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Tit for tat or forgiveness?

I am 23,female. My bf or suppose ex bf of 6 years ,had a breakup last year when he was going abroad for further studies. I thought its because I did something insane which drove him away from me. we were in a deep intimate sexual relationship ,but he cared nothing and he went ahead for breakup and i went through a hell of depression and suicide attempts.Now the real reason for him to breakup with me was because he felt for a new girl. I got to know the whole event when that girl ditched him and he came back to me. so much that he came to india to see me and patch up .. but deep down he misses her and because he and his ex were very emotionally attached .they used to send nude pictures to each other . he does not want me to go also . says he loves me . but I am really confused should i move on or time heals everything ? those depression periods make me think why should i continue . I am really confused .

I m so confused what to do

We met 3 years ago became besties and afer being in a vry beutiful 1.5 year best friend we started liking each other and developed a relation of love between us and became couple and spended beatiful 1.5 year together and suddenly 3 months ago she said that there is no one has been in relation in her family and she also doest wanna be in relation anymore but will be with me as best friend forever I agreed with it coz she has her own freedom and decision making…but whenever she meets me she use to be as my gf I am vry much confused that what she wants I really love her and she says she also does but dont wanna show it plzz some one suggest me what should I do and what she want any guess plzz help !!!

Cheating at Message parlour

Hi! maine socha tha ki ye baat kisi ko nahi batyonga but mujhe lagta hai ye baat har kisi tak pahonchnii chhiye taki wo meri tarah ditch na ho.

Hua you ki, aaj main ek banglore main ek ma or massage parlour gaya for sex and message, i was so exicted,
Us parlour ke no pe maine call kiya ek sweet si ladki ne phone uthaya aur mujhe J.P. Nagar aane ko kahan, main wahan gaya. Mujhe bola gya ki Rs 2500 main 2.5 hours ke liye i can enjoy with the girl.
But wahan jo hua wo sab opposite, wahan jane ke baad mujhse Rs500 extra manage gaya maine nahi diya to baad main Rs 50 extra diya.
Mujhe ek ladki dikhayi jo ki gori thi but moti thi, maine socha theek hai kar lete hai, usne aate hai tip mangna shuru kar diya, usne kahanki Rs 1000 extra do, maine kahan mujhe mana kiya gaya hai koi bhi tip dene se, so wo maan gay aur uska boss bhi.
Phir wo room main usne kapde utare sare aur maine bhi mujhe laga ki ab message hoga and then sex, usne aate hi bola dalo, aur na hi usne boobs choosne diye na hi kiss karne diya, usne mere penis par 2 condom chadha diye aur boli ki karo, main kiya around 4-5 min then i cum, phir usne bola after 5 min that ki kaam ho gaya ab jayon, main o bhi soch ke aaya tha sab ka sab mitti main mil gaya, mere se bola gaya tha ki i can enjoy for 2.5 hours, but i was said to go after 5 min, i felt like cheated and looted, wahan par kisi se kuchh complain bhi nahi kar sakte kyonki aapne kuchh ulta bola to wo log aapse ladne ko aa jayenge, ye pheli baar nahi doosri baar hua mere saath, pehli baar Indira nagar ke ek parlour main aisa hua wahi bhi aisa hi hua mujhe 5 min baad jane ko bola gaya. So guys don’t go to any parlour in banglore for sex as its not safe and they will not give you what they promise, its a clear loot.


why not a girl child?

28-male -Mumbai

If u can read then only read otherwise i don’t force u ………
This is my story … I m the 4th children of my parents i have 3 sisters
Before my birth my father was disappointed bcoz of 3girls my father literally ignored my sisters, on a name ceremony of my 3 rd sister my dad literally went to work and came on another day . i lost my father on 1st April 2000 after my fathers death my elder sister left her education bcoz i was only 10 years old. she earn for our family then when i turn 12-13 my 2nd elder sister left her education and start earning and when i turn 15 my 3rd sister start earning , all of them didn’t force me to do the same they always support me …..
Now i m 28 well educated , working in well known organisation but seriously till date my sisters always call me and ask me about myself or even help me in my needs …..maybe god sent some angels in my life ( i felt so)
When i was born a 1st person i had seen was my mom
When i was born the one most happy person was my grandma
When i need moral support my aunt (maasi) was always there
When i was facing financial need my aunt ( bua) support me she passed away last year but i realised i was the nominee of her all the bank accounts and deposits
When i was struggling with communication and writing skills my aunt ( kaki, chachi) was there ( i admire her in my whole life)
When i was in school a teacher who built me was ( manjerakar mam , anita mam , neeta mam, prema mam)
When i was running out of money my aunt ( mami) helped me
And top of that my sisters always there with me they had done a tremendous job in my life

