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My life

My grades sucked and I wasn’t(or am not) even eligible for a job.
I used to waste all my time watching movies or playing pc games.
Didn’t have a gf either.Wasn’t good at anything.
So I liked this girl a lot,she was a junior and had a b.f
I never was into chasing girls(had a gf in class 9th though) and was always afraid of rejection.But i never wanted to quit on her,even though I was being friend zoned.After 6 months of trying,I failed.I was depressed and was feeling very low.I really really felt like shit.
That’s when I realized that I was worth nothing.And I decided that I need to do something about my life.
I started learning making apps and after about 7-8 months of learning.I launched a music player.Had no money for advertising so I used to sleep 4hrs /day for a long time so that I could tell the online world about my app.
It soon gained momentum and now after 5 months of it’s launch, has over 250,000 downloads ,comes under top 15 music players(now comes under 10,just above google 😀
and earns me more than Rs 100,000/month(In December it earned me Rs. 1,30,000)
with the money almost doubling each month.(without even me having to work)
I have rejected job offers without even asking how much they will pay me.
Have been represented as a budding entrepreneurs in India in front of professors of Amity College (even though I am not from Amity)
Have been contacted by “Mozilla”(yes the same browser company) because of my app.
Have been offered Rs.36,000,00($60,000) for selling my app,but I rejected.
And the fact that I am still in college pursuing my B.Tech degree brings a smile on my face.
And all this happened within an year.
That rejection made me realize ,”life is what you make it”,your attitude towards the different events and things is the only thing that matters.

I have been chasing a new girl these days 😛