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How will it end?


Lets start at the beginning. As luck would have it i would not have met her if i hadnt decided to drop a year preparing for medical entrance exams. I cant reveal as to where and in what exact situation we met but i can tell you seeing her face for the first time i realized that she is different from others. A quiet soul like me who didnt believe in love until i fell into it. Our first conversation highlighted the similarities in our thinking and choices. We were both so happy…we both thought how nice it was to find someone similar. One thing led to another and lets just say love was inevitable between us. She was everything to me..and i was everything to her i could tell. But lets not bore you all much guys and girls..let me get to the crux, she is a muslim, i a hindu by birth but frankly not much of a believer. I am on the road to be a doctor. It will take time, patience, hardwork, and she says with a smile that she will be waiting..no matter where i go..whichever college i go to. One part of me is grateful for that..another says..she will spend all her life waiting..while you wont be able to give her much time. Does she really deserve a man like you ? I think her family will never accept me..no matter how sucessful i become. I do hope there will be a way, no, rather i pray to god there is a way for us. And let it be known to god that i dont ask him for anything else..just her. Its 3:23 am in the morning. I know many people will slander this post. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions after all. I just had to get this out..vent this out.
An Indian Confession.