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brave confession

“A few years ago, when I was with my ex, we had gone for a drive. We reached a lonely stretch of the road and started making out. Soon I was on his lap and our tops were off. Suddenly, we saw people walking towards our car. We panicked; my boyfriend literally threw me onto the passenger seat, with me clutching my top to avoid embarrassment and my topless boyfriend hitting the accelerator.”

“I am 19 and have been sexually active for a few years, much more so than my friends. I have seen a lot of penises, but last month I saw my first uncircumcised one, and seeing it was so weird and unexpected that I just started laughing and I couldn’t stop. The guy drove me home without talking to me and I doubt he’ll call again. But that’s okay because those things look so eww.”


 “I once had sex with my boyfriend while my parents were just one floor above us. And with the thin wooden floors, they would’ve heard what was happening, so we had to be very careful. But the worst part was that my room didn’t have a lock. I can’t imagine what would have happened if they’d entered the room while we were doing it. Someone in that room would’ve definitely had a heart attack.”

“I had just broken up with my boyfriend and needed to have sex. So I went to a nightclub and before I knew, I was drunk. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up have a threesome with a guy I met and his girlfriend. I didn’t remember much of it the next day, but I know that I enjoyed it. And I learnt that I should never say never.”

“I was a virgin when I got married. And even after several months of trying, we couldn’t have intercourse because it was too painful. So I knew I had to do something drastic. Once, when my husband wasn’t home, I got really drunk and tried to insert a cucumber into my vagina. It took a couple of hours to get it right, but I finally succeeded. After that, sex became so easy.”

“My husband and I tried anal sex a few years ago. It was a little difficult initially. But I started enjoying it so much after a little while that I was soon unable to enjoy vaginal intercourse. Obviously, that wasn’t a good thing and I had to approach a sexologist for help.”

“I’m a 28-year-old woman, and I masturbate when I’m angry or stressed. I only use certain porn sites that make me angry because I feel like it helps me release tension. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how I’ve always been.”

fear of failing

I live in a very mall town of west Bengal with very conservative type family but my world is far more different from them all…m 18..and i have a dream like every students to get admission in a nit college but due to some reasons i failed in maths in 12th…for that i didn’t get admission in any govt college and my parents are not capable of getting me to an pvt college so they asked me to take a drop…i was not prepared for this…when i see every 1 in good colleges i feel ashamed of myself and feel like dying because 1 yr is not a short time…still 4 months r remaining and i haven’t even started my preparations for next year…i daily make myself determined to start preparing and i do as just for 2 or e days after that again i feel the fear of failing again…what will happen if i didn’t get this time too?…what will happen if my rank is not good enough? This fear of failing is killing me from inside….

afraid of failure

i don’t know what to do…my parents r getting fed of me…m the only support for them in future if i didn’t get a good college how will i survive…i didn’t know how to start my preparation for exam..and don’t know how much effort i have to put to get a good govt college…..this fear of failing i keeping me back…i tried a lot to get rid of this…but the saying r just for virtual world…in real world u cant get rid of what u have experienced once…everybody says that study hard and u will get a govt college ..and m trying to…but every night i remember my failure in 12th i got that fear again and start worrying about the results….this thing is killing me…i didn’t have a luxurious dream..just a normal life with normal needs….once i had so many friends but after this all my friends r in college but me still stuck here…they started ignoring me now i feel like all alone…i didn’t have a girl friend because i didn’t believe in love…..so there is no one to say or share my feelings to that why m taking this means to share it to all of u! Thanks for the admin of this page…and thank you all! That’s it…

-An Indian Confession

do only boys have the right to confess their feelings?

hiii…i m grl (20yrs old).. its my confession and also want to know ur opinion…in cls 12th I proposed a guy who came in my tution on d last day of tution..we never had a proper convo but I felt that he also lyk me..so I only told him that I lyk him…but he talk to me very rudely nd said that-barvy(12th) krle pehele..den I sent him frnd rqst on fb aftr cmpltng 12th n we strted chatting..but sometyms he talk normally n other tymes very rudely to me..so I unfrnd him..now whenever he see me stares at me in a very bad way n its lyk he is making fun of me wid his frnds ..so my ques is that do boys only have d right to confess their feelings???

