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Twist in relationship with colleague.

I met this girl 5 months back in my office. She was working with us on a project from vendors side. At first she seemed really nice, hard working and motivated.
We became friends. One day she said that she is very sad and wanted to have a drink. We went for the drink together. We went out 3-4 time after that.
Suddenly she called one night at 11:30. She was crying. We were on the call for 30 min. Then she asked if I can come over to her place.
Although I didn’t liked the idea, still I went to her home. We talked till she fall asleep.
After it whenever she is sad she called me to come over. I tried to ask her why is she sad? But she never gave a proper answer.
One night after she fall asleep I was in no condition to sleep at the couch so I tried to go home. But somehow she woke up and asked me to sleep beside her.
Everything changed that night, I never thought something could happen like that.
After it our make out session became too frequent. She literally shifted to my house.

After the project got over she joined other company. But still we will meet everyday.

N then suddenly everything stopped. I tried to contact her, but seems like she already blocked my number.
After a month or so I saw her in food court, politely I said hi.
She introduced me to her husband who returned from Australia a month ago.

She said see you later before leaving. And there I was standing without a ground beneath my feet.
Left with anger, hatred.. I wanted to scream..
But all I could do was to say myself..

-An Indian Confession