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Im 22(female). I met him 3 years ago.he loves me a lot.. But due to some misunderstanding s we broke up..its always my mistake..he wants me not to tok to guys n i always talk..its been 4 months we broke up..n i miss him a lot..i cry whole night..i dont even feel like looking at other guys..he is my prince! I hv tried everything to mke him come bck in my life bt he says he want to make his career n do not want to waste his time on all this love n all. I always want to see him happy n bcoz me he is loosing in studies.. I decided to let him set free n let him make his career..bt its too difficult for me to stay away from him..i want him bck..wt do i do guys?

school love

hello everyone…i want some suggestion frm u…actually in my class 10th..i met a boy…in facebook only…dat tym he was in 12th..he used to help me in studies..after some day we started liking eachother..but all of a sudden..he started ignoring me…he used to say ki..dont be wid me..m not so gud…then hum dono contact mein nhi rhe..phir ek din maine usse fb pr search kiya..nd agn we became gud frnds nd den..we were in relaionship..but..hum dono ke beech kisi na kisi baat ko lekr..jhagra hota tha..but phir bhi ek dusre se alag nhi hote the….uske baad..wen i started my college..after few days..he told ki we should be in relationship…he wants to concentrate in his studies…he told ki…we can gud frnds…at same tym..i asked him for his contact no. but he used to chnge dis tpic..i dont knw..wat to do..actually i dont understnd ki he luv me or not..?

My life

My grades sucked and I wasn’t(or am not) even eligible for a job.
I used to waste all my time watching movies or playing pc games.
Didn’t have a gf either.Wasn’t good at anything.
So I liked this girl a lot,she was a junior and had a b.f
I never was into chasing girls(had a gf in class 9th though) and was always afraid of rejection.But i never wanted to quit on her,even though I was being friend zoned.After 6 months of trying,I failed.I was depressed and was feeling very low.I really really felt like shit.
That’s when I realized that I was worth nothing.And I decided that I need to do something about my life.
I started learning making apps and after about 7-8 months of learning.I launched a music player.Had no money for advertising so I used to sleep 4hrs /day for a long time so that I could tell the online world about my app.
It soon gained momentum and now after 5 months of it’s launch, has over 250,000 downloads ,comes under top 15 music players(now comes under 10,just above google 😀
and earns me more than Rs 100,000/month(In December it earned me Rs. 1,30,000)
with the money almost doubling each month.(without even me having to work)
I have rejected job offers without even asking how much they will pay me.
Have been represented as a budding entrepreneurs in India in front of professors of Amity College (even though I am not from Amity)
Have been contacted by “Mozilla”(yes the same browser company) because of my app.
Have been offered Rs.36,000,00($60,000) for selling my app,but I rejected.
And the fact that I am still in college pursuing my B.Tech degree brings a smile on my face.
And all this happened within an year.
That rejection made me realize ,”life is what you make it”,your attitude towards the different events and things is the only thing that matters.

I have been chasing a new girl these days 😛


Male 18Hey guys..


I need some sort of suggestion please do help me out…I recently completed 12th(79.2%) and get admission in Aligarh Muslim university although I m Hindu..


Ummmm lets come to important part… I’m in b.sc first year che. Hons. And in a huge dilemma what to do after b.sc .. ‘D already thought of a couple of things like JAM, b.sc from jnu.. Preparation of Cat.. For iim IMT xiaver etc… Civil services and much more grade A-B ranking officer rank… Not able to decide what to do… Because last minute wake up is lethal and all you have is thullu at the end… Kind people of this page please help me out..also suggest what is the scope of further scope of higher education form AMU

Parents is not that much litrate and almost no one to guide in family that much..

Thanks in advance..

Don’t know about future- An Upset Girl

hey guys
kal aipmt ka result aaya tha … n cancel hone k pehle wale aipmt me my score was 467 …. n is baaar its 383 ….m really upset !!
mujhe homeopathy me bht acha rank aaya h state rank 67 h …..n mne socha k me is saal homeopathy me join ho jaati hu …. mamma papa chahte h k me coaching lu…… abusers please stay away !!! future n padhai se related h .. so genuine log comment kare 🙂 n homeopathy n coaching ek saath nai ho skta h 🙁 so please help 🙂


hey a everyone remember me , i am the guy who wrote the 63# confession (probably)….I am here to thank you all for your precious comments cos you people gave me strength to get back up and fight . For those who don’t know me I am the guy who dropped twice for jee and still fucked up , i had lost all hopes of getting a good college but guess what result of UPSEE is out (it has been a few days) and secuured 105th rank . ……thank you people for making me stand on my feet again and regaining lost ground .Keep up the good work.