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Hey !! I really need uh help!!
M in a relationship with a guy from LST 1mnth ..who is charming …..n he wnts to get physically inttimaTed..n I don’t think its right tym…but he dsnt understand ..even m very young for dis….he used to keep on saying “u don’t HV skills to satisfy uh man ”
Pls help m wht shall I do…
B he had some of our private pictures toooo…m scared of brkng up tooo


19 f
hey everyone
I had always wanted to bring my story in front of u all..so here I m n here’s my confession.
Just an hour left for his 20th bday n our 2nd anniversary too.He’s my love.Met him 2yrs ago.Maybe ppl might say its an early age for me to find my partner…but those who are already in love might know miracles like this happen.Happened with me too. Baby i can’t promise u a life full of happiness n no pain but I do promise that I vl be with u till d very end..I love u n always will..A very happy birthday to u..May God add more years to ur life n more anniversaries for US to celebrate..tc my prince..hope u read this

The killer

I am a boy who liked one girl in college since 1 year … I never had a girlfriend and I am a very shy and introvert person !! I have tried to approach her to start friendship but she runs away .. Also I have tried to initiate chat but she ignored.. I am a decent nice and good boy .. We have one common friend but nothing happened … I think she like someone else but not know clearly .. Why she ignores me ? I really like her and at least want to be her friend if not something else ? How can I make her at least talk to me ? How can I clear and negative things about me if she have ?