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my reason of happiness gone

hi..i was in a superb relationship with my best friend he used to trust me a lot..we are in same office we spent our whole time with each other..before him i had a so called b.f from facebook with whom i went out for 2 days (first tym i dated someone) ..n my best frn proposed me after our outing with my so called bf.yesterday he asked everythng whtever happnd btwn me n my tht bf..n i told everythng to my bestie,..even no big things happened btwn me n my f.b- bf.but my bestie broke up with me as he never had a gf before me.he said i lied to him i didnt tell him these things..he asked me so many times but for sake of my relationship i used to tell him tht v went there as frns only nthng happnd btwn us like gf bf.however he jus hugged me n slept wd me on same bed but v didnt do anythng wrong.nothng big happnd not even a single kiss.my bestie got upset tht my fb bf put his hand around my waist on bed whn v wr talking lying on bed.my besties said how can i trust a fb guy like this n allow him to do all these thngs but its my past y he is being tht much serious whn m true wd him in future n present.how shud i get my bf back..need solution,,..


m 23 i have a gf. hmara relation kaafi achha chal rha h. bt ek baat h jo mujhse bardast nhi hoti. actually meri gf apne ex bf k sath bohat baar park gyi h (cheap park jaha couple kiss smooch kr rhe hote h). m is relation se pahle kabhi aise kisi park ya garden m nhi gya tha. first time meri gf hi mujhe lekr gyi thi. uske sath m 2,3 baar gya hu aise parks m. bt jab waha k scene dekhta hu to bohat jealous feel hota h ki meri gf bhi apne ex k sath yahi sab krti hogi. ab to maine uske sath park jana bhi chhod dia. m jab yaad krta hu ki meri gf apne x k sath park jaati thi, sach m aag lag jati h. pls guys suggest me what to do?



We did our under graduation together. We got into relationship when we were in college. Her parents were in kolkata. She used to stay in hostel for studies. All looked fine because we used to spend the whole day together. I used to drop her to hostel at 6 in evening. 2 years into relationship. I had a emergency situation in my family where i had to take care of our family business which we had leased out after my dad’s death. Now i was taking care of 3 restaurants. I had just taken over the business. I had to understand people , customers ,business. I was 20 then. I had told her that i m taking ovee the business n may not b able to attend some of classes. She infact told she would b supportive. She would call in peak hour business. I would cut the call saying i wil cl back. She used to b angry wen i said that. 2 months down the lane, she was so angry that i wasnt giving time. We used to talk over the phone for hours in night. My business place to her hostel distance was max 30 kms. But even then she mentioned that u r nt giving time. One day u wil loose me. I was now very careful and hired managers for restaurant. Infact started attending classes n giving time. Things looked fine for 2 months. She was happy that now i was giving her time. This was last semester and now everyone was deciding on career. All i thought was about my life. I had introduced my gal to my mom. She was happy too. We had business problem now that one manager had been injured at the night in restaurant and cash of 2 lakh rupees which i had given to him to b kept in locker being stolen. Cctv showed all were being captured. Cops till date dont update. This blow was a big one. I had to run around for police stationand manager in hospital. His family being staying here. Landlord concern in another restaurant. I was suddenly in need everywhere. I told her that. She said u r making up stories. And stopped talking to me. She cut my calls. I tried convincing her. Never succeeded. then trying to reach in college where she said u dont know pain of a gal staying alone in hostel. I tried to explain her. But she never understood. She told were done and parted ways. She never spoke to me after that. Even after million attempts. All i knew was i was blocked in Fb by her. Now my mom decided to sell all restaurants given good price which can stand as gud deposit for my sister marriage. We sold our business. My friend called me and told me ur gf is with some other guy in mall. I assumed it to b her bro and said same to him. But i called his bro and asked where r u.. He said kolkata. I reached her hostel and waited there. She came with one more classmate of ours. I said hi to both. And he left, i asked where had u been. She told me he is my new bf. I have moved on. I called him over the phone, and asked him what was happening. He told dont disturb us. We r in relationship . i cried. I wept. Which had no value for her. Then i started working for one top companies paying me gud salary. After 6 months she called and asked to meet. She told i wanted to meet as friends. I met her. She told me she broke up with him. I dint speak anythimg abt her past. I only ordered food and then dropped her back to her room. While leaving i asked her where is she now ?? She told me i m with friend. I left. She changed her number. Never shared with me. 2 years later. I.e now she called me and says she wants to be friends with me. I never got into relationship after her. Now my career is set, i still love her. I got a call 2 days back saying she wants to b friends with me. She also confessed she was in a living relationship and now infact she is looking for coming back to me. I Still love her. But i m nt able to accept. May b bec now i know she only wants time and cant support in difficult times or may b she has been in living relationship for 2 years and broke up.

