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Love never dies

“I miss my Girlfriend alot. we spent years together in school.
But today she in no more in this world.
She died 7 months ago in an accident while returning from her friend’s home.
From that day I’ve never been able to even think about any other girl.
I spend all my time crying, in her memories. I am not able to concentrate on my studies.
My life has become HELL.
Don&t know what to do with my life. Just feel like there’s nothing left in this world to live for, but then, thw thought of my family stops me from doing anything that would give them the pain i’m suffering from. They don’t know anything about this.
I never believed in love, until the day i frst saw her. The day i frst spoke to her, i decided to live rest of my life with her. The day i proposed her, and she agreed, was indeed the best day of my life. I felt like…like…aisa laga jaise mujhe jannat mil gayi ho.
She gave me butterflies in my stomach. I just couldn’t stop smiling whenever i heard her name or saw her. I just loved to see and just see her when she used to speak. She taught me, what true love actually was. I just dreamt about our future lives..our wedding…about our kids..the way we lived with each other through our old age until our death. Yes! She was my first love and indeed, my first girlfriend. I just can’t even imagine my life with any other girl. I rarely go out or talk to anyone since that miserable day of my life. I have my parents worried about me, my life and curious about my behaviour.
I can fool the world with my fake smile but not them. Everytime they ask me-about the matter, i just change the topic. I don’t have any explanation for that.

She died, I cried
World takes my smile as the sign of my happy goin life, but i know. Inside i am dieing

It ws my mistake, she died just because of me. She called me up askin me to pick her up. But my lazy ass…i ws sleeping, so just asked her to take a cab. Now, i regret my life.

I have money, but now I realized why people say money cannot buy happiness.

Our memories of our time spent together makes me smile and her loss makes me cry at the same time.

I just pray to God, that just once, if i could get her back again, i’d never ever let her go.
I just pray to God, that i’d die in her place, but i wan’t her alive back again, just to hug her tight and never leave, i just wan’t to see her smile, i just wan’t to kiss her once again.
I still daydream about her coming back to life and us living like before. once again. Just once. I’d never leave her, i’d never let her even walk 100 metres without me.

Whenever my friend ask me to forget her and move on-but I with tears in my eyes, just smile walk away.
While writing this, i had her in my mind. I can go on for days and even months talking about her and her qualities.
Every night i go to bed crying and wake up crying since last 7 months.
This post is not to gain sympathy but to tell everyone that either to care for the one you love so much that they never leave you or never love anyone soo much that their loss makes you hard to survive.

May your soul rest in peace yashika.
I love you very much and my love for u, will keep on increasing, until i die.”


sweet love story

Just like everything else, love conquered and before I knew I was already far more deeply in love with you than I thought A***m Vi**al, 3rd year, VIT.

When I look back, I see you I see me, I see us growing together and the sun that smiled and even grinned sometimes back then . The memories are still afresh, those giggles and laughter, that slowly and gradually, bonded us deeper. We have known each other, like we were always together.

Now after 9 long years, I want to confess how much I love you and will, forever. I love the way you smile. I love the way, your eyes say things that you want to hide.I love the fact that no matter where you are, you help people with all your heart. I love you for being the person that you are. From my soul, bottom of my heart.This feeling that I have forayed into, is undoubtedly, the best feeling in the world. And the two of us make our own world of beautiful memories, unsaid words, laughter, happiness, understanding and of love.


I know you have suffered a lot from your past. I know your past, with you, even, I have cried a lot. Somebody gave you dreams only to snatch them away, it almost shattered you like broken pieces of glass.I understand you will never get out of it, at-least in this life. I have accepted you with your past.

I love you 🙂


Don’t want to loose her

Male 18

I have been dating a girl for past 2 years , we are dying on each other, we love each other so much. We infact promised each other that we never cheat on each other .. The problem is she has been studying in girls school , Now she insists on getting admitted in co-education where both boys and girls study each other,, but I don’t want her to go there, because I’m pretty insecure about her and I never wanna loose her.. Moreover I’m scared as hell that she may talk to boys there….
I’m freaking upset,,,, Plz let me know what i should do…

-An indian confession

What to do?

Female 21
I m in a relationship fr d last 6 years… my bf loves me a lot… bt nw i dont feel anythng fr him….mai b use pyar krti ti bt pta nhi kyu ab mai kuch feel nhi krti uske lye….usko mere ek frnd se bht jda probs ti or is wjh se humre reltion mai bht sari probs ayi…or hum bht ladte the…usne mjhe bht torture kra tha…physcly b mujhe hurt kra tha…jb mai use chodne ko bolti ti to wo mjhe chodne nhi deta tha use lgta tha ki mjhe mera frnd pasnd h islye mai use chod rhi hu… dhire dhire us frnd se maine bat krna bnd kr dya or fir humre bich sab normal hone lga…fir mera ek or new frnd bna or mere bf ko use b prob hone lgi h….ab mai mere frnd k lye shyd feel krne lgi hu mjhe use bat krna uske sth time spnd krna acha lgta h…use bat nhi hoti to kuch b acha nhi lgta h…mjhe nhi pta ye sab kya h…or kyu ho rha h…haan mai mere bf se brkup krna chahti hu bt usko hurt nhi krna chti i knw wo nhi reh pyga mere bina…bt mai uske sath b nhi reh skti ab….plz tell me ki mai kya kru mjhe kuch samjh nhi arha h…plz help me

