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Tit for tat or forgiveness?

I am 23,female. My bf or suppose ex bf of 6 years ,had a breakup last year when he was going abroad for further studies. I thought its because I did something insane which drove him away from me. we were in a deep intimate sexual relationship ,but he cared nothing and he went ahead for breakup and i went through a hell of depression and suicide attempts.Now the real reason for him to breakup with me was because he felt for a new girl. I got to know the whole event when that girl ditched him and he came back to me. so much that he came to india to see me and patch up .. but deep down he misses her and because he and his ex were very emotionally attached .they used to send nude pictures to each other . he does not want me to go also . says he loves me . but I am really confused should i move on or time heals everything ? those depression periods make me think why should i continue . I am really confused .