Now tell me why people don’t want a girl child ? Or why a girl child is strictly prohibited in our society ?
It hurts me a lot when someone don’t respect a girl

I have two daughters ( my nieces) and i m proud of them
I whish” i muze pahali beti hi ho so mai unke laad kar saku”

Pls respect a women , bcoz “hum ladke kabhi maa baap ka naam roshan nahi karte wo ladkiya hi hoti hai jo maa baap ko sambhalti hai “

dont know whats going on?

hi everyone.. i m from Lucknow..female 18 yrs
i am in a relationship from 1 year…in a long distance relationship..and i am really happy with him..zindagi ki saari khushiyan usi se hain meri..we shared both good and bad experiences of life together..hand in hand..jab bhi pyar word sunti hu bas uska khyaal aata hai..dil mei..
wo bhi mujhse bht pyaar krta hai..he always says ki engineering khatam karke mere se shaadi kr liyo..i really trust him n just living for him..whenever we meet..he always makes me feel like a princess…

par kuch din pehle ki baat hai..fb pe mujhe ek unknwn person ka msg aaya. waise toh hmesha aata rehta hai..i always ignore chats unknown persons on fb..
par usse baat ki maine normally..he was too nice to me..achhe dost bn gye hm log..fir bestie bhi bn gye..num exchange kiya n we started talking on phn n whatsapp..usne mjhe propose kr diya..maine mana kar diya obviously..
par he said ki tmhara bf tmhe dhokha dega..mai tmhara wait kruga..zindagi bhr ke liye..he even showed my pics to his mom..n got me approved for 😮 him..meri trf se kuch ni tha..maine kaha aisa kuch ni hoga..na wo mjhe dhokha dega na tm mere liye wait kroge..toh usne kaha ki..uski sixth sense kabhi galat ni bolti..ab tak jo bhi usne feel kiya wo hua hai..i also had a soft corner for him in my heart..par ab hm log baat ni krte..usne kaha ki use pata hai ki uska pyaar sachcha hai..aur main use zrur milugi n wo jaanta hai ki mera bf mjhe ditch krega..wo bas mera intezaar kr rha hai..wo kehta hai ki main uski life ki pehli ladki hu..he even cried for me..begging me to leave my bf n come to him..pehli baar koi ldka mere liye roya..mujhe ajeeb feel ho rha tha..itna psycho type ka bnda itne kam time mei mjhse itna zyada pyaar krne laga..mjhse milne tak aa gya..par main mili ni..par jab se usne baat krna bnd ki hai ye keh ke ki main tmahara wait kar rha hu..mjhe pata hai tmhe chhod dega wo..tm sirf apna time waste krri ho uske sth..tumhe mere paas aana hi hoga..main wait kruga tmhare liye..tum bs meri ho jao mjhe aur kuch ni chahye..kuch b kruga tmhre liye..n bht kuch bola..wo ni baat krta mjhse..meri khushi k liye..par keh ke gaya hai bht hi sure hokr ki mera bf mjhe chhod dega…par mai hu tmhre liye hmesha..i miss him now..aadat lg gyi uski buri waali..

kya kru kuch smjh ni aa raha hai..ek taraf lagta hai ki wo kyu mjhse itna pyaar krne laga n kaise itna sure hai uska sixth sense ki mera bf mjhe ditch kr dega…aur dusri trf i m also getting attracted towrds him..miss him now..par apne bf se bhi main bht pyaar krti hu :'(

need some good suggestions..:(


Its about a truth behind an innocent face of a BOY who use to tell everyone about his Long distance relationship with a girl ,
whom he have first seen in a marriage and started liking from day.
Soon they became frnds on FB ,
he use to write poems for her,daily wishing Gud morning BEAUTIFUL nd GOOD NT BEAUTIFUL,
use to LIKE and COMMENT on her evry photo, Girl also started liking him
(they had a common relation in btwn their family,so their parents know eachother very well)