-An Indian Confession

murdered by life

How can i tell my parents that i want to be a photographer and do not want a government job? I always liked photography above everything but never realised until the way i have started feeling about it. I want a serious career in this field. My parents want to see me settling down as a government employee so that i have a good life ahead in terms of financial and social status. In India, it is a matter of proud when you are a government employee because you have a secure future. Typical Indian parents are extremely choosy when it comes about career options for their children. Being competitive with other parents regarding the achievements of their children is a kind of tradition here. I want to be a wildlife photographer. I have tried to tell them earlier but could not utter a word as i can feel the amount of hope from me and the immense amount of pressure of accountability towards the society which they think they have to face. I have more interest in anything but photography i want to be a photographer but i do not want to let them down. What should i do? I am 22. Its my first confession i would not like my name to be surfaced. Its a sincere question and confession, please try to help.

plz suggest..

Heloo guys, it’s been 3 Years since i had my breakup ..he left me without giving me a reason.. We still talk to each other i still lv him so much..jb mei roti hu to use naatak lgta h.he nva respct ni mre long long msg ka hmmm or ok rply krta h..bt he is olways ready to do non vg chat wth me..mei usse bht req krti t dat plz mse mil lo bt usne venue n time deciede ki mei gyi to wo ni aya .. thn wo bht Bht mushkil se mila last mnth fir b uska nature chance ni hua. M fed up wth dis drama 3 yrs o gye h. Now plz suggst me shud i do so dat use regrt o realize.o cz he himslf knws ki nobdy else can lv me jtna mei krti hu.. Jb mei usse baat krna bnd kr dti to mutual frnds k through kuch na kuch aisa krta h jisse mei fr bt krne lgti hu..Plz guys suggst me mei bht strrssd hu

messed up

Bhai post kar dena M24 delhi dhai saal se relationship me tha sab kiya long distance relationship me rehte hue loyal rha milna muskil tha baat karna muskil tha fir bh nibhaya …frnds chut gaye family chut gayi career bh bas khtm hone wala hai …use bas chorna tha reason aisa di jiske chalte sayad hi kabhi kisi ka brkup hua ho…ab wo finally man bana chuki hai to sayad hi wapas aye ek month me pata nh kya ho gya use ki thoda bh mere bare me nh sochi use kuch bura laga to chali gayi bina reason bataye…emotions ko lekar kafi weak hu man me bas ye khyal ata hai ki sucide kar lu fir sochta hu sayad is se bh farak nh pada to.ye nh bekar ho jayega ..kyunki itna strong nh hu ki khud ko barbaad hote dekh saku to soch rha hu try kar lu

Ignore the ignorant

Plzz post this admin M in relationshp frm 1 yr nd i love him vry mch. he also loves me he use to tell this. as i m his gf i shld b his priority & importance both.. bt he is nt doing the either things.. neither giving me importance nor giving me priority.. frm last 1 yr there wldnt have been any day when his call is nt busy.. he is busy all d day.. nd on asking with whom he was busy nt giving propr ans.. everyday i have to b in waiting even 4 telling ‘good morning’ & ‘good night’.. this makes me feel so insecure & even if i m having full trust on him, this force me to doubt.. i think he is no more interested in me as he always keeps on ignoring me.. wht shld i do now?? thnxx 4 giving ur time to read..

Innocent Boy

mjhe b ek sugession chahiye 🙁 mai ek ldke se pyar krti hu … hmare relation ko 1 yrs. ho gye bt mai usse abi tk mil nhi payi :'( mai jb b usse milna chahu koi na koi prblm create ho jati h … wo b mjhse bht pyar krta h .. mera abi b wait krta h… bt mai mjbur hu :'( abi kch din phle hmari ldai hui h.. waise ldai toh roz hoti thi BT hmara patch up b ho gya 🙁 … BT 2 din phle ki ldai k wjh se ab WO mjhe ignore kr rha h :'( … mjhse baat nhi krta … cll bck b nhi kr rha :'( uske class ki ldkiyon me se kai usey lyk b krne lgi h :'( n mera bf unse khb baat krta h cht krta h BT mjhse rudely behave krta h kya kru? :'( mai uske bina nhi rah skti :'( BT shyd WO rah le RHA h :'(

