to go home to home, societies to societies on his scooter selling polybags, bulb holders, plastic items to earn a living. His loving wife opened a small garment shop to earn a little more. Then they were able to save enough amount to open another marble shop at some other place. Good days were near but it happened again. The marble shop was demolished, leaving nothing for this guy.

This guy took a little loan from his friend and moved to gurgaon alone (leaving family in chandigarh for sometime), in search for work. He opened a shop again. This time it was in gurgaon. Then the entire family moved to gurgaon in a single room. A family with 4 members in a small room in Gurgaon. This time it was in partnership with a relative (who was himself in a bad situation, he even borrowed money to celebrate his son’s birthday because he was not having money for the same).But this 40 year old guy was still fighting for more.

A constant Hard Work and dedication did wonders. Today, at the age of 50, he is living in a Duplex Independent house in one of the top residential areas of gurgaon. He is one of the Haryana’s top sellers in his business domain. From negative amounts this guy came to this position where he can afford all luxuries that this family demands. His daughter is an MBA and son is pursuing engineering from IIT.

He is my inspiration, my super hero and I am his proud son.
December 20, 2014