After few months BOY proposed GIRL and gave assurance of their marriage as their family knows each other, the GIRL however refused by saying that she only likes him
BOY said you will fall in love with me just talk to me,belive in me.
soon they started chatting long hours and with his sweet and melodious talks she felt in love with him. HE use to send her CUTE VIDEOS of making CARDS ,POEMS by himself for her.
He always gave her assurance of their marriage as HE has told his MOTHER about HER(that they like each other)
but GIRL said that neither SHE is allowed to do Love marriage nor she has guts to speak to her parents about these things,
BOY said ok we will see that thing later(JO hoga dekha jaega)
YOU dont need to do anything I will manage as I have told my mother about us.
BOY convince HER everytime.

They were in a long.distance relationship now, everything was going well both of them were studying in their Engineering College(Boy was a hostler and the girl studying in another city was day-scholar)
BOY wanted her to have a telephonic conversation daily, she agrees and started talking at her lunch time.
few days later boy told her, he wanted to talk her in night, she refused by saying she will nt be able to talk at her home,pls understand.
again BOY repeated same lines by saying these talks will help us in understanding each other, Again GIRL was caught in his emotions and WEB and started talking at night,
SHE realises that BOY use to ORDER her like; i want you talk to me at sharp 10;30 pm,
dont sleep before my call,
Take rest in evening becuse i want to talk to u at night.etc..
HE doubts on hr GF if she had ever chatted with any classmate,or any boy
GIRL took all these things as a concern , and she stopped talking to any boy as she was also in love with him. SHE was very POLITE and KIND in nature.

Few months later they started fighting with each other on every topic ,as The girl cant handle his rude behaviour any more ,HE was just ordering her and keeping an EYE on her every moment by regularly asking (OR BATAO, KYA KIA AAJ, KYA KAROGI AJ, KAHA HO, PHONE UTHAO, KISSE BAT KI, those Fuckng Questns)
she was frustated that time and wanted to end that relationship but BOY begs her,cries on call saying not to go from his life he will not repeat his mistakes n ol, HE cant survive..bla.bla
GIRL was very emotional she doesnt END anything as SHE was an emotional FOOL

,,they again started talking,,boy showed his REAL FACE again by BLACKMAILING her to talk to her otherwise he will tell the truth to her parents that you are talking to me frm past 1 yr,and because she was afraid to face that situation she talked him everytime he wanted (his mostly talks were OR BTAO n NON.VEG talks and if girl refuses he blackmail her)

IF GIRL doesn’t pick HIS CALL he use to call at her MOTHER’s phone by saying i am HIS CLASSMATE speaking Can i speak HER, then he says to GIRL DONT try to miss my call otherwise i will tell our relationshp truth to your mother.

GIRL never wanted to meet him personally because of his misbehaviour ,but BOY continuously ask her to come n meet, But she never met.

GIRL was caught in a web whr she cant tell truth because she was frightened of facing everything and that was her blunder mistake (if she had told anyone of hr family member she could have saved her that animal who was mentally Torturing HER)

3 yrs later her parents got to hear a RUMOUR that BOY* had tried to commit suicide last yr because of their daughter, After then Girl told the whole truth, that she was caught in a web whr she cant do anything because she was Frightened( GIRL was very happy and THANKED GOD)

Soon SHE got to see the REAL face when BOY betrayed her and said that SHE wanted me ,she wanted to talk to me everytime, and all false things. GIRL doesn’t expect that ever but that happened to her.
NOW HIS sister(EVIL) is spreading RUMOURS about that GIRL just because she wanted to keep his brother image INNOCENT.