loneliness n all

22 m delhi
I don’t know why but sometimes I really feel alone. There are moments when I have a lot to talk but no one to talk to & it kinds of make me feel a bit low. 🙁 I had a girl in my lyf; c was not my gf..we were friends but I loved her and c didn’t feel that way for me..gradually dis disturbed our friendship and now we r not even in touch. On d last day jb hmari baat hui c said 1 thing to me on WhatsApp dat “u don’t exist for me.” This was d gal for whom I had always been thr, helping her,caring for her. That day I was really hurt n I never msgd or called her after dat. That day I also realised one thing, no matter how much u love smone, no matter how much u care for them, people just don’t understand,they don’t even care. It’s a selfish world…my experiences with friendship hv been no different. But now I hv matured alot ,learnt a lot , I expect nothing from ppl but even after cmng to terms with d reality, I do feel lonely…afterall m a human..

he left me

F 19..3 months pehle he broke up wid me..one year back usne propose kiya tha mujhe.nd i said yes.par bahut understanding prblms thi.ladai bahut hoti thi hmari.pr iska mtlb ye to nai tha ki main usse pyar nai karti thi.use lagta h ki maine uske pyar ki kadar nai ki.han mujhse galtiya hui ki main thodi arrogant thi.lekin breakup ke bd bi maine efforts nai chode use vapas pane ke.cl text sb kch karti rahi.kunki mujhe laga ki agar galti meri h.agar use lagta h ki maine uske pyar ko nai samjha to main har ek koshish karungi use wapas pane ki.use ehsas dilaungi ki main bahut pyar karti hon usse..bahut royi hon bahut tadpi hon in 3 months me.aur jb kal use cl ki to pata chala ki he is in a relatnshp wid her ex gf..i was shattered.tut gayi hon main.3 months se khud ko saza de rai thi ki agar mere use hurt karne ki wajah se ye sb hua h to main apni galti sudharungi.bt wo to relatn me bi a gaya..aur us ladki ne use kbi ditch kiya tha kisi aur ki wajah se.aur aj wo wapas ayi to use maf kar diya..aur meri feelings..mere ansu.aj kch bi matter nai karte uske liye.wo sare moments, wo sari yadein, wo sare promise sb ka vajod 3 mahine bi nai raha uske liye..mujhe kch samaj nai a raha kya karu.bahut pyar karti hon main usse.

Just an advice


aaj yuhin is page k confessions padh rhi thi.. Maximum confession to bas love breakup relationships ke hi the.. To ek baat aayi dhyan me to laga k idhr hi share krni chahiye..
To baat ye hai k main 3 yrs relationshp me reh chuki hun.. We both still love each other but kisi wajah se last 2 or 3 yrs se hm dono ne brkup kr lia.. Lekin kuch hota h zaruri baat ya kuch b to baat kr lete h hmdono.. But we both are not continuously in touch.. Hmdono ke bich b kafi jhagde wagairh hote the jaise bht se couples k sth hote h.. Fr ab alg hone ke baad.. Last 2,3 yrs se mere kuch new frnds bne.. Nd m glad k mujhe itne achhe frnds mile h.. Ke kbi kisi bf ki chah hui hi nhi..
Idhr maine bht logon ke dkha k jiske gf ya bf nhi h or wo chahte h gf bf ka jhamela rkhna.. To ye bas cnfssn un logon k liye hi h khaskr k.. K agar aapke paas achhe frnds h.. To mat zidd kro k gf chahiye bf chahiye.. Kuch nhi hota.. Agr gf bf chahiye to pehle khud se to pucho k kya tum sach me us bande k sath apni puri lyf spnd kroge.. Or kya tmhri or uski family tmhre relation ko accpt kregi..
Ladkon ka to kuch jata nhi.. Ldki ko use krte h fr bhul jate.. (kuch ldkon ki baat kr rhe.. Sabki nhi)..
To ye ldki ko sochna chahiye k kya sahi h kya galat.. Kuch tym ke maze k liye apni life mat khrab krna yr.. Kyunki apni life kaisi bnani h ye tmpr dpnd krta h..
Ab ldka ho ya ladki ho, dono hi kuch achhe or kuch bure hote hi h.. To main kisi ka syd to le nhi sakti.. Bas ye keh skti hu k ‘gud girls nd boys’ plz zara sambhal ke baaki bache logon se.. :p or ‘bad girls nd boys’ plz na apni lyf khrab kro na dusron ki..
Zyada bol dia na.. Sorry 😐