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What to do?

Female 21
I m in a relationship fr d last 6 years… my bf loves me a lot… bt nw i dont feel anythng fr him….mai b use pyar krti ti bt pta nhi kyu ab mai kuch feel nhi krti uske lye….usko mere ek frnd se bht jda probs ti or is wjh se humre reltion mai bht sari probs ayi…or hum bht ladte the…usne mjhe bht torture kra tha…physcly b mujhe hurt kra tha…jb mai use chodne ko bolti ti to wo mjhe chodne nhi deta tha use lgta tha ki mjhe mera frnd pasnd h islye mai use chod rhi hu… dhire dhire us frnd se maine bat krna bnd kr dya or fir humre bich sab normal hone lga…fir mera ek or new frnd bna or mere bf ko use b prob hone lgi h….ab mai mere frnd k lye shyd feel krne lgi hu mjhe use bat krna uske sth time spnd krna acha lgta h…use bat nhi hoti to kuch b acha nhi lgta h…mjhe nhi pta ye sab kya h…or kyu ho rha h…haan mai mere bf se brkup krna chahti hu bt usko hurt nhi krna chti i knw wo nhi reh pyga mere bina…bt mai uske sath b nhi reh skti ab….plz tell me ki mai kya kru mjhe kuch samjh nhi arha h…plz help me

-An Indian confession

Need an help hand.

I’m soon going to be in a long distance relationship which might go out like one/two year mostly one…

What to do !!
Things which you people must know is she lives in her Aunts(Mo’c ji) home now. She is far away cousin of mine. We are in relationship since more than a year now. Even one knows about us mom,dad,sis…new every family member close to us…and even her mom & dad. I’m trying my best to make everything good in her. Soon we will done with our bachelors and he has to go her home which is in U.P & I’m from hyd. Lover her a lot…..

Kindly help me with it :).

-An indian confession

my reason of happiness gone

hi..i was in a superb relationship with my best friend he used to trust me a lot..we are in same office we spent our whole time with each other..before him i had a so called b.f from facebook with whom i went out for 2 days (first tym i dated someone) ..n my best frn proposed me after our outing with my so called bf.yesterday he asked everythng whtever happnd btwn me n my tht bf..n i told everythng to my bestie,..even no big things happened btwn me n my f.b- bf.but my bestie broke up with me as he never had a gf before me.he said i lied to him i didnt tell him these things..he asked me so many times but for sake of my relationship i used to tell him tht v went there as frns only nthng happnd btwn us like gf bf.however he jus hugged me n slept wd me on same bed but v didnt do anythng wrong.nothng big happnd not even a single kiss.my bestie got upset tht my fb bf put his hand around my waist on bed whn v wr talking lying on bed.my besties said how can i trust a fb guy like this n allow him to do all these thngs but its my past y he is being tht much serious whn m true wd him in future n present.how shud i get my bf back..need solution,,..


Im 22(female). I met him 3 years ago.he loves me a lot.. But due to some misunderstanding s we broke up..its always my mistake..he wants me not to tok to guys n i always talk..its been 4 months we broke up..n i miss him a lot..i cry whole night..i dont even feel like looking at other guys..he is my prince! I hv tried everything to mke him come bck in my life bt he says he want to make his career n do not want to waste his time on all this love n all. I always want to see him happy n bcoz me he is loosing in studies.. I decided to let him set free n let him make his career..bt its too difficult for me to stay away from him..i want him bck..wt do i do guys?

I was into a relationship for 5 years.. I loved him more than anything in this world. But we always fought. I never was loved by anyone.. Not by parents, not by sisters, friends betrayed me. Even he started behaving which i never expectd. Made fun of me always, stopped hearing my problem, he just stopped talking with me. We lived together but he was never there with me. Ignored me for his friends, family.. Then he would always spend my money and will say he hasspent alot on me which i dont even know when. I was so frustrated with my life tried to die. But was saved everytime. Lost everything everyone i loved. He was never there to give me his shoulder to cry on. On our anniversary this year i talked to a guy he is not from this country but made me feel so special that i dont even think my boyfriend has made me feel ever. Now this guy is trying hard to come to me and to take me with him so that i can marry him. But i still cant get over my EX becuase i have spend so much of time with him. I never betrayed him but this new guy made me do this.. That means he has a special heart. I dont know what to do now.