Just to clarify


i am the same confessor no. 585 .. Isbar bas kuch clear krna chahti hu.. Comments me bht logon ne mujhe fake bola.. Mujhe frk to nhi padta.. But kuch logon k liye wo confession kia tha.. Isliye clear kr rhi hoon.. K 2010 me main relationshp me gyi thi nd 2013 me brkp hua.. Lgta aise 4 yr h na.. But actual relation 3 yrs ka tha.. Mnths ki b kuch value hoti h yr.. Nd dusri baat.. Maine us cnfssn me likha h k kuch ldke or kuch ldkiyan achhi hoti h or buri b.. Maine kisi ek ka side nhi lia tha.. Then kyun bola k girls hi use krti h boys ko.. Be practical yr.. Na sare boys bure hote h na saari grls.. To kyun ‘boys cheat krte h grls krte h’ ye sab bolte ho.. Kuch ki wjh se sbko kyun bura kehte ho.. Or baat conditional unconditional love ki thi hi nhi.. Conditional love kuch hota hi nhi.. Simply uska naam h timepaas.. Or us timepass relation me rkha kya h? Jitna tym apne bf ya gf se baat krne me uske bare me sochne me lgaoge usse bettr wo time kisi or kaam me lgao.. maine kisi ko love krne ko mana to kia h nhi.. Maine bas ye kaha k khud socho smjho kuch tb decide kro.. Or attrction ko love na smjh baitho.. Jitna fr tmhe hurt hoga utna hi tmhre prtnr ko.. To kya zrurt..

Zindagi, saath bita sako, to saath rehne ka waada karo..

Carrier vs Love

i wanted to ask n want reviews from u all.. please read carefully if u cant den don’t waste your time by commenting something shit here!
mai hmesha se art work me achi hu NIFT ya b.arch krna chahti thi but life me jo chaho jaroori ni mile. mera evn asia ke sbse purane n bst architecture collge me ho gya th n aur kch famous university me hua th , but sbki love life hoti problms hoti. Us time mere bf ne mana kr dia ki mat jao kahi yhi raho in d same city.. us insaan ke liye i lied at my home ki mera nhi hua h..JUST FOR HIM maine apni life ka sbse bada dream chhoda permanently.now doing btch(in IT)Jaise sbke beech ladaiya hoti h hmre beech bi hoti h..usko mre frnds ni psnd maine bt krna kam dia.olmst bnd kr dia..uske khilaaf ek word ni sun skti hu mai .even uski mom tk se ladi hu uske liye.itna aj ke time me kaun krta h yaar, but yestrdy he told me that he startd liking some other gal now..F**k off yaar..ky nahi kia fr him everythng.. n d reasn he gave to attract towrds that gal is she looks more pretty dn me n she even brokdup with his bf just for my man. great .dt slut gal. aisi ldkiya ldkiyo ke naam pr kaalaa dhabba h..thek h pretty ho to ye mtlb ki kapde ki tarah bf badlogi n bakiyo ki life khrb krogi.. i think kafi kch bol dia..nw feelng bettr! 🙂


22 M New Delhi
I don’t know why but sometimes I really feel alone. There are moments when I have a lot to talk but no one to talk to & it kinds of make me feel a bit low. 🙁 I had a girl in my lyf; c was not my gf..we were friends but I loved her and c didn’t feel that way for me..gradually dis disturbed our friendship and now we r not even in touch. On d last day jb hmari baat hui c said 1 thing to me on WhatsApp dat “u don’t exist for me.” This was d gal for whom I had always been thr, helping her,caring for her. That day I was really hurt n I never msgd or called her after dat. That day I also realised one thing, no matter how much u love smone, no matter how much u care for them, people just don’t understand,they don’t even care. It’s a selfish world…my experiences with friendship hv been no different. But now I hv matured alot ,learnt a lot , I expect nothing from ppl but even after cmng to terms with d reality, I do feel lonely…afterall m a human..

What waz my fault???

I m 21yr girl.. I fall in love with a boy on fb.. I know him frm school time.. First time … We talked on fb.. And after 1 month .. He prps me.. And I ansd him yes… Nd he slowly started to do some non veg chatng… And I also shared some prsnl pic to him .. But he alwz used to share our secrets to his frndz… Nw what can I do? Plz help me. And nw my situtn is lyk that I can’t sleep properly.. I want to do something like sucide…