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Love is life :)

Hello everyone..
It is not a confession.jst something i wanna share…
I m a regular reader of dis page nd i read so many problems related to relationships
I got into my frst relationship almost 3Yrs. Back nd it was beautiful
Every moment of it…
Bt after 1 yr. We were forced to leave each other bcz of family issues
Dat time i broke
I was shattered into a million pieces nd i thought i lost everything
After some time…i met a guy online
Nd i started to like him
I proposed him
He said yess 🙂 nd from dat time everything is jst perfect in my life..
He is a gem
We are totally opposite.
He hate studies n i love to read n to study.
He is funny nd extrovert…me shy.
Yet he knows what i want nd vice versa
He is EVERYTHING dat i ever dreamt of
Now its been 1.5 Yrs nd all i know is we complete each other.
So my msg to u all is to wait
God has made a single person for u
Jst for u
Find him or her nd stay happy
Dnt think dat ur problems r bcz of ur partner
Maybe u two are not made for each other
Love is beautiful guyz
It makes u proud and happy
Not scared n sad
I found mine
Nd i hope all the readers find theirs asap 🙂