confused fb lover

I met a girl on fb but i got her no frm my classmate bcoz she called him n whn he came in class nxt day he told me wht happend last day. So i called her to ask who is she. Thn aftr few months i send her frnd request on fb that was my biggest mistake. Thn we start chatting on fb after few minutes i hv to go fr a work n thn she msg me on my no.1st thn we start texting. We talk each n every single minute. Aftr 3-4days she ask me tht i like her or love her. I was confused n thinking of it whn she forced me n i realise tht i m in love wid her i told her tht i m in love. I always tried to make her happy. 1 thing is we were in long distance relationship. I nvr forced her for anything. But her demands were rising. I ignored tht n tried to fulfill her all wishes. I trust her too much. I gave her my fb password also if i wanna cheat her thn why i gave her password. I checkd her phn whn we met. I show some chats with boys tht was un believalbe. But i ignored bcoz i luv her. She was having affair in her collage n she was datin thm also n she always tell lie but i believe her evry tym. But i luv her n believe her respect her. I gave her too much respect. Kbi b usse kch galat ni bola na kbi kch galat krne ka socha. Khayab tk ni aane diya….uske baare me kbi galat sunta b ni tha ladai kr baithta tha un logo se jo kch galat bol b dete the toh….usku job lgne k baad toh hadd hi hone lgi wo hmesha ldko se ghanto baate kene lgi mujhe ignore krne lgi…..mujhse hr baat pe ldai krne lgi pr tb b galat fahami me tha k she loves me…starting me hm dono ne ek dusre ko dekha tk ni tha aur ab usne kya bahane banane start kiye k meri shakal buri hai mai smart ni hu….haan maine kb usse kaha mai smart hu mai toh khud ko bura hi btata tha tb toh use achcha lgta tha toh ab kya hua……kbi mere saath puri lyf bitane ko tayaar thi pr aaj mujhse kahti hai meri shakal tk ni dekhna chahti….jb uske offce wale bf ne ditch kiya toh dubara mere paas aayi hi kyu….hmesha jhoot bolna toh jaise uski ├ádat hai….mai hi pagal hu jo uske liye mare ja ra hu…..jb clg me tha mai usse milne k liye savings krta tha k jb milunga tb khrch krunga….kbi paise ni maange na kbi koi demand ki….bs uska saath hi toh chahta tha…she is my 1st love…uske alawa kis aur ldki k baare me socha tk ni…..uske liye toh mai bs ek khilona hu.samajh ni aata kya kru hr tym yaad aati rhti hai neend tk ni aati…..

I can’t forget u

I really luv u more than the words could ever say..!
I met a guy on fb.. He texted me first.. I replied.. ! (My first mistake) .. We started talking.. We had shared secrets nd laughs , rainy nights nd sunny days..! I was in love..! We loved each other a lot.. ! We were so perfect together.. Until one fine day he wanted to break free.. ! He didn’t give me any explanation .. He just left.. ! And then.. I sat silently in daze for a moment..! Reality sank in nd i began to cry..!! He took away a part of me.. HIM.. ! I’m still confused whether he luvd me or not.. Whether i was just a time pass for him.. Or i had any special place in his heart.. ! He came into my life nd changed it forever…!!! He taught me everything.. About love , life , hope nd the long journey ahead.. ! He had always made me feel special in all that he had done.. Nd in all that he had said.. ! I will always miss him..! Boy.. I still love u with all my heart’s might.. Nd i’ll never forget u..!

i m in love

F22 Middle fmly se belong krti hu,5year ago ek ladke se fb m frnshp hui,650km door rhta h,dekhne m smart h and air force m job krta h,one year eldr h mujhse. Hamne number exchange kiye or fon pe bat krne lage,fmly prblm ki wajah se mai sirf rat m bat krti thi chup chip ke,starting ke two year tak mujhe love ho gya or sayad use ni pyar ho gya..na usne kabhi kaha na maine, ham continue bat ni krte kbhi kbhi krte the..usne meri pic mangi maine dia per use mai bahot dubli lagi.ek din rat m usne call kia 2bje or mera waiting call btaya,(mummy eldr sis se bat ker rhi thi delivery k silsile m),bs fir usne kaha baat nhi karna ab..fir 2sal bat ni hui. 1year ago maine nya mobile liya or whatsapp use krne lagi,usko msg kia to usne pehchan liya,or pic meri mangi usne to dia maine, use achi lagi mai fir video call kiya or bat fir se hone lagi but thodi bahot,or mai truly love krti hu use..or ab wo sirf video call krke mujhe dekh leta h.bt btaya ni ajtak ki luv krta h ki ni..or Maine bi ni btaya,or ab 5year ho gye total meri shadi bhi kr sakte h ghar wale toh kya usse btana chahiye ki I am love wid you. plz suggestions for me….!!


m 23 i have a gf. hmara relation kaafi achha chal rha h. bt ek baat h jo mujhse bardast nhi hoti. actually meri gf apne ex bf k sath bohat baar park gyi h (cheap park jaha couple kiss smooch kr rhe hote h). m is relation se pahle kabhi aise kisi park ya garden m nhi gya tha. first time meri gf hi mujhe lekr gyi thi. uske sath m 2,3 baar gya hu aise parks m. bt jab waha k scene dekhta hu to bohat jealous feel hota h ki meri gf bhi apne ex k sath yahi sab krti hogi. ab to maine uske sath park jana bhi chhod dia. m jab yaad krta hu ki meri gf apne x k sath park jaati thi, sach m aag lag jati h. pls guys suggest me what to do?

Want serious advises

I am in a reltnship wid a guy since 5 yrs we were happy togthr we decided to marry he talked abt dis wid his famly 3 yrs bck bt his mom n sis was totally against me dueto intercaste so there were disputes among us bt ee continued our reltnship famly doesnt know abt it we tok to each other ,. He is not completely settle he needs some more time to bcum financially sound aftdat we hve decide to marry but know since 1 yr his behaviour has chnged he doest give me tym he is olways busy i hve tolked to him so many tyms dat y dont u give me time he says dat he want to concentrate in work to get settle so dat he can marry mee and live independently i hve fought wid him so many tyms to give tym n tok to me but he gives priority to work first and gym he blames me dat i dnt understand him i m imature.. I cry so much i just want u as u were ealrler but he is chnged he doesnt care i m crying or wat he is just busy in his whole world pls suggest mee wat shuld i do bcos i cant live without talking to him n we r in longdistance reltnship advise pls ??