& wat abt dreams??

M 22 New Delhi

Its always tough moving on….same was for me…loved a girl, c didn’t feel dat way for me…tried to remain in her life as friends but it was not meant to be…and her behaviour also made me realize several times that i don’t matter much to her..i mean my existence in her ife. jab jarurat padti thi tbhi yaad aati thi meri warna bina kaam ke uske taraf se kbhi koi call ya msg shayad hi aaya ho….but love is love…it happens widout any reason and i was in love .
gradually hmare jhagde badhne lge and finally ek din aisa aa hi gya whn c said goodbye to me & that i don’t exist for her. i never contacted her after that and i tried to move on. isse pehle bhi kai baar mera mann krta tha ki main in sab chizon se nikal jaun kyuki most of d times i remained sad, mere mood swings hone lge the…usse ache se baat hui to mood sahi rha warna mood kharab..and ye mjhe acha nai lgta tha ki main kaisa feel kru iski chabi totally kisi aur ke paas hai. but pehle kbhi main usko chor ke move on nai kr paya tha…but is baar uski kuch baat aisi hurt kr gyi ki i decided ki ab chahe jo ho i will move on…and then i shifted to delhi and mjhe ek chng bhi mila and i did move on.
Life in delhi is not great coz i don’t hv frnds here and also am not able to give time to music bcoz of my studies, but its not bad either…m doing ok. What disturbd me actually are these dreams which i had last night and also few nights before dat. seeing her again in dreams kind of takes u a lil back and it feels strange when all those past memories start flashing in ur mind. i can control wat i think n wat i do when m awake but wat abt dreams? i hv no control over them…