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sweet love story

Just like everything else, love conquered and before I knew I was already far more deeply in love with you than I thought A***m Vi**al, 3rd year, VIT.

When I look back, I see you I see me, I see us growing together and the sun that smiled and even grinned sometimes back then . The memories are still afresh, those giggles and laughter, that slowly and gradually, bonded us deeper. We have known each other, like we were always together.

Now after 9 long years, I want to confess how much I love you and will, forever. I love the way you smile. I love the way, your eyes say things that you want to hide.I love the fact that no matter where you are, you help people with all your heart. I love you for being the person that you are. From my soul, bottom of my heart.This feeling that I have forayed into, is undoubtedly, the best feeling in the world. And the two of us make our own world of beautiful memories, unsaid words, laughter, happiness, understanding and of love.


I know you have suffered a lot from your past. I know your past, with you, even, I have cried a lot. Somebody gave you dreams only to snatch them away, it almost shattered you like broken pieces of glass.I understand you will never get out of it, at-least in this life. I have accepted you with your past.

I love you 🙂