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struggling to forget

last year i met a guy on fb group as both are preparing for competitive exam.iam 21 yrs old and he is 26 yrs old.soon we became close by chatting daily.he proposed me ,first i didnt accepted ,later after some months we broke up i blocked all his contacts in fb,watspp etc.later this year in july as my exams are over i have sometime..he again called me one day ,said sorry to each other and again became friends.one day we both planned and met and just roamed on bike for 4 hrs.he proposed me again and after meeting i started loving him a lot.he is very good boy but he flirts with gals,did the same to me.next year he is going to marry,but i love him a lot,i tried all the ways to forget him but none of them worked.recently as i was serious in love he stopped talking to him,100’s of messages,lot of calls i did but he didnt replied to anyone.iam unable to live without him,i madly love him even though i know i cant own him…
please real story..no bad comments

-An Indian Confession


male 19 I do wanna confess something.. well i am serious for a girl , its almost being 4 months! as we had a little fight a few days back.. so i was sharing my case with a girl i met on facebook only! she asked to meet n like discuss ! i went to met her today! she seduces me in cinemas by rubbing her cheeks on mine then like putting her lips on mine! n come on i am a man, i didn’t repel.. we went to a hotel then and 🙁 i am feeling very guilty right now! i love my lady so much! well she do the same 🙁 n this crap :'(