-An Indian confession

I wanna wait

Today my gf and me we had last talk..i don’t want it to end but i donno if i hurt her bad or she outgrew me…this break up process has been happening since 15 days nearly…ii was a egoistic handsome prick who used to have fun and said no to serious relationships…i donno how i fell for her…she isnt a beauty or hot bomb…but when i look into her eyes….oh god she levels me down…my ego my pride all go away……when she used to sleep on my chest…i lose myself....all my dreams and goals were built with her in picture in my mind.now all i do is cry.my hopes, dreams, aims, reasons to fight and struggle, everything are invisible now.i love teasing her..i love when she cuddles up to me….she was everything….i never dreamt of having kids with anyone except with her…i cleared my engineering for her…i got a job…now i feel blank…i wannna wait… if she comes back or not…..i iggnored her bcz she was talking to her ex then she started feeling sad and wanted to break up….i trust her..but not him….i donno how my life is spinning…..it will take a lot of time for me to move on….she says she wants space…i wanna give her that but i m impatient when it comes to her….i donno wat i m typing my fingers are shivering….i want to wait..
i dont want to move on.she was my bunny now she tallks harsh she doesn’t laugh to my jokes …i love u baby.

-An Indian confession

Best thing that has happened to me

“carefree heartless bitch” those words were perfect to describe me ,5 years back. Or maybe those words were just to hide the person i really was. I was so obsessed with being cool. For me, being cool meant to have crushes and yet be single. People came, people went, it hardly mattered to me. What mattered to me was me and who i thought i was portraying myself to be..but then 4 years from then i meet this guy, a lil shy ,totally opposite of me..there was something about him that made me wanna know him like dig into the person he really was..n eventually he began to know me too . in fact i began to know the real me..its 4 years now and there is a drastic change in me and the weird part is i dint put in any effort to bring these good changes in me it just happened..
it happened coz of his presence around me that makes me feel so special n never made me wanna pretend or to be someone else..
its been 963 days n my heart nly beats for him..the best thing that ever happend to me..my bestfriend, my love all wrapped in 1 with a ribbon on it.(panda) jdsk

-An Indian Confession

How will it end?


Lets start at the beginning. As luck would have it i would not have met her if i hadnt decided to drop a year preparing for medical entrance exams. I cant reveal as to where and in what exact situation we met but i can tell you seeing her face for the first time i realized that she is different from others. A quiet soul like me who didnt believe in love until i fell into it. Our first conversation highlighted the similarities in our thinking and choices. We were both so happy…we both thought how nice it was to find someone similar. One thing led to another and lets just say love was inevitable between us. She was everything to me..and i was everything to her i could tell. But lets not bore you all much guys and girls..let me get to the crux, she is a muslim, i a hindu by birth but frankly not much of a believer. I am on the road to be a doctor. It will take time, patience, hardwork, and she says with a smile that she will be waiting..no matter where i go..whichever college i go to. One part of me is grateful for that..another says..she will spend all her life waiting..while you wont be able to give her much time. Does she really deserve a man like you ? I think her family will never accept me..no matter how sucessful i become. I do hope there will be a way, no, rather i pray to god there is a way for us. And let it be known to god that i dont ask him for anything else..just her. Its 3:23 am in the morning. I know many people will slander this post. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions after all. I just had to get this out..vent this out.
An Indian Confession.

Love is life :)

Hello everyone..
It is not a confession.jst something i wanna share…
I m a regular reader of dis page nd i read so many problems related to relationships
I got into my frst relationship almost 3Yrs. Back nd it was beautiful
Every moment of it…
Bt after 1 yr. We were forced to leave each other bcz of family issues
Dat time i broke
I was shattered into a million pieces nd i thought i lost everything
After some time…i met a guy online
Nd i started to like him
I proposed him
He said yess 🙂 nd from dat time everything is jst perfect in my life..
He is a gem
We are totally opposite.
He hate studies n i love to read n to study.
He is funny nd extrovert…me shy.
Yet he knows what i want nd vice versa
He is EVERYTHING dat i ever dreamt of
Now its been 1.5 Yrs nd all i know is we complete each other.
So my msg to u all is to wait
God has made a single person for u
Jst for u
Find him or her nd stay happy
Dnt think dat ur problems r bcz of ur partner
Maybe u two are not made for each other
Love is beautiful guyz
It makes u proud and happy
Not scared n sad
I found mine
Nd i hope all the readers find theirs asap 🙂


Im 22(female). I met him 3 years ago.he loves me a lot.. But due to some misunderstanding s we broke up..its always my mistake..he wants me not to tok to guys n i always talk..its been 4 months we broke up..n i miss him a lot..i cry whole night..i dont even feel like looking at other guys..he is my prince! I hv tried everything to mke him come bck in my life bt he says he want to make his career n do not want to waste his time on all this love n all. I always want to see him happy n bcoz me he is loosing in studies.. I decided to let him set free n let him make his career..bt its too difficult for me to stay away from him..i want him bck..wt do i do guys?

I was into a relationship for 5 years.. I loved him more than anything in this world. But we always fought. I never was loved by anyone.. Not by parents, not by sisters, friends betrayed me. Even he started behaving which i never expectd. Made fun of me always, stopped hearing my problem, he just stopped talking with me. We lived together but he was never there with me. Ignored me for his friends, family.. Then he would always spend my money and will say he hasspent alot on me which i dont even know when. I was so frustrated with my life tried to die. But was saved everytime. Lost everything everyone i loved. He was never there to give me his shoulder to cry on. On our anniversary this year i talked to a guy he is not from this country but made me feel so special that i dont even think my boyfriend has made me feel ever. Now this guy is trying hard to come to me and to take me with him so that i can marry him. But i still cant get over my EX becuase i have spend so much of time with him. I never betrayed him but this new guy made me do this.. That means he has a special heart. I dont know what to do now.