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Invisible Tears

It had been days and months i know him.. But at first i never tried to speak with him nor i never tried to know about him. But fate will never leave you with choice of yours completely. Suddenly my life take a very big up. I don’t know.. That day i will definitely know that up will lead you to down.
It started with a simple message one day. I never thought that…replying to that will change the course of my life. I just replied and unknowingly we got closer to each other.when you are happy everything runs so fast!!! Its seems. Time flew past us so fast that,each and every day we moved so many steps together. We used to love, fight, kiss, hug, argue, sad sometimes ,happy sometimes,Romantic a lot. Even now this are making me blush all the way when i am writing this.
But never did i thought that,ups will be over and you will eventually fall down. But the day came!!! When step by step of my life started moving back ward..exactly the same steps.. I never missed walking back. And all i had left with is loneliness again.
But this time tears didn’t ran down my cheeks.They just started falling from my heart and covering up my soul so bad that i am drenched in those tears and started moving down. And the feelings which are mixed up in my tears started killing me like that they are avenging me because all i did was being so sensitive and making up grow them more and more.
But something is different with these kind of tears and the one who created this.
I learned from you is a beautiful fake laugh that hides the pain killing inside. Yes,really with the laugh on my face learn from you and the invisible tears caused by you which are covering up my soul ,i am improving the strongest personality ever i had and i am becoming a strong women as you titled me.
What the strange part is,even in this deepest sorrow we and you are the things all i can think of!……