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Need help!

Hello everyone!
I am 26 years old girl (single).

I am going to share something personal. I have never been into any relationship. I never kissed anyone. I am a simple girl and shy too. Living a simple lifestyle.
My problem is sometimes I don’t know what happens to me and I can’t stop my urge to watch porn. -_-
There are days when I feel completely okay and then there are times when I just can’t stop my feelings. I watch porn and every time I watch porn videos I masturbate. And after this I always feel guilty and regret and decide not to do this again. but then again after some days I feel like this. 🙁
I just want to know If there is something wrong with me. 🙁
My questions are-
1) Am I the only one feeling like this?
2) Is it okay to masturbate to calm myself down? (I am scared if there is any side effect of this)
3) The last one is..every time I masturbate I feel li’l pain down there inside. and weakness in my legs too. Is it normal?

I am really scared. I try to divert my mind too but there are times when I am just helpless. :'(
Please suggest me what should I do?
Thank you in advance!