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Best thing that has happened to me

“carefree heartless bitch” those words were perfect to describe me ,5 years back. Or maybe those words were just to hide the person i really was. I was so obsessed with being cool. For me, being cool meant to have crushes and yet be single. People came, people went, it hardly mattered to me. What mattered to me was me and who i thought i was portraying myself to be..but then 4 years from then i meet this guy, a lil shy ,totally opposite of me..there was something about him that made me wanna know him like dig into the person he really was..n eventually he began to know me too . in fact i began to know the real me..its 4 years now and there is a drastic change in me and the weird part is i dint put in any effort to bring these good changes in me it just happened..
it happened coz of his presence around me that makes me feel so special n never made me wanna pretend or to be someone else..
its been 963 days n my heart nly beats for him..the best thing that ever happend to me..my bestfriend, my love all wrapped in 1 with a ribbon on it.(panda) jdsk

-An Indian Confession