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Should we help unknowns?

Aj mene nd mere frd ne beer pine ka plan banaya and tekke pe gaye, wai pass mae bait ke pee he rahe the ki ek aurat aiya most probably hamari mom li umar ki akee pas mae baitke peete hue laet gayi side mae. At first we thought ki yaha sae kat lete hae bt my fuking heart said no, she might get into some problems and delhi mae rape cases ki kami nai hai, tho i went to her asked her address and unhone bola ki she lives in xyz place. People around us were drunk and most of them looked like they would rape her if they get a chance so I asked her if I could drop her somewhere and after rejecting for some time i told her I will call police as i can’t leave her there, then she agreed to come with me, took my friends bike took her to the said spot and she was like not here some jmps ahead, took her there and she said kiss me, I constantly said no then she was kind of going to make scene so I kissed her forehead, then she asked me to suck her boobs to which I replied after we reach your place, took her somewhere as she guided and she got off, there was a couple standing there asked them about her and they were like she is a prostitute and when she heard that went on her way, worst experience, now thinking should I help other like this in future cuz most tend to be a headache??
Sorry for long confession and forgive if there are any grammatical errors, I am from kerala and don’t know much hindi.

-An Indian Confession