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Another love Story

Hi…frnds…yr I luved a guy alot frm past 8 years..in 2012 i dared and told him abt my feelings…after dat we spent 6 beautiful months with each other ..one day my parents came 2 knw abt our relation and he just broked up d relation ..i tried alot 2 convience him but he rejects..he says dat he always treated me as a gud frnd but i knw no one says LUV U to any gud frnd….he is not afraid of my family..even not hv any other crush…i knw he luvs me..but he nvr tells whts in his mind..guys i need him yr…wht shud i do..:(


shri balaji society,pune
Not new to pune but to the area dange chowk where the college is.
I express my heartiest gratitude to the student of your college from whom
i was helped by ,in IBPS-PO exam to reach the
examination hall.I reached the centre before the twenty minutes exam starts.
I was looking for seating arrangement but couldnt find ,as the sheet has to be removed
before half an hour exam could start.I was running here and there in the campus to search
the seating arrangement.I told this to a group of boys who were dressed in formals were
looking as exam coordinators.
Among them there was one of the guy who helped me in reaching the building,to board lift till fourth floor
and requesting authorities to allow me to give IBPS exam.
I dont remember whom i was helped by Someone beyond limits.
I am grateful and thankful to that guy.Nice college and Nice students.

Fed up

i am 23f and recently got married..my husband is 27 n we are happy together everything was good for someday’s den after i don’t understand why people can’t mind their own lives ,m kind of modern girl but still i respect my traditions and my in-laws..my mother-in-law will always create some nonsense m fed up with her typical indian telivision drama’s..slowly my husband started fighting with me by listening to her,and started shouting at me for lil things.i told my husband many times about this but as usual men are men he don’t trust me even no1 around me will trust me coz of her acting..i dont have any intension to break their relationship coz m basically from a joint family i know the value of people ,even i dont want to leave my husband coz he’s good n he loves me i cant punish him for others mistakes.m really fed up with this daily drama..literally m hating my life n my career is ruining away m not able to concentrate on anything ..m totally messed up with these stuff.. this is my sob story 🙁 can any1 suggest me what to do?


Hi friends.. I am a marine engineer and I want to confess somthing that will not take ur much time to read but I am disclosing that I m a mariner as the girl whom I love is also on this page and she too can read the confession.
I signed off from my ship few months before and started talking to one of the girl. We were in good touch nd used to talk a lot. After few days I was in lov wid her.. I was fallen for her. I proposed her but as she is still studying so she rejected.. but still we were in good touch like before.. I knew one day she vl definitely accept me.. she accepted my proposal nd but I don’t no what happened she said I need to think I need time. But after that she treated like we dunno each other. Now I m fed up from my life nd thinking to kill myself..I don’t no what to do what not to bt to b frank I can’t sleep properly. Always use to think of her but she is fuck bothered about me.. I m just loosing my mind nd can’t understand what to do.. may b till the time she reads my post I vl b no more. nd yup ppl will think what a mad guy he is but yes I m mad for that girl. Some will say what rubbish as I m saying I vl die. But that vl happen coz I am unable to control my mind nd emotions. Thanks for reading

Incredible india

India is a country where everyone want to be backward yet they have high status in the society…here people will do anything to become a backward class be it looting,dacoity,riots anything…that’s how they show there power to get that backward status..

I live in a country where your caste will lend you a sc/st or obc status not your economic background..

I live in a country where you will get yourself killed if you marry someone of tour choice and she/he happens to be of different cate.. “Social status”..that’s what people call it..yet want to be in backward class that’s will surely show them there social status…

I live in a country where each and everyperson has a caste…but none of them are indian…

I live in a country where politicians don’t care for the country…they care for the bote bank…

And when the election comes..they start making transactions from that bank..but none of them still care for the country or development..they care for the votes based on caste..

India is a country where naming a road lend a debate on national television..but a dying soldier don’t catch any attention..

India is the only country where you can host the flag of neighbouring country and sing there anthem ..and deny to host tricolor and you will not be executed for this..rather it will be publicised in media..

India is a country where people are only indian when we have india vs pakistan cricket match…

I Am in love for the first time

I met a girl on mumbai to banglore flight on 25th august (jet airways) she was very cute..and her smile was amazing… Her seat no. Was 35A.. hum dono ek dusre ko poori flight me dekhte rhe or smile kiya fir meine usse isharo se kaha that she is beautiful… Bass me usse baat nhi kr paya 3 din ho gya but i cant get her out of my mind.. pls agar t yeh padh rhi ho to comment kro.. me voi hu tumko yaad dilane k liye bta du meine black t-shirt pehni thi or meri sheat 34E thi..

Jasleen Kaur ka sach…

Jasleen Kaur was not harassed, she is telling lies…
Kuch din pehele ek ladki ne yeh stunt khela ki ek ladke ne usse chedda … social media par logo ne support bhi kiya aankhein band krke, par sachai sabke samne jald hi aayi.. yeh dekhiye poora sach… dates, edits, ek ek cheez ka khulasa…. Main really mein chahta hu aisi girls ko whi saza honi chahiye jo ek rapist ko di jaati hai.. shayad main galat bhi hu.. but aisi girls kanoon k saath khelna janti hain..