Need Advice

f 22hi…i jst want suggestion.. i hd been in reltn since 3 yr…but aftr 1 year it ws long distance relationship…. n it ws always complicated…we hd grt tym togethr…bt also on other side of story…i hv trust issues abt him..somtimes i caught him flrting with other girls…on fb watsapp…wen i ask him he said….it ws just a joke..nothing serious..but whenever i told him to show his phone or fb msgs bt .he always hide that.. he avoid to show our relatn on fb or publicly anywhere…bcz he said he lyk flirtng… and gilrs will not give him attention..if he will show up in comitted relation..i felt bad about it…n his flirtng nature…i can’t tolerate…bcoz sometimes wen i read his messages it’s more than normal fun flirting.n told him to stop these things.we hd too much fight…then he said it ws mistake..nw he dont hv problm in showing up publicly…n he will not do these thing again and he is changed i knw that he doesnt have any othr gf …n he introduce me to his family also..n his family accepted me..he always used to say me tat he wana meet my family… want marrige soon… ..bt still he hide his inbox…. . and his friends used to tease him with othr girls names ….abt them he said these girls are jst friend…his frnds were jst havin fun by teasing him…n aftr long tym wen i met him.. n i checkd his phone again he was hvng some nonveg flirtng msg with his frnd..n he said it ws last tym he will not repeat this.. n we hd fight.. .again….n due to frustation i used to fight wid him oftenly…i said i can’t trust him bcz he does it gain n again…..and nw we hd brkup..becoz he said now he is changed but i fight too much and i always doubt him so he can’t be with me…i said ok…but now m confused that really he is changed? n jst flirts in fun way…n I overeacted…????should i patch up again..n we r in long distance so i can’t check him oftenly…. plzz give me suggestion .and dont abuse plz…thanx

The Lust

Okay…. I really need to get this off my chest. I’m new to reddit so please be kind and gentle. Right now I’m just frazzled and at a confused state because of what happened between my boss and I. Also, I apologize beforehand if I get a little too graphic here, since I haven’t told anybody what has happened. Alright.. For a little background info:

I’m 18 and I’ve been working for a tutor center for children for the past 7 months. I’m still in high school and I took the job to gain work experience and to get a little extra pay. It was my first job, so I was new to the whole “employed” experience. It wasn’t too difficult to tutor the children and aid them in basic arithmetic and reading, and I was enjoying it quite a bit. However, my boss (he’s 37) has been a huge distraction for me since the first month of working here. He’s incredibly attractive, fit and he has this intriguing flirty personality and caustic attitude about him. He’s also really funny and exudes this youthful and lustful air about him. Anyhow, I think he caught on to my attraction towards him by the way I was acting (I’d get nervous, look at his body whenever he was turned, etc) and he has been “flirting” with me since around October. He has a nickname for me and treats me like a friend. I honestly felt uncomfortable at times around him because he’d look down at my legs a lot, especially when he’d say, “See ya” to me. Other times he’d smile at me knowingly, making me melt on the inside and we’d be staring at each other for ten seconds. His flirtatiousness made my crush stronger but also made me a bit self conscious because he probably knew I liked him, since I’d smile and look down whenever he’d be “flirty.” He definitely has a “player personality.” Anyhow, since he’s my boss I never overstepped my boundaries or flirted back. Sometimes I would give him a little attitude whenever he’d tease me, but overall I was always obedient and did my best in tutoring the students.

Anyways, this whole situation has been building up until I was sure he liked something about me. Around a week ago after work, he asked me to stay overtime to talk with him about my “work hours.” We were alone in the small complex and he gave me that knowing smile again which made me shake and melt on the inside. He then started playing with my hair and saying, “—- you look nice.” I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him and kept looking down. He went closer to me and I could feel my heart beat extremely fast and my breath was getting heavier. It’s as if he knew he was making me feel this way. He started kissing me on my cheek and neck and I was frozen the whole entire time. He then started stripping me down and was kissing my whole entire body and I was just frozen and feeling incredibly aroused. I didn’t day anything because I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I’ve never been sexually touched or kissed like this. He was sucking on all parts of my body and I was moaning (embarrassingly) and he was saying things like, “Keep moaning..its so sexy.” I was really caught up in the moment. I was still standing there as he ate me out and kept saying, “— you have a beautiful body, — you’re so beautiful.” Basically to spare more details, he had sex with me.

I didn’t really know what to do at that moment. Inside in my deepest conscience it felt wrong, but physically and emotionally everything felt so good. It’s as if he awakened a new part of me, but I can’t help but to feel taken advantage of when I look back on it. I didn’t say anything the whole time except “Yes” when he asked me, “Does this feel good?” because I was slightly afraid but mostly aroused. Theres a part of me that wants to regret this, but I can’t, but now I’m in love with him because he was so intimate with me. I mean, he was gentle and he was kissing me the whole entire time, making sure it felt good. I believe he sensed my attraction from the beginning and he knew I was a bit innocent. I never had a boyfriend before nor did I ever want one because I was too focused on my schoolwork and extracurricular activities… And my first experience was with a man 20 years older.. Anyhow work has been awkward this past week, ever since that happened and I told him he took my virginity, and now he’s been distant but told me it was a mistake but that he has “fondness and affection towards me.” I apologize for my rambling, I had to confess this. I haven’t told anyone since he’s asked me not to