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unbearable pain

M 18
In the middle of the night, when I reread our conversations, down come all emotions flowing in water… :'(
That’s when I resign from the memories and stare at the walls and the ceiling… =/
That’s when I feel I want you close to me… :’)
That’s when I turn to a side and weep harder… =(
That’s when a part inside me longs for you to wrap me from behind and to my relief, finding you there for me, with me, I turn to you… =)
That’s where I want my refuge, hiding in your arms… ^_^
Just you and me… ^_<
That’s when I want to tell you how much I love you and how much I need you… :*
That’s how I want to cry harder and harder so as to lighten up my heavy heart full of the pain of your distance and absence even in your presence… :’)
That’s how I want to compensate for the offence of hurting you, committed unknowingly, though it is inexcusable… =]
I don’t desire anything from you…
Just your presence is what I long for… ^_^
I long for your smile that will be a bliss… 😉
I long for the touch of your hands that will wipe my tears and then hold me so close to you that all my fears of losing you will melt away and never haunt my soul… <3
Yes, this is what I feel, felt never ever before…
And you know what? You only had the power to make me feel the warmth of this love…
I don’t know if I can say it with authority but still I will…
I love you and only you, till I breathe my last… ^_^ <3