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sensible hotness

When I turned 17, everyone around me was making a girlfriend. Studies took the back seat. Instead of Physics, people discussed about girls.

” Which girl do you like” someone among us would ask.

“I like X. She is hot.”

Hotness became the new cool. Hotter the girl, more the number of boys wanting her as girlfriend. Why? I think nobody understood then. At least I didn’t. It was done because everyone was doing it.

During fourth semester of my engineering, a girl proposed me. She was everything a boy of 20 would have wanted for. Smart and educated. More than everything else she loved me like crazy. But this time, the girl was not pretty. However, it didn’t matter. People change with time. I realized by then that physical beauty is not going to last. Love would. So I’m lucky to have someone who loves me more than anything else.

She left one day. Probably she found someone whose love for her was far greater than her love for me. I’m not sure. She never told me.

I introspected. Love being aside, we were quite opposite. I like reading,she hated it. She loved parties what I despise till now. She was free as a bird, I caged myself in few things. She was cool, I wasn’t. Whatever. It was not meant to happen. It didn’t happen.

Few days ago, I started messaging a girl. I immediately started liking her. She loved writing.She was witty. I liked her for that only to realize she is already committed. Bad. I can’t flirt with her anymore.

One of my friend asked me what I would look for in a girl. What is my expectation?

“Nothing” I said. She was surprised.

I seriously don’t know what would make me fall for a girl at 25. What I know is this-hotness is not the primary criterion and I should have a similar liking which she has so that we can enjoy each other’s presence.

I would appreciate if someone can understand my silence. That’s it.

posted on December 27, 2014