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I lmw u read ds page..dts y writing it here…. I left me… said dt u hate me..bt still i dnt knw y.. I LUV U .. i committed many mistakes… hurt u many tyms.. bt dt dt ws bcz f immaturity .. u left me alone… blocked me frm everywhere.. do u really think dt if i’ll nt c ur pic dn i’ll frget u ??? m sry.. bt luv doesnt need pix etc.. u live in my heart dear.. & no one cn erase u .. i tried to hate u bcz of how much u insulted me.. said to me.. bt i really cnt..i cnt.. cz i still luv u vry mch.. more dn anything…i still pray fr u… i knw one day u’ll cum to me.. & will say u luv me.. i decided not to marry any1 now.. its nt dt i dnt believe any1 or aything lyk dt… its jst .. dt d ryts i had given u… d luv i feel fr u.. i cnt give it to anybody else evr in my lyf… u knw.. if sum1 wud guarantee me dt i cn spend only one day wd u… n aftr dt i have to die… i wud choose dt fr sure… i upload many pix & status jst to hide my feelings n to show dt m absolutly fyn.. bt deep inside i knw.. m nt.. m totally broken …since last 7 months i cry vry nyt & pray to god to get u back…i dnt knw… whether dese things mattr fr u or nt evn..somtyms i evn think of committing suicide bt dn think.. if i’ll die.. dn how wud i get to marry u … how will i tell u how much i really luv u…while writing ds m still crying…bt evry drop of my tear believes ,,.. u’ll come 1 day defently & u’ll say… “I LUV U MISHTI ” .. till dt day…i’ll wait fr u baby… i really luv u…. miss u lyk hell :'( bt still luv u …


M 20,Mumbai
I’m a guy of simple taste with not many demands frm parents…but quite frustrated… Can’t concentrate on my engineering ryt now….i repeated to get a good college but still not happy…failing subjects… Parents r fed up with me….mum always says get ouuta the house…I feel like I’m the worst son ever born…feel stuck..on toppa that I’m madly in love with a girl since 7 years could never gather the courage to tell her…pls help…m not a bad person

whats my fault?

Hey Evryone
Admin Plss Post it
I Really Need Some Suggestions

I ws in a rltnship wid a guy since last 1 year
2 mnths back, i got to know dat he was cheating on me
Still I said him to make a fresh strt as i luvd him a lot nd he also agreed
Bt still he continued talking wid dat girl
Actually usko dono k sath rhna tha bt ye to possible th ni
Then aftr situation strtd becoming worse
He strtd abusing nd threating me
Then i decided to tell his parents abt evrythng
I went to his place nd talked to his parents
Bt nw i m feeling guilty
Mai to usse bht pyar krti thi fir uske hi lyf me kaise pblm creat kr di frown emoticon
Kya maine glti ki ??


male 19 I do wanna confess something.. well i am serious for a girl , its almost being 4 months! as we had a little fight a few days back.. so i was sharing my case with a girl i met on facebook only! she asked to meet n like discuss ! i went to met her today! she seduces me in cinemas by rubbing her cheeks on mine then like putting her lips on mine! n come on i am a man, i didn’t repel.. we went to a hotel then and 🙁 i am feeling very guilty right now! i love my lady so much! well she do the same 🙁 n this crap :'(